"Oh dear!"

Yue Tianen turned to look at Fang Yunhan. "The ego seems to be strong."
This sentence is abrupt and everyone can’t help but pick up the old man’s finger, and a crock five meters away snapped and cracked a crack.
Fang Yunhan’s heart is full of curiosity. Grab Yue Tianen’s wrist and explore.
Fang Yunhan, who has never practiced the trace of work, carefully explored many times and felt the signs that all his meridians were orderly and weak, and there was a guess in his heart.
Maybe it’s simply because these days, especially tonight, I ate too much meat to supplement the mutant creatures, and Yue Tianen’s digestive ability was too strong. At this moment, Qi and blood broke through a certain boundary, and all the limbs naturally bred a sense of qi and converged into one.
Fang Yunhan one leng.
He suddenly understood who the "people with special powers" in the martial arts character template meant.
"So that’s it," Fang Yunhan muttered.
There will be more and more mutating creatures in this world. If people eat animals and there is Neptune at present, this kind of physical ability will be so strong that after all, people will have the power automatically, but it is conceivable that more and more people will break through this boundary after qi and blood.
But since human beings will have this change, will mutating organisms have this change if they prey on each other?
It is necessary to know that the mutating organisms in the territory of Daqi alone are probably already available. In addition to Daqi, there are desert cities in the north desert, Wang Ting, the South China Sea, the North China Sea, the West Sea Islands and the West Sea.
It’s only been three months since the star fell.
"Ha!" Fang Yunhan sighed and picked up the newly filled glass. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is really a worse time than we thought."
He got up, raised his glass slightly, and the microwave shook as if to worship the sky and the moon at a distance. I wonder if it was God’s will for a long time, and he smiled confidently.
"It will also be turned into a better era than we thought!"
Ten days later, the progress bar reached 100%, and Fang Yunhan informed Ziyun and Fang Pingbo in advance to enter the mountain alone.
The second crossing in the mountains
Zi Jin Huang cheng Jianghu chaotang
Chapter 56 Nuange Xiangzhang
As soon as the light of the shuttle world dispersed, Fang Yunhan saw a table and several small stools covered with brocade, and the tea set was a rare and exquisite object.
There is a delicate fragrance in the room. There is a mirror near the windowsill. There is a dresser in front of the mirror, rouge and gouache. Beside Yunhan, there is a wardrobe that is taller than others. He is in the corner of the closet to cover his body.
He seems to have crossed directly into someone’s boudoir.
Fang Yunhan’s consciousness converges, his breathing slows down, and the whole person becomes like a stone, which will not attract attention. Then he silently looks at the template of martial arts characters.
【 Character template Yan Nantian
For ten years, the wicked robbed and stepped on the peak, scaring the evil spirits and claiming to be the first Excalibur in heaven.
The main ability is to marry the clothes, to be magical, and to fight the sword of the South God.
Current capacity progress%
Note: There are wrong names in the Jianghu, but there is no wrong nickname for the host. Please be closer to this character’s style and leave a deep impression on the hearts of the world’s creatures. The deeper the broadcast, the higher the progress and the more power you can gain.
After the ability progress reaches 100%, you can return to the main world at your own choice in three days or be forced to repatriate after three days]
Sure enough, there will be different character templates in the second crossing, but the progress of Yan Nantian’s ability is still Fang Yunhan’s self-examination, only to find that his consistent miraculous skill has not been reduced or suppressed by half.