Exhausting the orcs is like a huge green wave roaring through every long street in Stormwind. Although the storm car guards fought bravely, it is a pity that every line of defense in front of the orc infantry is almost like paper, and it is not immediately crushed to dust by the orc frenzy.

Tall and stronger than the orcs, they made terrible earthquakes one after another. Trade areas, mage areas, storm fortresses … All buildings were easily destroyed and collapsed like dominoes. All human beings were either captured by orcs or sacrificed with Stormwind.
All land routes have been heavily blocked by the orc army, and the only lifeline left in the whole storm kingdom is the ocean.
Kurras, the seven kingdoms of mankind and the sea kingdom, sent a huge fleet to help the storm kingdom evacuate its citizens and troops, but the evacuation speed has been increasing due to the narrow pier.
This is the first catastrophe in the history of human beings in Azeroth for thousands of years-just because of a bad pier.
After the second reconstruction of Stormwind, Stormwind has a huge military and civilian port-Stormwind Port!
However, at this moment, this is a fisherman’s wharf that can hardly mark the city map.
Duke was disappointed.
Don’t say that he can get the boat for a while, even if he does, it’s not because the dock is too small, and it’s also a trouble for him to get too many boats.
What do you want a little mage to make a fleet that is more exaggerated than the royal fleet?
There must be a suitable reason!
Duke quickly adjust his plan in his mind.
"go! Go to the shipyard first. "
With a doubt, Wendell Duke came to the small shipyard next to Stormwind Pier.
The shipyard is not big.
A hunchback old man who was naked and showed no signs of aging was stunned for several seconds when he saw Duke coming.
After all, it is absolutely rare to combine a young mage in a mage robe, a young mage with a formal mage emblem and a young knight in uniform.
"Good morning, dear Mage Pavilion. What can I do for Jackson?"
"How big a ship can you build here? I mean the biggest." Duke pointed straight to the royal fleet in the dock. "Can you build that big?"
Old Jackson stared blankly for a moment and immediately smiled bitterly. "How is it possible that even the warships of Storm Kingdom are ordered from Kurras, and we can build dozens of tons of offshore fishing boats or cargo ships here?"
"That’s good! I want ten! " Duke made a decision on the spot
When he appeared, he was dumbfounded. It was not only old Jackson who was dumbfounded to follow Windsol.
"Wait!" Windsor almost dragged Duke out of the shipyard to a deserted place.
"Marcus Pavilion money is a way for you and me to ask you how to make money, but if you are going to build a ship and make an investment, even if I am a standby knight who is dedicated to practicing martial arts, I will warn you that you will lose!"
"oh? !” Duke had an intriguing expression on his face. "What makes you say that?"
I know that you need a lot of money to study as a mage, and I also know that most of the existing money-making industries in Storm City have been occupied by nobles, but you can’t wave the money. Wendell waved his arms exaggeratedly, and he expressed the seriousness of this matter to the utmost body language.
"Go on."
"Only the poor are willing to eat fishy and smelly fish. The nobles don’t eat this. It’s also meaningless to build dozens of tons of small cargo ships. This boat can go to the offshore without even a decent town. Who are you going to sell the goods to? If you want to get out of this offshore area, there will be damn Naga fish people everywhere. "
Duke still smiled without a word.
Windsol became more and more anxious. "It’s not the fact that no merchant ships will come. It’s also the fact that once a year, the Kurras merchant fleet will come to dock or the military port. They will dump those places where Lordaeron goods can’t be sold to Stormwind nobles."
Duke a listen to suddenly a little enlightenment.
At this moment, the kingdom of Storm is still a lonely place in the eyes of the nobles of the major human kingdoms in the mainland. If it were not for all kinds of invasions in later generations and the undead scourge corps, the kingdom of Storm in the north of the city was almost destroyed. Who would have predicted that the kingdom of Storm would be the most powerful and safe place for human beings?
"Duke! Listen to me, unless you can earn the aristocratic money, you can’t do any sideline business to meet the money you need for practicing magic. This is why so many wizards become court wizards or aristocratic exclusive wizards … "
Duke suddenly smiled. He smiled brightly. "Wendell, why don’t we make a bet?"
"Still gambling? You are dying. "
"Whether I need a lot of money for personal cultivation or extension, then bet on whether I can earn five gold coins in three months. If I can’t earn it, then prove my level and that’s it. I will let you go back to Lothar and be your knight alternate."
Windsor suddenly had a bad feeling, "What if you win?"
"First of all, I’ll call you Reggie later. Your name is too long and too troublesome."
"Then you will hang out with me, and I will tell you who is the kingdom of storm and hope for the future."
Chapter 34 Wild West! I’m coming.
"Old Jackson still said that I want ten pieces to meet the standards of offshore transportation and fishing. When can I get the boat?"
Duke’s remark startled old Jackson.
I didn’t expect this young mage who seems to have never seen the world to really build a ship.
Don’t send money to the door for nothing.
Old Jackson sighed, "I don’t have that much material here. I have five new ship keels. If I have more, I will spend time looking for materials. If you want five new 3-ton ships, I can guarantee the quality and drive them out for you in a month. Each one costs 5 gold coins."
3 tons of ship is also very small, which is 15 meters long and more than 3 meters wide, just a little bigger than the sampan.
"Ok, that’s settled. Here’s the deposit." Then Duke immediately took out his early Rosa and gave him a gold coin.
"This ….. not so much is the mage pavilion. If you ask us, we will receive a ten percent deposit."
"Then you can help me recruit some sailors."
Old Jackson’s face was full of hesitation, and he bit his lip. He finally said, "I have nothing to do at the dock. I help you recruit people. They are all good guys. Although they are good at water and sex, they are not sailors. I promise you to let them do high-risk business."
Duke smiled smartly. "It’s nothing but fishing and transporting some respectable goods. On the contrary, I hope to attract young people to clean their hands and feet. If I find out who dares to hide some goods …"
【 Calm and carefree 】
[Inflammation and explosion]
In this way, a fireball of a water tank instantly flew out from Duke’s hand and crashed into the sea near the shipyard.
With a loud bang, a big water column exploded.
Next to Wendell Sol, the whole person is petrified-dare Duke leave his hand early! Such a big fireball hit me, didn’t I turn into coke in an instant?
The shipbuilder and old Jackson were all shaking with their legs
"I’m sorry to intimidate you, but what I’m going to do is really important. I don’t want bad guys to get into my hands." Then Duke nodded and walked away with Wendell.
Duke didn’t go back to the house that Lothar gave him. Instead, he went straight back to the magic school guesthouse and asked Old Norton to borrow paper and pens.
Stand on the table and fix this piece of white paper, which is about the size of a2 paper. Duke picked up the quill pen that needs ink to write and silently started the system.
Unified indication ring
"drop! Auxiliary information such as "Drawing Method" and drawing software auad in the host memory has been detected … In the process of system optimization … the drawing auxiliary function has been completed! "
In Windsol’s surprised eyes, Duke drew a profile of a sailboat in less than ten minutes and handed it to Windsol.
"You keep this drawing. This is a five-coin road. I need you to go to Kurras. You can turn the craftsman’s house who has the ability to build a ship of this level for me … er, please go back to Stormwind. If I haven’t come back by then, you can put him in Losa Pavilion and give him to my room."
Windsol couldn’t understand the drawings, but he barely recognized the original owner’s name, which was recognized by the seven kingdoms of mankind and could be exchanged for gold in the main cities of the seven kingdoms. It was a respected old mage Norton.
"Psst-"Wendell gasped. It turned out that Duke was ready to make a big one with or without him!
Wende soldo asked, "What are you going to do at Marcus Pavilion?"
"Of course, it’s leveling. It’s practicing magic. At the same time, this investment is a preparatory work."
The mage world is not a big shot to ask. Although he is suspicious, Wendell is grateful to Duke for his trust in Thaksin. After all, it seems to him that five gold coins are a huge sum of money, which is enough for a small family to live a rich life for a generation.
I didn’t expect Duke to give him this huge sum without asking more questions.
"Well, please rest assured that Reginald Windsol will live up to your expectations."
Here, Duke hurried back to his home in Stormwind, and Lothar really valued him. His home is located in the garden area, which is already a villa according to the standards before crossing. At least there are two small gardens of about 10 square meters in tandem.
If you put a big city before crossing, it will definitely be millions of expensive real estate, but compared with those noble mansions, Stormwind is really ordinary.
Duke didn’t put his mind here.
Since it is destined to be destroyed by war, there is no good intention.
However, Duke’s investment soon reached the ears of another group of people with heart.
Farm Brando laughed on the spot when he heard that Duke had invested in shipbuilding.
"That idiot-incredibly to shipbuilding? There is nothing special to sell in Stormwind Root! We collect so many taxes every year, but they can be slaughtered by the profiteers in Kulars or even more damn fine … "