Aunt Li and Aunt Zhao also laughed. "Master Li, get out quickly! It’s unlucky for a man to enter the delivery room! Fortunately, you are a noble person, and the delivery room has been cleaned up again. It won’t hinder anything for a while! Please go out quickly, and your wife should rest! "

High-handed will Li Fu out.
Even Fang Zhou opened his mouth and didn’t speak again, watching him go out.
Zhou nai smiled and sighed, "I know you two have a good relationship but you can’t be so careless!" You are too young to understand, and I forgot to tell you! It can’t be like this! "
As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and even fangzhou will never challenge thousands of years’ inheritance of customs, rules and attitudes.
I quickly said that I was taught to smile apologetically. "I have remembered what my sister-in-law said. I am young and ignorant, so I will definitely not be like this!"
"That’s good!" Zhou smiled and nodded his head.
Aunt Li and Aunt Zhao asked her again if there was anything wrong with her. Would you like something to eat?
Seeing her illness, she smiled and let her rest, saying that she would move out of the delivery room early in the morning.
Even Fang Zhou "well" promised that she didn’t see her son and couldn’t help tearing Zhou’s sleeve and begging, "Good sister-in-law pushed the stroller to my side, ok? Good sister, that’s my son. I want him to stay with me! I think how close he is to my mother! "
No one can refuse this prayer. Zhou, Aunt Li and Aunt Zhao look at each other and sigh, "Well, let him follow you!"
With that, he ordered Chunxing to ask the nurse to get the baby stroller, and asked the little girl to get the nurse’s bedclothes, so he would spend the night in this delivery room couch.
Aunt Li also told her, "Madam, if you let the young master sleep in the stroller, you can avoid taking the young master to bed with your wife."
Even Fang Zhou looked puzzled at Aunt Li and Zhou.
Aunt Li coughed a smile apologetically. "The young master is still young. It would be bad if he touched the young master! The young master will not rest well when he is around! "
Even Fangzhou nodded and smiled and answered Zhou’s request, telling Chunxing again.
Even fangzhou will be white if she doesn’t feel too good at this time
The little baby is too small, too weak and so soft. If he falls asleep and presses himself, he won’t feel anything. If his head accidentally covers him, he may suffocate.
Such a child can bear everything passively, where can he hide anything?
At that time, even Fangzhou knew it well. No wonder there were reports from time to time in previous lives that a mother accidentally killed her child when she slept. At that time, she still felt incredible. She thought it must be that the mother was careless, careless and had no love for the child.
In fact, if an adult is so tired that he sleeps deeply, it is impossible for him to notice that he is pressing the soft baby.
The next day, even Fangzhou moved back to the bedroom after the porridge soup. Mrs. Zhang and Peach had met before with a smile.
Looking at Peach’s face overflowing with joy, even Fangzhou’s heart was warm. She talked and laughed with their mother and daughter for a long time and invited them to wash three times.
Mrs. Zhang and Peach agreed happily.
Mrs. Zhang was afraid to disturb her rest, so she took Peach to leave first, but she also knew that her identity was different now and she dared not say that she wanted to stay.
Then they sent away Aunt Li and Aunt Zhao’s family, and all the people also gave rewards. The whole house was beaming.
According to the rules, even Fangzhou can’t leave the house this month for fear of blowing wind.
Shampoo, too. Forget it. Let’s talk about it after the month.
After seven days, you can brush your body with hot water, but you can’t brush it every day for six or seven days. Li Fu specially wrote a prescription for the doctor who specializes in gynecology, and picked up three pairs of herbs to boil water and brush the body for the women in the month.
Eating should be cold, cold, spicy and greasy. All raw fruits and vegetables should not be drunk. At most, chicken soup should be cooked once every three days to replenish qi and blood.
Even Fangzhou had no objection to these rules and did them one by one.
However, she clearly remembers that her first cousin asked her husband’s family to do the same after she was born. At that time, she also muttered a few words with her mother about "old feudalism" and "old antiques"
Fruit was scolded by his mother for knocking on his head. "What old feudal antique? It should be! How can the ancestors be wrong when they come to the rules? Don’t talk to me about the West. We are from China, China and Westerners, so we are not the same race! We eat whole grains and people eat bread and drink milk! In the future, you have to come like this when you are married! Don’t be patient in the month and keep it well until you get old! If you regret crying to death, no one will care about you! "
At this time, after giving birth to a son, she somehow remembered her mother’s words, and the more she thought about them, the more reasonable she felt.
Aunt Li had also told Li Fu to let her sleep in separate rooms. She was too young to wait on her husband for 60 days. It would be better to separate these two months. After all, her husband is soft and young.
Even Fang Zhou freely promised at that time but did not agree with Li Fu.
Chunxing and Redjade asked her if she wanted to tidy up the wing for the master and come out for a temporary stay. Even Fangzhou didn’t give any words for the time being.
Later, Li Fu naturally went back to the bedroom, and even Fangzhou was happy.
He finally remembered to come back!
Even Fang Zhou just laughed. "Are you going back to your room to sleep? Aunt Li told me it would take at least two months-why don’t you go to sleep somewhere else? "
Li Fu robe outside has been solved to sit on the edge of the bed and twist a head to smile to her. "Do you think I’m so anxious? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt you! Don’t drive me away, okay? "
"…" Even Fang Zhou suddenly felt that his petty heart was really low. Chapter 89 Nightmare.
She wants to compensate for the guilt in her heart and wants to get up with a smile. Li Fu holds her and laughs. "Don’t get up and lie down and fall asleep! I will do it myself! "
It’s not easy to get up even if Fangzhou’s waist is sore before she has the strength to move-it’s even harder to get up than when she’s pregnant. It’s really harmful to have a baby
She will no longer insist on smiling. "Why don’t you get another bed?"? I am not very convenient! "
These days are the time to discharge lochia, which is the same as menstrual period. The amount in the first two days is even greater, and it will take nine or even twelve days to clean it up.
"All right!" Li Fu smiled and went to the front of the cabinet to open and take the thin quilt.
The next day, even Fang Zhou was lying on the bed with a thin chest covering, teasing Li Fu, the son, and sitting on the bench, they discussed what to name the son.
Nowadays, children are still young, and it takes at least a hundred days to get up, and there are many schools to get up.
Two people said a dozen names and both felt bad.
I always feel that there is no good name in this world worthy of my own baby to worry about two people.
Especially Li Fu left a right a always feel bad can always pick out a 123 fault to make even Fang Zhou angry slap in the nu way "this is it! Don’t change it! "
Zhou and Lian Fangqing just came in from the outside to hear this. Zhou was busy. "What’s going on! Sister in law, you can’t get angry in the month now, which will hurt your health for a generation! Third brother, you should be more considerate! "
Even Fang Zhou sat in the bedroom, even Ze, Li Yunhan couldn’t get in and out of Lian Ze’s spare time, so he could go to the east wing of the nursery to see his little nephew and play with him. Only Zhou Zhou and Lian Fangqing could get in and out of Lian Fang’s bedroom.
When Zhou’s words came out, Li Fu and Fang Zhou both laughed at each other.
Li Fu wry smile way "eldest sister-in-law, don’t say that she is now sitting on the moon, when do you think I dared to be angry with her before? I just dare not do it! "
Even Fang Zhou was busy and embarrassed to smile. "He didn’t care about me. We are talking about giving the baby a nickname!" " Complained, "He is not satisfied with anything I say!"
Li Fu distinguished, "I really feel bad!"
Lian Fangzhou took Zhou’s sleeve and said, "Sister-in-law, Qing ‘er, what’s wrong with your baby’s nickname?"
Even Fang Qingshui’s bright eyes blinked and smiled, and his eyebrows bent and nodded. "Good! OK! I think this name is very nice! It is also smooth to call! "
Zhou also laughed. "I feel good, too! What a sister-in-law came up with such a good name! The rising sun is a good sign! And this child was born in the early hours of the morning! How can the third brother feel bad? "
Li Fu picked his eyebrows and smiled. "I don’t think it’s bad. I just think it’s better if I think about it again!"
Speaking of Zhou’s "sloped" funny, even Fang Zhou told him to give a angry smile and look at Zhou’s eyes. That’s it! How to make people not angry?
Unique even Fang Qing cocked his head and thought for a moment and smiled. "I think what my brother-in-law said seems reasonable, but I still think Xu Er is very nice!"
Even Fang Zhou stared at Li Fuguo’s broken clappers. "Listen, we all agreed that it’s settled! You are not allowed to have an opinion! If you have another opinion, you will be angry with me! I am sitting on the moon! "
Li Fu and Zhou both laughed.
Li Fu laughed. "Be good and do as you please!"
Zhou carefully took the baby from Lian Fangzhou’s arms, and Lian Fangqing watched and teased the child with a smile. "We have a name, Xu Er Xiaoxu Er!"
To Li Fu laughed again. "If the third brother thinks it’s not good enough, Xu Er still has a name! It’s still a long way from a hundred days at this time! It’s enough for you, third brother, to think carefully about taking an excellent name! "