Lu Mi’s words didn’t finish. He stopped and quietly looked at the front Ye Yu, slightly stunned. He looked down her line of sight and found some familiar figures.

The talented science girl is at the corner of the road in front of the Kege teaching building at the moment. Judging from the position, she should have just left the experimental building and still look a little tired.
The long white coat cover perfectly shows the well-developed graceful figure, which makes the girl look even more beautiful, as if the white fairy slowly falls from the sky with indifference and calm that does not belong to people.
This is the rigid and indifferent imagination of Kege Senior Sister in public, and her face exudes let the right one in’s words.
It’s just like the mad scientist in the TV play
Kege senior looked at this side with the bag, and the pause was also the reason. So, it seems that these two people have sensed some strange information, and it is not smooth for them to communicate with each other in their eyes.
Ye You can’t see Lu You’s expression, but she can feel her body cold slightly and look at Kege’s senior. Her face is impatient and she quickly puts her eyes on Ye You.
"Yo, long time no see Ye Yan!" A high-pitched voice came to Koko’s face and smiled slowly.
Ye You was surprised by * *. I didn’t expect Ke Xuejie to say hello to herself. My heart was as happy as honey. I was ready to respond before I got there. As a result, I haven’t walked over yet. Liu Wei suddenly pulled him and stopped him from moving.
"Huh?" Ye You turned his head and looked puzzled at Liu Zhou.
Lu Mi’s cold eyes stared at Ye You and then moved to the oncoming Ke Ge. She said, "Long time no see, Ke Xuejie. How are you recently?"
Kege Senior stopped to look at Lu Mi’s hand, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and that smile soon disappeared. He said, "I’m fine if I’m not strong. What are you doing with Ye You? I just said hello to him. Didn’t you hear me? Or did you do it on purpose? "
So direct!
Ye Yan couldn’t help exclaiming that Kege’s elder sister’s speech was really straightforward, even though she had learned in the laboratory that speaking boldly, freely and casually was unexpectedly pleasing!
Of course, it’s normal for people to like such excellent people, but it’s really a bad thing if they hate her.
Just like Lu Zhou, her face is a little ugly now, but she didn’t let go of Ye You’s hand and said, "Senior misunderstood what you said. I naturally heard it when Ye You and I had something to deal with."
Ye Yan is very uncomfortable in the clip. I can’t say clearly that I can show a wry smile to Ke Xuejie.
"Is it a wave when he greets me? What do you mean? " Sister Ke Xuejie’s voice became deep and seemed unhappy.
Lu Zhou did not deny this situation, but smiled and said, "If Ke Xuejie has nothing to do, then we should go first. I have to tutor Ye Yan, so I won’t bother!"
With that, Lu Zhou threw herself away from the corners of her mouth and smiled smugly, which made people feel uncomfortable.
Behind him, Ke Xuejie shouted that Liu Wei had made a few steps forward and then symbolically stopped. Ye You also turned and looked towards Ke Kexue, always feeling that the two men were worse than the extreme.
Is this the daily life of the goddess? It’s horrible to look at each other and then all kinds of innuendo
Ke Xuejie’s expression became solemn and severe before blocking the two of them, and her eyes felt extremely oppressive. She said slowly, "Did you just say that you would help him with his homework-do you two live close?"
"No-"Lu Mi replied that Ke Xuejie seemed a little relieved, but then Lu Mi’s words made her face change.
"We don’t live very close, but I live in her house. Is there any problem with Ke Xuejie?" Lu Mi said with a straight face.
"You you unexpectedly * *?" Ke Xuejie showed a damn expression. Two strands of red hair in her ear kept shaking, and her body couldn’t help shivering. She pointed to Ye You and said, "Do you know this?"
Ye Yi and Lu Yi were surprised at the same time. Lu Yi looked at Ye Yi and wanted to find the answer, but Ye Yi was puzzled and asked in a low voice, "Ke Xuejie, what are you talking about? Lu Mi and I are not like that and what does this have to do with Korean paintings? "
This is really a mess!
Listening to Ye Yu explain that Ke Xuejie was relieved for a long time and her expression was calm and murmured, "It’s not that kind of ah-aren’t you very good in painting with Korea?" Have you not been in contact? "
The topic seems to have completely deviated from the right track. Ke Xuejie’s strange behavior is becoming more and more understandable by Yuzryha.
"No, no, we are ordinary, not what you think" is really strange. This is the second time Ye Yu has explained this question today. Do he and Han Huili look so P-conscious?
"Ha-ha, so that’s it. It seems that I misunderstood. You two seem to have a lot of feelings, but I didn’t expect you to know Lu Wei, which is a little surprising."
"I’m surprised, too. I didn’t expect that Ke Xuejie, who always has eyes higher than the top, also has friends. It seems that Ye Yu does have some bright spots."
Listening to the two people talking, Ye Yi feels that his brain seems to be running out. Ke Xuejie’s attitude has changed too much after seeing herself today. And Lu Yi, she actually pulled her wrist until now, which is too rare.
Soon after, Ke Xuejie waved her hand at Ye Yan and smiled. "Ye Yan, I’ll go first. Bye!"
Ye Yan waved at her and looked at each other’s clothes swaying gently in the breeze, feeling that the white coat was really handsome!
Next to Lu Zhou, she quickly threw Ye Yi’s hand out of her bag and wiped her hands and frowned. She said, "The rotten smell of rich fishy smell is so disgusting that you have to wear sterile gloves."
Ye Yu was hit hard, and even the residual fragrance in his hands became ugly.
"Hey, fish, I found that my evaluation of you seems a little too low. You do have some outstanding places hidden deep. You almost fooled me, huh? Otaku devil! "
Ear to Lu Qiu ponder sound turned her head, beautiful girl hanging eyes curious eyes looked at Ye You.
"I think you are an accidental lucky waste demon king, but it really surprises me that you are hiding a secret, not only with a humanoid demon king, but also with your sister, which makes people doubt your life experience. What I didn’t expect was that you knew Fu Yu and Ke Ge?"