Dure that brewing proces, the strain is the best strain specially cultivated by Zhuang Da.

The first three have achieved the ultimate. Can the wine be worse?
A few drops of wine in the mouth of a rich bouquet are simply nectar and jade, which fascinates them.
"What kind of wine is this?"
"Shi, I have lived in vain for half a generation!"
"Can I call it wine before I drink it?"
Can this wine really be good enough to make them lose their cool?
Not really. After all, they haven’t had any wine. Never seen it?
After all, people’s senses are limited, and no matter how good this wine is, people’s feelings are limited.
But what the world can’t get is the most precious thing.
Dad Zhuang didn’t give them a drink, but this way of spilling it.
As precious as sowing showers.
Their brains amplified this little taste to the maximum.
Just now, the man in Dahu was tall and strong. He crowded the crowd and blocked the front. He opened his mouth and asked, "Who can tell me what kind of wine this is?" What kind of wine is it! "
"This is yellow rice wine" season after the old crowd smiled and looked at by the crowd in the village dad said.
"Yellow rice wine … state yellow rice wine?"
"Yes" Ji Lao smiled, but there were tears in his eyes.
Liquor and yellow rice wine are the two major wines in the state.
In fact, since ancient times, liquor is a low-end wine that people drink only because of the hard work of Liba people.
It’s not liquor. Whiskey, vodka, gin and so on are all low-end wines.
It is used to dispel cold, paralyze the body, disinfect and so on, and it was first used to supplement the nutrition of the crew.
Real nobles and literati drink low-alcohol wine.
Such as wine and yellow rice wine.
High-alcohol has only become popular in recent 100 years, and it is popular abroad because of the prevalence of cocktail culture. Spirits can be mixed with water and ice to mix with various drinks. How delicious and beautiful it is to play.
And the state was founded, and then the upper class was wiped out, leaving a group of mud legs, and then … the spicy and unpalatable white wine became the mainstream.
Since spirits are popular internationally, so are spirits in states. Why can’t spirits go on the international stage?
The answer is simple and cruel, and that’s because … white wine tastes bad!
The brewing process of liquor is very unique, and a large number of aldehydes will be produced, which will cause extremely stimulating and spicy taste.
Yes, pure alcohol is not spicy, but slightly sweet. What really makes liquor spicy is aldehydes.
Is the white wine delicious?
Yes, but most people can’t afford it.
Plus these decades, big wineries and big wine merchants are desperately advertising to make wine.
The famous wine has long been out of name.
The taste of liquor with the same price is almost beaten by foreign wine with the same price …
If it weren’t for expensive taxes, it is estimated that liquor would have been washed away long ago and you still want to go out of the world?
The most painful thing for Ji Lao is that these wine merchants did not see that liquor was facing a crisis, but instead hid in a small building to become unified, such as his undeserving brothers.
Of course, there are also some emerging wineries that are developing in the direction of brewing technology and taste, that is, brewing better wine.
Zhuang Da Zhuang wine is also yellow rice wine, not white wine, but if the state wine tube is yellow rice wine, white wine can go out, so it is good for the old man to give his face to recommend it crazily.
At this time, Ji Lao probably recognized Zhuang Dad.
No wonder dad Zhuang didn’t want to come to Fusang with himself. It turned out that he had already planned something.
It is …
How did this trick change?