"It’s so messy, let’s clean it up first!" Lin momo’s brain leaps up and everything in the silver flame cave stirs up and slowly floats off the ground into the middle.

For senior brother Wu, it is not difficult to create weightlessness in the surrounding area, which is 200 square meters. It is difficult to manipulate, but it is easy for Lin momo.
Spirit is higher than ordinary people, that is, a good peacock flies to many things, and those broken sundries are directly thrown into the corner. After all, Lin momo has a very high vision.
With the rapid development of human science and technology, the relatively precious resources obtained three thousand years ago may not be rare today, and the resources snatched back from the out-of-bounds galaxy every year are not counted, and some materials of the galaxy are scarce. The out-of-bounds galaxy is not scarce.
Tenchu fleet attacked many insect towers, and the harvest was very rich. To be honest, there are really few things in this prison that can attract Lin momo’s attention except the bones of the peak brother Wu.
Ten minutes later, three things were found in the peacock’s vast treasure house. The first thing found was a left arm bone made of amethyst, and even the fingers were kept intact, which was like an art.
This arm bone previously found that shoulder blade has the same effect, both of which are peak martial arts attempts to impact a higher level to leave relics, and there are wisps of light flowing in the hand of the bone.
The second discovery is a set of blood swords with magnetic energy, totaling 236 and a half meters high. It is rare to draw small swords with magnetic energy. It must be very handsome to play with a sharper blood sucking device.
The arm bone doesn’t surprise Lin momo, and the fancy magnetic energy blood sword doesn’t feel there either, but the third discovery is so important that the peacock has retrieved a large box of evil gold, which can be used to build a destructive bomb.
Pei Lin’s level is still used to make destructive bombs, and even secondary armor-piercing bombs are barely made. However, there are still many advantages in finding so many evil gold. The evil gold can be exchanged for standard destructive bombs from the Adventure Guild through the Miller family. It is absolutely no problem to calculate 2,000 destructive bombs at the current market price.
Lin momo naturally won’t exchange this box of evil gold for standard destruction bombs. It’s already great to have five or six hundred. I’m sure I’ll leave some Pei Lin to make it.
If there is an opportunity, Lin momo will prepare evil gold to exchange for advanced destruction bombs, just like Shi Xiuer’s contribution to the ten material disintegration destruction bombs, and he will not do nothing for ordinary odd-level star cruises.
Lin momo was very excited by the appearance of evil gold. This box of evil gold was not as important as it is today in glad you came three thousand years ago, because the military later issued a new technology that must make evil gold build a destructive energy sequence, so it will become important, and it can get thousands of tons from out of bounds every year.
Thousands of tons of evil gold seem to have spread to the three major galaxies, but it is extremely rare. In addition, the bombs destroyed by those big families who are used to preparing advanced resources for the market and must maintain the consumption of evil gold will be extremely precious.
Coming out of the cave, Lin Sisuo looked at Clatina and thought she was cute. Many captains of the Phantom of the Opera kept their word and it was not difficult to get out.
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao Han Chapter 765 Fat.
Lin momo flew out of the underground prison, and this harvest can no longer be huge, which is of great significance to enhancing the strength of the Tianzhu fleet.
So what are the major gains? With the secret of practice, the scapula is as concise as amethyst bone arm, and the skull is full of evil gold.
There are more than seven miscellaneous things, and more than 500 pieces have been received to make metempsychosis dragons. What we need to worry about now is that he doesn’t have enough raw materials
These top experts’ bones include Morgan, human beings and foreign monks, which were attached gifts to Lin momo before Cletina entered the coffin.
There are too many bones buried on the tenth floor of the prison. The bones of those near the peak show signs of different degrees of corruption with the passage of time, and there is almost no place except nourishing the soil.
However, the bones of the top master are unusually concise and buried for 3 thousand years, and there is not much change, and Cletina has a very weak concept of inheritance and doesn’t think there is anything wrong with giving them away.
Lin momo did three things after returning to Phantom of the Opera. The first thing is to put evil gold. It is very particular about the magnetic energy environment, which can easily reduce their quality. The metal charm with high diamagnetism must immediately mobilize the boathouse to take out some diamagnetism metal and give it to Pei Lin to build a suitable hidden box.
The second thing is to give the shoulder blade to the Phantom of Athena. It needs a real top player to sit in the seat. If this shoulder blade can be exchanged for a top player’s loyalty, then the deal is really profitable. Although Xiao Qiang and others have made rapid progress, some cosmic environments restrain robots and humans do not have such restrictions.
The third thing is to put the coffin containing Cletina in the captain’s room. This is Lin Sisuo’s home court. Once the other side changes, adjust the magnetic force in the magnetic bottle. If you want to make trouble, you must look at the place.
This coffin is completely blue with a magnetic protective layer, and its defense performance is outstanding. I wonder who created the weird equipment. Is it really a funeral? The cost is definitely not cheap.
Clatina lay quietly in the coffin. Instead of coming out immediately, she released her mental ripples and said, "Captain Lin, didn’t you say there was a way to make me look better? Those bones are my diagnosis. Can you operate on me now? There are so many people on the boat that I’m afraid to come out and walk around and scare everyone. "
What’s more, Clatina thought about these things, and Lin momo smiled and replied, "Let’s wait!" I have collected your genetic samples in prison, and I need to study them carefully to see which drugs are suitable for your constitution. Do you want to be human or Morgan? Maybe there’s a way to make you one of us. "
Lin momo is eager to try. He did take some blood samples, and Cletina allowed you to see her bones.
Actually, this monster lady is seven points similar to human beings, but it is definitely a challenge to treat her as a patient with genetic disease. If we can formulate a dream recovery medicine, Lin momo feels more confident.
"Well, I still do human! It is said that this coffin can replace the escape capsule and convalescent capsule. Can you receive some information? I want to know more about the world, "Cletina asked.
"So? There is no problem that the bones are worth a hundred years of ships. "Lin momo promised to come to reality, not to mention that one hundred years of Cletina is enough to form a small fleet.
The blade of destruction has been urged again. Six ancestors of Hengbo can help. There are so many seven successors who will come to Hengbo Star to report for the time being, because everyone has the same purpose.
It is definitely a shortcut to improve the strength of the fleet. The charm has got the knowledge left by the mother tree of Constant Wave from Gang Duo, but his fleet does not have this blessing, but there may be a chance to arrive at Constant Wave Star.
Xiao chill beast research level Marta stone monster is the sinking blade near Constant Wave Star. I am very happy to reach out to my old friend and ask for something. It’s cool. Who called the sinking blade broken? And Xiao Han can live to sink the blade, and everyone owes him a favor to help the present owner Lin momo.
The residence of Marta Stone Monster is a little far away, and there is a huge crystal cave suspended in the category of Constant Wave Star.
Lin momo’s eyes sparkled when he looked at the screen. The phantom of the opera Marta crystal made a collision angle, but it can be seen everywhere here. No wonder the sinking blade said that Marta crystal was a building material in that era, which was not a great thing.
"It’s not convenient to talk here on deck." The sinking blade roared and roared. Coming to Hengbo Star strengthened his confidence. The foundation of Xiao is still cold, and his old friends are living well, less and not completely broken.
The blue coffin has been moved to the clinic by the charm. Since Clarina doesn’t want to come out, let’s separate the magnetic field to bind the coffin. What should we do? Don’t worry about this monster lady making trouble.
Lin momo step across to the deck energy shield instantaneous hole sinking blade let out breath and shouted, "Listen, guys in the hole, hurry up and come out to meet your uncle! Don’t pretend to be dead. I know you live with joy than anyone else. "
"Ow, who is it? Who dares to make a big noise in front of the residence? "The avalanche pressure rushed out of the crystal cave and the twelve ships of the Tianzhu fleet moved back hundreds of meters away except the Phantom of the Opera.
"Ga ga ga is really sweeping three thousand years not see incredibly claim to be ashamed? Smelly fart chubby, you are so crazy that I can’t tell the difference between momo and it. "The destruction blade urged."
"Bastards come to the war seat when they have something to do, and they are worried about their bones and muscles."
The words sound just fell and a figure emerged from the crystal cave in front. First, a pair of wings broke free. The wings and feathers were bronzed, and the feathers were like pieces of metal to outline strange lines.
Then Lin momo saw the huge eagle beak with black light in its mouth. When the gentle body appeared, it suddenly formed colorful eyebrows as hard as horns and eyes as two stars. Is this the battle beast chubby?
Humpty Dumpty is not fat at all, but it is extremely magnificent. It is so close to becoming the focus of the whole star field. It is a miracle.
In the soul sea, the disillusioned species Duo Duo didn’t show up. Lin momo didn’t feel much about these evolution to the high end. Now he appeared chubby and realized how shallow he was.
"Don’t leng to play with it. This guy is hot-tempered and doesn’t play it comfortably! Let’s be ashamed to ask for benefits. "The sinking blade quickly reaches the mind and forcibly inspires the fighting spirit.
Feel the spirit of destruction and fighting. Momo Lin has also come. Colorful agate snails are soaring, and Dark Phoenix’s silent cannon set will hit you in the arm. This chubby man will never kill Xiao Han’s successor, will he?
Just stretched out his hand Lin momo felt that the atmosphere was not right. Marta’s stone monster’s body was hard and its defense was a little outrageous, and it showed no mercy with one paw. Look, this means killing people!
"The Phantom of the Incarnate is responsible for me raiding his ship and retreating. Remember not to move the destructive bombs. Five sunder armor bombs are allowed to move." Lin momo quickly ordered, and at the same time he quickly cast his hands to avoid thunder and lightning.
This chubby figure is too overbearing. It is extremely fierce and covers a wide area to deal with the attack that Zhang Ying’s mouth bursts with black light claws and waves with many bound auras.
Lin momo also you’re welcome to lift Dark Phoenix’s silent cannon, which is a beam of light. The cannon light hits chubby’s chest and brings up a foaming flame, which is instantly annihilated as a warm-up for each other.
The Phantom of the Opera moved ten insect turrets and filed out. Harley showed off his artillery skills. Lin momo was the captain, and the star cruise ship was his weapon and the biggest reliance to see who was better.
Colorful agate snails go round and round, rotating hundreds of smooth blades, chopping out Lin momo’s crazy urge for the source force, ejecting silver light rain with both hands, and cutting nearly a hundred scalpels to cut Marta stone monsters. The defense is extremely abnormal and can violently control violence.
At this time, thousands of missiles were flying all over the sky, and the chubby head held high and slammed into the body to see a tangible beam. The center of the chubby head bloomed, and the missiles exploded in the process of marching, causing harm to the other side.
Lin momo’s hand is four guns. Now Dark Phoenix Silent Gun can fire five guns without stopping. Is it necessary to go back to Phantom of the Opera to move the boat? Or driving the Phantom of the Opera directly? Since Marta’s collision is an extra product in front of him, he can’t get rid of the overbearing horse immediately unless he cultivates to the degree of Xiao Han.
"Boom, boom, boom" wave frequency is one after another. The chubby figure is not as good as the Phantom of the Opera, but when this guy flaps his wings to absorb the cosmic energy, there is a shadow nearly two kilometers high behind him, which makes people feel that it is extremely huge.
Humpty Dumpty gave off excitement and roared, and ate the Dark Phoenix Silent Gun four times in a row, which made it feel slightly that the descendants of the master were not bad. Even without the assistance of the sinking blade, this kind of fighting spirit is commendable, especially the silver light rain actually made it feel a little threatened.
Lin momo is because of the integration of Dielmann’s fighting consciousness. There is a crazy energy in the battlefield. After the four guns of Dark Phoenix Silent Gun, he has already saved the source force and thrown out a test tube Tianwei Nine Kill as Grenade Blasting.
The nine-level energy potion is more or less chubby, and the speed of absorbing cosmic energy from the surrounding is slightly reduced, which makes it feel very restless.
Then Harley’s chariot suddenly hit a continuous aperture, and every five apertures implied a cannon light, which made the chubby attack another respite.
Lin momo ordered his star cruise ship to launch colorful agate snails at the same time, releasing a bright light flow, and chubby was caught in one explosion after another.
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao Han Chapter 766 Crystal Spring
"Stop it!" Fat a roar loud around the huge body energy annihilation let Lin momo very shocked.
"Hum, this stinky fart is really a bitch, so it consumes a lot of energy, but its strength is much higher than before, and it has evolved into a quasi-big-burst species, which is considered as a research-level war beast." The sinking blade quietly shows others that he doesn’t know the details of chubby. Doesn’t he know it?
"So Gang Duo Wei can be more powerful than chubby. I’m afraid there are demigod star cruises to play against." Lin momo’s face is even rarer than odd level, which is the killer weapon of those super families.
If the odd-level star cruises can still see the demigod level, the absolute power is based on the enduring key of those super families and chaebols. The implication in the words of the sixth ancestor of Hengbo is that demigod-level star cruises are very rare, and the demigod level has never appeared. All star cruises embody the demigod level.
"Sink! I haven’t seen you for many years, and I really want your master to stop being fat. The wooden house has also decayed, so I can live in seclusion here. It’s really lonely as snow! " Humpty Dumpty spread his wings slightly, and then leaned close to the crowd.
Lin momo never thought that the chubby speed would be so terrible. Just now, it seems that the old man’s house was attacked by Phantom of the Opera and colorful agate snails, so it was merciful.
"Ha ha also learned elegant words, lonely as snow what do you mean? You are lonely with so many junior constant wave tree people! Look at my brother again. My body is falling apart. I’m either suppressed to the black hole smoking area or confined by strange things. Those king eggs don’t look at who I am. Is it good to destroy the first artifact in the galaxy? I’ve survived such a 3,000-year-old elder brother. Isn’t it good to come back and see that you are so sick and moaning at home? I’m afraid you won’t be able to spare time if you want to! " The sinking blade makes chubby have no temper in a big brother tone.
"Bring us pain, the enemy will eventually destroy the master’s layout. In the next three thousand years, all the truth will come to light in the next ten to twenty years. Then we will see what the Mujia will do. If they still refuse to come out and hum, it is better to sever the connection as soon as possible. If it is not the master’s righteousness, the first galaxy would have changed its surname." The chubby man exudes a domineering and sinking blade, echoing with a long cry, and an arrogant and extremely fighting spirit leaps from Lin momo.
"Come on, I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense. What you just said is very appetizing to me. If Mujia doesn’t top it, it’s just a slap in the face. Everyone has passed each other and didn’t arrive at the First Galaxy. I doubt that Mujia was behind the whole attack that year. Didn’t you find Mujia for so many years?" It’s too strict for the six ancestors of the fallen blade to take the curtain of constant wave, so it’s better to settle for the second time, starting with the chubby one
"Can tell the master once said that destruction is the favorite conspiracy theory. After three thousand years, I can’t think of you or this promise. My toes want to know that you came to me to gain benefits. Hurry up and enter the crystal cave with your current master! This interstellar calm for more than 3,000 years should be tempered by blood and fire. The master once said that peaceful years are easy to make people depressed. It is the Zerg that makes people dare not slack off. However, things can’t be static. If human literature wants to climb the glory, it will also experience pain. "Chubby shakes his head and learns to be very cute, but this statement does have some truth. Lin momo is even more profound.
Although everyone hopes for peace, the rapid development of human culture will always form some unstable factors, and it is beneficial to the healthy development of human culture to let these factors erupt properly and handle them properly
Lin momo is a victim of this historical change, and the red storm is the unstable factor, which is very destructive to peace. However, now the heavenly kingdom is working hard to kill the interstellar red cancer one day.
"Humpty Dumpty still knows that I am following my new owner now, and everything has to start from the basics. To be honest, it is quite interesting. Since Humpty Dumpty feels lonely, he might as well go out with our fleet to play." The sinking blade hey hey laughs. His intention to seduce Humpty Dumpty is too obvious, but it is not at all successful.
"No, I can’t listen to Xiao Liu’s statement that the out-of-bounds Milky Way will be chaotic, and it will even wave to the first Milky Way. After all, some of the Zerg were not lovable when their owners went out to fight. Without our support, it would be difficult to kill Taikoo’s mother emperor even if they held the Star Fighter Cloud Nucleus, but it happened that the other side was so familiar with our whereabouts that it was very likely that the enemy’s eyes would be on their side." Chump said as he flew forward, listening carefully. It seems that it was no use to sink and lure.
"Fatso’s ancestor Xiao Han left a picture as a guide, and there are no clues about him." Lin momo is used to pursuing details. Every detail is very important on the way to adventure, and there may be some surprises.