Chapter 35 The emperor is not in a hurry. The eunuch is in a hurry

However, Wei Ji won’t go out to explain what he knows because he deeply understands that the world is a strong world power and represents everything!
The achievement of the elixir is the best proof that one’s own strength is looking forward to a higher level. Most people are groping for the impact of the elixir on their own, which is why the probability of success is so low. It is natural to keep a close eye on all the subtle changes in this process and what they will do in the future.
"Boom! Boom! Boom! "
The virtual explosion is like that of setting off firecrackers, and there is no stop in succession. At this moment, the head of the corpse demon Lin Zhao also shows a lot of light, and all kinds of aura near the colorful flowers are all in it.
In this colorful Yunxuan center, a huge column of air is faintly visible. It looks at the finger-shaped steel seal, and the fine steel casts the roof on the outside. Gao Yunxuan is connected together, and a wave of aura flows down this pipe like a river pouring down, straight through the top door of the corpse demon Lin Zhao and poured into his body.
At this moment, the corpse demon Lin Zhao’s body is like a ball, and it keeps rising and shrinking. This one is a poor aura, and it explodes loudly and explosively.
It is clear to this Wei Ji that whether it catalyzes the building of the spiritual force or condenses the source of mana, then it must be absorbed more than the majestic aura. If it is not the moment when it impacts the realm of the elixir, there will be a vision of heaven and earth to show the blessing. I am afraid it will take at least five or six years to accumulate by myself, and other things can’t be carried out in these five or six years, and it can be absorbed and absorbed again.
It’s been seven days since Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, walked away casually.
Although they can’t be said to be well-informed, they must be very concerned about this kind of thing, but they know very well that the longer the process of accumulating this aura in the process of impacting then, the greater the hope of success.
It is normal that the accumulation process lasts for one day, not to mention the impact on the alchemy, that is, you can’t even keep the fake alchemy, but you can still maintain your peak strength. It is normal to be afraid of being directly knocked down to several levels or even die directly.
It is precisely because of this that even the monks who have reached the peak of Tsukiji are cautious about the impact on the then state. It often takes several years to accumulate for more than ten years before they dare to take this step. It is also precisely because of this that these jealous people outside are so jealous of him that they can’t contain it!
Because they are too familiar with Wei Ji’s situation, they have achieved the goal of building a foundation on the night of entry, and then jumped into a high-level foundation after five years of study, and then went out to perform it once, which made them unable to help but ask themselves, "Have you been practicing on a dog for so many years?"
It’s not that there has never been such a genius in the first five elements, but although those people are also their classmates, because the five elements are too big, they may not have a chance to meet each other in their lives, so they have reverence in their hearts, and now this situation is more real than what happened to them, and they can’t stand it in their hearts.
In particular, they all know that Weiji is not a single spirit root, but a chaotic spirit root. Chaotic spirit root is the worst spirit root in today’s world, and this contrast between heaven and earth has deeply stimulated their hearts.
As the old saying goes, clouds and trees are beautiful, and forest air will destroy them; When piled up on the shore, the flow will be turbulent; It is necessary to do more than others! This statement is true!
Watching the situation outside the courtyard where Wei Ji is located, many monks have learned to build the foundation. Few sincerely hope that Wei Ji can impact the success of the elixir this time. Most people hope that Wei Ji, a so-called "genius", will impact the failure of the elixir and fall into the first class with them.
However, the insightful people are all very white. Although this situation can’t be said to be a shoo-in, it’s not too bad. Because according to the past records, it’s not too bad to record the experience. If this aura accumulation process can reach five days, there is a half chance to achieve the goal. And if the accumulation process is more than ten days, it is iron and iron without suspense.
After more than ten days or longer, it will make the achievement of Jin Dan more outstanding, thus laying a good foundation for the future impact of Yuan Ying’s realm to achieve the true gentleman.
"Seven days for seven days!" Pang Yu and others are secretly chanting in their hearts these days, but they count silently every hour. Even if they are not then real people, they can see that this situation is obviously impossible to interrupt in a day or two, and once it exceeds ten days, it means that Wei Ji’s impact on then is bound to succeed.
At this moment, these monks outside the courtyard can be said to be more anxious than Lin Zhao, who is shocked by the resin in the Chamber of Secrets. They have a short temper and are somewhat lacking in talent. On the contrary, the central defender in the Chamber of Secrets is watching, and there is no slightest tension or impatience in his heart.
Of course, this is not to say that Wei Ji is not very concerned about the success or failure of the resin demon Lin Zhao, but because Wei Ji has put everything he can do and support into the success of the resin demon Lin Zhao. Whether he can see the resin demon Lin Zhao himself and God’s will can’t help him!
Chapter 36 The tenth day has passed
Chapter 36 The tenth day has passed
A vortex of about ten feet in the courtyard of Weiji is slowly rotating in a colorful and gorgeous way.
"Shout, shout, shout,"
Like the waves of the sea rolling in all directions, the vitality of heaven and earth rushes towards the vortex and is absorbed by it, then handed into the secret room and ingested by the corpse demon Lin Zhao.
At this moment, all those who set their minds on it can find the thick and almost substantial white aura cloud of the second peak of Gengjin, but all those who are close to Weiji courtyard have become thin, and many places are very faint, so they can look through the past and see a clearer sky.
This second peak of Gengjin is full of aura because it used to be the residence of the divine king in the past, and it is ranked in the whole five-element peak sequence. This shows how magnificent the aura required by this achievement is. Strictly speaking, this aura of the second peak of Gengjin belongs to all the disciples, and it is precisely because of this that Pang Yucai will say that it is a good thing for those outside disciples when Wei avoided building two courtyards where he wanted to live in the past, but it is possible to attract some hostility to the students.
Geng Jin’s second peak is rich in aura than usual, and it is precisely because of this that it is possible to form an aura cloud in the sky. However, if it is not finished, it will not be lost, but it will be saved for the future. Sometimes it is hard to close the practice or refine special instruments, which will require a lot of consumption. If the aura is not enough at that time to act on its own and encroach on a large number of other students, it should consume aura on weekdays. That is to deliberately offend people. Except for some people who are difficult to retreat, no one will deliberately bring in the younger brother.
Like the immediate impact on the reality of the elixir is a moment of consuming a lot of aura.
If you have enough aura, you may not be able to succeed, but if you don’t have enough aura, you will not succeed. It is precisely because of this that those monks who have done enough and have certain confidence will choose those Lingshan blessed places when they impact the realm of then.
Because if the aura is not enough at the moment of pressing the key, it’s not just a failure. If the process of impacting the elixir is likely to succeed unless it has failed, then this process is irreversible, that is to say, it will take away the aura at all costs, and in that case, the outside world will take away itself if it can’t give it to nature, unless it is the kind of specialized body-building and strong body-building aura, it will be able to resist the past, and the body will collapse and disappear. That doesn’t mean that it will be able to form an elixir if it can resist the past, and it will still be unsuccessful in nine cases
The lack of aura is also a big reason why there are so few real-life masters in the diaspora monks. After all, they don’t occupy all kinds of spiritual places like a sect. In that case, they can make up for it by accumulating a large number of spiritual stones. However, if they only rely on spiritual stones, they will have to spend at least 35 million yuan on ordinary meditation. Where can there be so much wealth?
Wei bogey chose to let the resin demon Lin Zhao hit the elixir in the five elements, which is of course considered by Ann, but the consumption of this Lingshi stone is also a big factor. Of course, this tens of millions of Lingshi bogey can’t afford it, but he won’t be stupid to take the blame when he can save the situation.
Wei Ji felt the aura cloud barrier in the sky, and he was very satisfied with his original decision to join the big faction of the Five Elements Sect. "The big faction is really a big faction, and it is really rich and abundant that it has not even absorbed more than a hundred Zhang cloud barriers!"
Who avoid secretly in the chamber of secrets with regrets, but I don’t know that outside his courtyard, a group of other disciples are secretly gnashing their teeth. People who are particularly dissatisfied with who avoid absorbing so much aura are like this. If they are attacking themselves, then they must be disgusted that they have not absorbed enough, while others are the opposite.
But their hearts can’t affect Wei Ji Wei Ji at all. Now their minds are all in the corpse demon Lin Zhaoshen.
"Blood spirit, Fu Shan, Wang Xian!" At this time, Wei Ji suddenly asked, "Do you think the corpse demon Lin Zhao will succeed in this situation!"
This time, this kind of key problem is naturally answered by Taoist Blood Spirit, the boss. It’s better for him to be in the front with the then zombies. Fu Shan and Wang Xian both put their eyes on Taoist Blood Spirit at the first time, but they also suppressed their condition without the slightest panic. Calm way: "Look at this sample. If Lin Zhao is an ordinary monk, the success may not be 100% but it’s not much difference, but he must be a corpse demon."
The resin demon abandoned the flesh, although it had the power to protect itself, but it also lacked support when it was pressed. Then it was more difficult than ordinary people and demon monks. "
Speaking of which, Road flyover Blood Spirit paused a little and then said, "However, Lin Zhaoshou’s body was full of flesh and blood before, and he was once a real person then. Since he dared to attack, he is obviously quite sure. Plus, with the help of Fu Shan and Wang Xian, two real people then helped to improve various steps, it can also make up many gaps. I guess his chances of success this time should be high!"
Road flyover Xue Ling is particularly confident in his words. After he finished speaking, the defender’s face was also relaxed a lot, and then he turned his attention to Fu Shan and Wang Xian, then zombies. Both of them spoke at the same time. "Brother Xue Ling’s analysis is extremely profound. That’s what we mean!"
For two people who are so close to cheating and playing tricks, Wei Ji didn’t get angry. Well, he nodded a little. To be honest, Wei Ji’s heart is also very clear. The chances of success are not 100%, even if there is 99.91 until the limit, there is not much difference between that and 12%. It depends on luck.
It is precisely because of this that many people don’t like it, even they don’t like the monk’s one-in-a-thousand chance, but it happened that one impact succeeded, and few people who are recognized as geniuses in the world would doubt that they failed in the impact.
However, now I personally feel the impact of the elixir, and even those who are determined by Wei Ji are not a little nervous. In fact, he did not expect Taoist Xue Ling and others to give him an accurate answer. He wanted a high chance, which sounds like a little peace of mind.
Two days and two nights passed, and the sun rose again. When Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, hit then, it officially entered the tenth day.
This tenth day is really an important day for the monk who attacked the real person then, because it is certain that it will survive the achievement of then. Although this then has grades, it is still then anyway.
Then the real person, Godsworn Tsukiji, one step away is the difference between heaven and earth!
But if you can’t survive it, even if the chances of success are high, there is also a component of luck. Although it is said that the stronger you have, the greater the chance of good luck, but the stronger you are, the less you will gamble on luck. Because of their status and everything they have, they are not allowed to make any mistakes. At this moment, the secret room guards and others naturally hope that the corpse demon Lin Zhao can persist in this day and make it through.
Of course, those fellow disciples outside the courtyard of Weiji are in the opposite mood. Of course, this is not because they have no feelings for the Five Elements Sect and do not want the Five Elements Sect to become stronger, but because they are very white and the status of strength is already very stable. Don’t say that they are now, even in the future, they don’t have to worry about it. In this case, they are naturally more self-centered and hope that the sects can benefit more in themselves, even if they wave.
This is a very normal thing, whether it is a friar Sect, a family or a country. Without enough external threats, it is inevitable to fight against each other, which is why an ancient sage just issued such a sigh: "The enemy and foreign invaders will die forever!"
However, the so-called development of things has its own laws, and no one will transfer, no matter what people think, the action of absorbing aura by the corpse demon Lin Zhao is still going on in an orderly way.