Go in. It is difficult for a researcher to conduct effective research and discussion.

Don’t go in and continue to do things, but you lose the opportunity to do things!
The number of elite students in Huaxia District is increasing.
There are 3,000 elite students in Milian District.
It’s really hard to say that Milian District is really going to defeat the negative!
After all, the elite students in Huaxia District have a record of serious injuries!
Although the strength of Milian District is very strong, there is no similar record yet!
No war!
It’s a pity to retreat directly!
Naimi United District elected a researcher with the idea of a quota and a quota.
After all, you can also learn first-hand information.
You can’t miss the most mysterious and key changes on Mars!
Soon after a debate in Milian District, a senior researcher was sent into the defense isolation zone of red jade slips for research.
Its elite students in the 3,000-meter joint zone are stationed according to the requirements of Huaxia District.
Anyway, around the crater is not allowed!
In a few seconds, after receiving the order, Bobranlian took the 3,000 elites in Milian District to prepare to station one kilometer away.
That’s the nearest stationing point required by Huaxia District.
Akgun, the 3,000 elite in Milian District, carefully looked back at Xu’s retreat from the formation.
When he saw Xu retreat, Xu retired and looked at it with a big white tooth. It was still a new sneer!
Akgun mind a sudden.
But as their troops quickly moved away from Akgun, the anxiety gradually dissipated.
Soon, Akgun followed the big troops to the place where Xu tui and others stood at the foot of the crater, one kilometer away, and was about to arrive at their encampment.
Akgun also completely relaxed.
Who can you scare just like that?
Akgun whistled happily.
Whistle sounded instantly.
A thorn rose abruptly from Akgun’s legs.
Straight into Akgun’s body from both legs.
The ground thorn is extremely long and beneficial.
Directly to Akgun wore a string of spikes is directly pierced the heart of Akgun!
Pain hit Akgun screaming consciousness to look back to the crater.
At the foot of the crater, Xu tuizheng smiled back at Akgun with a big white tooth!
Akgun screams to a screeching halt!
Chapter four hundred and seven The study of seven pieces of red jade slips and Xu Tui’s whimsy
Akgun was stabbed to death on the spot!
Boblan, the first master in Milian District, instantly turned around and roared angrily in the direction of Xu’s retreat more than a kilometer away!