But all this has little effect.

Thanks to the [golden age] human Federation’s bloody planet reconstruction project, Tara’s structure is too special at this time, even if it is a star-destroying weapon, it can scratch a little bit. Conventional bombing has a feeling of getting twice the result with half the effort for installing protective facilities on the ground!
On the contrary, the ground fire caused a lot of losses to the too-orbiting fleet.
As a result, the long-range fire bombing of the base-too warships and the landing situation due to the excessive target can make the various Star Warrior Legions exhibit a difficult forced landing battle in Horus!
To be more specific, one person assigned a jetty and then landed forcibly against enemy fire.
On that way, the interstellar soldiers in the cabin both counterattacked and adjusted their landing position.
This leads to a great probability that each star warrior will be blown up in the middle, and even if he succeeds in landing, there is a great probability that he will fall into the hinterland of the other party and be besieged …
All this tactics can depend on fate whether it is when landing or after successful login.
However, the interstellar soldiers have already experienced various difficult battles in the Great Expedition, but they have no complaints about this.
They don’t care about the so-called risk when they come out of the sea of blood.
If you dare to order them in person, they dare.
They are the best fighters before and after the fall.
Mind, body and skills have reached the limit level of mortals.
Chapter 536 Choose your opponent
"You have one last chance. If you miss it, it will never happen again."
In front of the palace gate
St. Gilles once again heard that from the Asian sound.
And his choice remain that same.
Didn’t give each other an answer
It’s good to say more.
And beside him, the genetic protozoa of Imperial Boxing Corps-Rogado En is leaning on a weapon, where even the intense bombing overhead did not interfere with him at all.
The calm eyes are like a deep pool, which makes people unable to see his thoughts.
At this time, Rogado, who felt St. Gilles staring at his eyes, nodded casually and said, "May we win."
Look without hurry or hesitation, just like the hardest rock.
Listening to his words, St. Gilles smiled and added, "Naturally, the emperor sheltered me."
Say that finish, he put his eyes back to the distant sky.
There, the continuous throwing of the cabin is like raindrops falling from the middle of the sky, riding a rebel star warrior.
It is precisely because of their fierce exchange of fire and fighting in various defensive positions in Tara.
Insurgents are constantly being killed and loyalists are constantly dying.
Listening to the countless gunfire roaring, slashing and crying on the whole planet, St. Gilles’ eyes became more intense after he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
Although the modern human empire has many defects and deficiencies, compared with most of the time, the environment is at least acceptable …’
Saint Gilles, who has the ability to predict genes, is well aware of the emperor’s views on various genes, and even if the expedition is successfully completed, there will be no good opportunity for himself and others.
But in his mind, sacrifice in the galaxy is an indispensable condition for the establishment of an empire!
Whether it is voluntary or not, someone needs to sacrifice to turn the cornerstone.
Although the idea of recognizing the emperor is a bit extreme, he has nothing to betray each other, but chooses to face his own outcome calmly.
To put it bluntly, even though the emperor has many mistakes, the other party is 100% firm in human stance and the last person to betray human beings, with strong leadership and individual ability …
At this time, St. Gilles felt an unusual breath coming down from the sky.
St. Gilles also perceived the smell. Rogado immediately looked at it.
It was a tall figure with wings behind it and a huge sword.
Despite the great changes in appearance
However, both of them recognized each other’s identity through some remaining features of each other’s appearance.
Rogado immediately asked with some anger in his face.
"Angrand! Have you fallen here? ……”
As a standard anthropologist, he thinks that Angrand, a sub-creature who has been separated from the human race, is a great blasphemy!
Random waved his wings to destroy all the shells that came straight at him. After that, Angrand was quietly and slowly landed on the ground. He asked Rogado’s grace.
"What’s the problem?
Why do you say such a thing in such a tone?
I remember you always looked down on me.