October 10th London Emirates Stadium Champions League opener away against Gunners Arsenal!

"The gunman? Can you hit a submarine? Make a joke! " Sun Yao laughed.
"You can save the nickname all day!" Giuseppe Rossi sweated. To be continued ……….
Chapter one hundred The guest levy emirates
Blue sky, a European Airlines plane.<>
Fly from Spain to London, England!
The European Champions League group horse race is about to start next week.
This round of the first round of the Champions League, the direct dialogue between the Premier League team La Liga team obviously attracted a lot of media attention!
This is the first time that Sun Yao has experienced London so closely. It is the most famous city in the world and the capital of Britain.
Europe’s largest top city in the world has countless football clubs, which occupy a small part of all teams in the Premier League. It is a little exaggeration to say that if you watch the Premier League, you can see a’ London Derby’ in every round.
Of course, the most famous teams here are Arsenal and Chelsea. These two teams are now in the Champions League group and Tottenham Hotspur London team. Although this is their first Champions League appearance for a long time, their strength is also expected.
Even Inter Milan may not be able to take advantage of them.
The Thames River crosses the city and the Emirates Stadium is not far from the Thames.
Villarreal and his party have finally arrived at their destination, which will be a moment for them to return to the Champions League after many years and make history again.
They miraculously reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 1956. After that, they rarely became attached to the Champions League. Now they are finally back on the Champions League stage and can finally listen to the inspiring Champions League whistle and the overture before the game!
"Arsenal is a strong team and Wenger is also a coach I admire very much. They will play a fantastic match, if we want to win the Champions League!" Sun Yao face the media easily way
Arsenal, a team with a huge number of fans and high commercial value in the world, has not tasted the championship for many years.
In this regard, several fans have made suggestions during the transfer period, hoping that Arsenal can keep the team in the transfer market.
However, Arsenal remained as steady as Mount Tai and remained unmoved.
Before the World Cup, they had finalized a strong striker Chamakh, and this season Bordeaux super striker has quickly integrated into the team.
At the same time, they also finalized French defender Koscielny.
There were not many people, but many people left. Four defense generals, Gallas, Sylvester, Campbell and Senderos, left the Emirates one after another, and striker Eduardo also joined the Donetsk team in the Champions League.
The only comforting thing is that Fabregas has been rumored by bigger brands such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, and finally decided to stay and help himself to become a top star. Arsenal’s mentor Wenger will continue to struggle for one season.
It seems difficult for them to get back the long-lost championship after such a performance in the transfer market.
Or is it nothing compared to the expensive transfer of champions?
Although the outside world is not optimistic about Arsenal, Wenger is always so confident and always confident in his players.
"I think our array is strong enough and we have the strength to win everything!"
"Why not sign more excellent players in the transfer market?"
"It’s hard for you to find good and cheap players in the transfer market now. Those players who look good are expensive, which I can’t accept!" Wenger replied.
"But those players are always worth it to others!" …,
"That’s for other teams, not for me!" Wengerdao
In fact, to put it bluntly, Wenger signed a lot of potential players at low prices in the transfer market, thus making a lot of cheap money, and he always wanted to make cheap money.
Let him buy a player who won’t appreciate the normal price at the peak, but it will make him feel that he has made a bad deal, so with the development of world football, Arsenal’s road to buying people is getting narrower and narrower.
In fact, villarreal has not made much adjustment in the transfer market because they have a satisfactory season, so what they need is stability.
In addition to leaving Godin to sign marchena, Juan Carlos garrido introduced more newcomers from Team B. For example, in Team B, Sun Yao’s rival Cristobal Gisdubao was recruited into the team, and at the same time, the loaned American teenager Joz Al Tidore was taken back from Hull City.
In order to give way to Sun Yao, Robert Pires, a substitute in the team, hoped that his career could last for a few more years, and finally chose to leave el madrigal and return to the Premier League. Now he has come to the Premier League team Aston Villa.
And Cristobal Gisdu’s position is also to make up for Pires’ absence. When Pires left here, Sun Yao seemed to see a hero go or not.
Lu Zhu feels "is the football world really so cruel?" I can’t imagine what it’s like to slowly slide down the peak road. Maybe I want a peak image to leave football in the future! I don’t want anyone to see that old age! "
Borja barreiro walked out of Real Madrid youth training camp and won Juan Carlos garrido’s favor with his excellent performance in Mallorca, and finally chose to bring him to el madrigal.
This is a series of actions of Villarreal before the transfer market closed.
With a player like Sun Yao in the team, it seems that there will never be a lack of fighting spirit and a lack of desire for the championship.
There are also love songs at Emirates Stadium.
Although Emirates Stadium didn’t win the championship with Arsenal, fans here still love this super-modern stadium in London!
In the new season, Arsenal have lost the team in the standings with one win and one loss in two rounds. Some sworn enemy fans came out to make fun of it. Maybe Arsenal will stay at the top of the standings before the new season in summer (because of the prefix of the team name)
This will certainly upset Arsenal fans, who have been longing for the Premier League title for a long time. Although the transfer market is small, Arsenal still has its own heritage.