"Maybe I’m wrong. What if I don’t face the overlord of Jin Xian? If a powerful level of the strong concealed the repair-"thinking from afar can immediately rule out such an idea, because if there is a powerful arrival, perhaps the master of Jin Xian in the wilderness will not sit idly by. In addition, although the barrier in the wilderness is broken, if there is a powerful arrival, it won’t be so clever, so let yourself meet it, right?

"The identity of the surname of that cold family is different, perhaps because the person in charge here is valued by that Jin Xian".
Eye he really yuan consumption is not light, but the other monks are still constantly rushing to kill. Even though the corpses around him are constantly bleeding, there are still some monks who are not afraid of death, but Lu Li suddenly found that the cold-core cold tiger did not continue to fight for his life. It is also ruthless and decisive, and there is no taboo on the consequences. Several fatal injuries have been directly hit by Lu Li, but it should be that Jin Xian has used some means to avoid death.
My thoughts even turn my eyes to think about this scene, and then I think that I am so disturbing the fluctuation of heaven and earth, and this world is bound to be chaotic, so I can take advantage of the situation to relieve the predicament!
That is, he might as well try several times to fight with the other side. Although caution can protect some roots in many cases, it seems that it is not impossible to try to find the other side’s flaws in exchange for some vitality.
There are many monks on the other side who help the war. The right and wrong are different, and the dharma formula is very strange. Except for some dharma formulas, which are far apart from deja vu, other dharma formulas are similar in spirit but different in shape. Obviously, these monks are not from today’s era. Perhaps the two sides have crossed two or three thousand years, resulting in a lack of dharma formula. Perhaps the interval is more instantaneous.
Chapter one hundred and three Each has his own thoughts
"Feng Yuan is my fictional name, but these monks didn’t show any doubt. It seems that they are indifferent. So it can be seen that all kinds of monks even don’t know the name of Feng Yuan".
There are many monks who cooperate and have the first hand, so it is very complicated. All kinds of monks can be said to be complicated and can’t judge clearly at the moment.
However, the cold surname family does occupy a high position, and all kinds of fighting and more eccentric monks have already appeared. The strong in Jin Xian seems to have made a death order and the reward is extremely rich, so the desire of all kinds of monks to kill the land has suddenly become extremely strong
Bao Jianfeng has learned from tempering that although the enemy is not weak, the other side is also a monk, and the mind is unusual. It is very natural for ordinary people to hone their own final understanding and breakthrough with the help of monks like Lu Li.
Although the flesh is very different from the earth, it can’t be forced to do it too much. Because it is suspected of suicide, even if this monk is really killed, once the overlord of Jin Xian perceives the truth, if he does it himself, he can’t fight the enemy and is in danger of death. It is really very depressing!
"Take a temporary retreat, think about the countermeasures." The figure turns into thousands of ghosts, and the ghosts are scattered and the evil wind continues to roar. Thousands of feet in Fiona Fang are brotherhood of the Wolf.
With the help of something congenial, the magic shadow thousand magic method, the figure quickly exits the whole body, and the ghost flashes smoothly, avoiding all the monks’ eyes and ears. It is an eye that his eyes are cold than the corners of his mouth, showing a cold smile. This sneer is suffocating. Generally, he looks back and sweeps his eyes, and he will remember the atmosphere and appearance of all the repairs that besieged him. He will definitely not forget that he will definitely double it later.
All kinds of monks are separated from each other, and both sides are already dead enemies. They are inseparable from each other and will suffer death. There is no more to say.
All kinds of monks are caught in such a fog of ghosts and ghosts, all of which show various magical powers, all kinds of brilliance magic weapons, and constantly want to break the mystery.
Lu Li is a quick-response figure, and disappears again. This time, he directly feels the breath of this small world and hides himself in the virtual space. Although there is a certain consumption for the real yuan, there is no way to do it. However, he is surprised to find that there are all kinds of isolation barriers in the virtual space here, and when there is a distortion, such twisted barriers are densely shackled and contain all kinds of injunctions, which makes Lu Li surprised!
The strange light in the right eye swept away. If you want to cross, you must know the risks. You are surprised to find that all kinds of twisted enchantments are banned all over the place, and some banned arrangements are even more like those in ancient times, which means that he is easily and absolutely detached.
In this way, he simply changed his mind. This time, instead of pursuing his way home, he chose to go straight ahead and see all kinds of obstacles to his departure.
"This Jin Xian overlord will show me this trick without saying anything. It is obviously right and wrong, but even if it is heterodox, there should be news of this person among the strong ones told by a statue of Jin Xian overlord demon. So since the other side is so ruthless, it is meaningless if I don’t let you break your head, but let you remember this fate first!" Lonely talk
"Friars named Cold have besieged and killed people in various ways, and even recruited experts from all sides to kill me. It’s interesting, but you don’t know that people who want to murder me and take my life sometimes I will let go, and sometimes I will choose to take it away, but today I will take your life away!" The sneer from the ground is more prosperous and disappears in the blink of an eye.
Outside the Jin Xian overlord is also some doubts opposing way "strange deduction this person was quite extraordinary life a fuzzy don’t say as if there was a faint earth-shattering a pair of horrible eyes spying on me just corner frighten me willies hum I prison god since the achievement of Jin Xian has never been afraid of anyone? But the remnant god has been hidden for so long, so he should have been born. No news yet? "
To himself, I suddenly revealed my identity, which was actually the overlord of the third prison in the Seven Wonders of the Wild-the prison god!
The reason why the border jails are called miracles is that in ancient times, there was a magical battle between good and evil, and the right path was forced to be put to death. Several evil spirits approached here and were about to launch a general attack. Suddenly, all kinds of evil spirits were swallowed up by the black jails there and died. From then on, a master was called the prison god and was respected by the wild monks and listed as one of the seven miracles in the wild.
But later, the prison god suddenly became possessed because of other reasons, which made the mind chaos and was sealed by the strong, and the prison god said that it eventually disappeared
Walking in the middle of the road, I was indifferent and said, "Let the killing spread all over this world!" Killing the mind has been transformed into a killing world to destroy the living species, and it has also been prompted to fly away to the distance and directly escape him. Many monks are one leng, and it is estimated that they know something. If outsiders fly rashly here, it will be extremely costly.
"It’s not good that this person wants to escape from this place with the advantage of posture, or it’s better to move the jade Jane circle to obliterate the wind!" Cold core looked at face cold immediately speak.
The cold tiger is also a horse. It takes out a jade slip with a glittering emerald brilliance and crushes it. Suddenly, the sky waves are scattered and crazy, including some breath characteristics such as being different from the appearance and shining when shooting.
This is quite different, so it was completely exposed. At this moment, many monks in the world know their identity.
Breaking away from home, regardless of the real yuan consumption, directly escaping, although his real yuan consumption is not trivial per liter of distance, even so, he insisted on jumping thousands of feet straight and upright.
Chapter one hundred and four vengeful
"This is still not enough!" Cold hum a lot.
The heart breaks out several times as hard as the true element, and the reversal of the heart force forcibly swells the true element, making the height soar again in an instant and jump continuously.
As a result, the sky is almost separated, and the height is already quite high, so you can see the best scenery in the distance.
The strange light in the right eye flashes away from the four directions, and it is found that this place is divided into six different regions and six directions, just like six continents, but each continent is unusually large and even weirder. It is a distant continent, and the mainland is actually as far away as the gap between heaven and earth.
The scrolls are full of clouds and the sky is round, but this small world turns out to be Yun Gankun. Several continents are all misty and mysterious. When you look at the distant mainland carefully, you find that it is a little round, just like a sphere. If you look at it from a distance, it would be difficult to see the outline if his right eye is amazing. This shape is like-stars "hum six continents?" I’ll turn you upside down! " Lu Li cold hum a direct desire to make moves, but as the master Chu Yun once said something, it suddenly emerged in his mind that Lu Li’s desire to be strong suddenly weakened.
The words "A meal of virtue will pay off the resentment" are the words of the master Chu Yun. According to Chu Yun, these words are only the words of one of his friends who has passed away. He slightly changed and warned Lu Li not to care about slight resentment.
Looking back on Master Chu Yun’s own achievements and principles, I can still vividly see that all kinds of cultivation have gone through life and death. Except for the last fatal blow, it seems that Chu Yun has lost his heart. Sometimes he needs to relax.
Such a character is the most disgusting person in Chu Yun, and so is every layman, so is the monk. Sometimes a meal in the future can often save a life with a real yuan and a pill of Dan medicine. That’s what the karma method is: "Is it resentful?-"Lu Li muttered to himself.
Actually, Chu Yun, the master, is also admired for his detachment from calmness, elegance and freedom on weekdays, but he has always imitated learning when he is in danger.
So many times, when facing the former enemy, Lu Li will give the other side some opportunities, not to kill them quickly, unless the other side insists on fighting for life and death, Lu Li will not kill them.
Revenge is a very simple truth, which means that when the other party stares at himself, they have to take double revenge. It refers to the kind of narrow-minded people who can rule the sky with everything in their hearts. This is also Chu Yun’s accidental slip of the tongue and he has not forgotten it
If a monk is grateful, it is natural not to be jealous, but to be grateful, not to be slightly resentful, not to be lenient. Is that an equal state of mind? If the monk forgives the difficulty of the road to the heart, he will still cultivate the heart in the end
"Cultivation, practice of dharma and cultivation of mind complement each other, and one is indispensable, and it is difficult to achieve the road".
It is the most complicated, profound and difficult to understand the central road, mental change, mental enlightenment and mental shadow, all of which also point directly to the Tao.
If you think about it carefully, it seems that every word of Master Chu Yun contains profound meaning. Although some of them are freely expressed by Chu Yun, it is shocking to recall at this time.
Looking back at all kinds of strong enemies in foreign countries, looking around at all the big Jin Xian in the wild, it is also difficult to finish their intrigue. According to the demon queen, all the people made their moves in unison. It was Chu Yun who led the way and the mysterious emperor sent a large number of experts to resist foreign forces. It was also a Naiju.
Although it is mysterious and strange to come to the wasteland, it will be difficult to continue if there is a world-famous war, even if it is like Sumeru War, it will be difficult to continue once or twice. Perhaps in the end, a few Jin Xian overlords will be lucky enough to repair the Three Realms, so the fate of this world will decline to the extreme.
For several young children, China can find a few talented people who can enter the cultivation path, and among these talented people, it is necessary to choose one in a thousand to choose some talented people from some wizards, and Tianjiao is one in ten thousand.
Imagine that if the mountains and rivers are broken and the repairs in the wild disappear and several people are killed in the bloody war, then the whole wild will lose its foundation, even if the foreign strong plunder and retreat, it is impossible to recover.
Even if there is a remnant of the overlord of Jin Xian, it is impossible to reproduce the glory of the past. Things will gradually decline. After the fall of the overlord of Jin Xian, all kinds of magical powers will eventually be inherited by the master Chu Yun, who knows a lot of things, but he has no time to care too much.
These six continents have found the aura vaguely, so if we can find the location of the spirit eye, we can learn a certain aura and kill the six domains. Even the overlord of Jin Xian will feel uncomfortable and will release himself. Then he can use his means to escape from the palm of the overlord of Jin Xian again.
This small world has a certain isolation from the outside world. It is difficult to kill yourself directly from the outside world, even if it is Jin Xianjiang, but it is really amazing, and the land is very envious.
On the other hand, he felt a little sad when he saw those monks who seemed to be enslaved although their spiritual wisdom was intact.
Because people are all things, even in adversity, they don’t want to be enslaved, and they yearn for their own freedom, and so do monks.
But these monks can’t see freedom in their eyes, and their words and emotions are all false, just like self-deception
Of all the monks, I don’t feel too strong. Obviously, there is no extremely strong person here.
Seeing them will also be associated with the fact that many monks in the wilderness have been difficult to break through the direct seal of heaven. "Is the wild cultivation really going down?" With a sigh from Lu Li’s mouth
But I don’t know that such words are heard by the outside prison god, who smells the words and is shocked!
Chapter one hundred and fifty To explain
The identity of the prison god is very unique, and the beast god and the feather god are all different, and the origin is extremely special because everything involving the prison god is in the local government.
Jin Xian overlord everyone’s strength is extraordinary, not to mention being able to understand the secrets of heaven and earth, but anyone who can cultivate to the realm of Jinxian is by no means an idle person.
Even if the beast god rises among the orcs, repeated wars in the past have made the four emperors feel pressured and frustrated, but the beast god Xuanli is still weak among many golden fairies.
"Minor repairs, that is, the early stage of the level of transformation, are incredibly still in a wild situation? Is this person an extraordinary person? Let’s ask and say, "Prison God’s opposing words say that although he is the overlord of Jin Xian, he can also have his own way. He is very strange to the land and air, and he has never heard of the wind name.
"You can still want to come here to cultivate immortals, and it’s not that celebrities don’t kill celebrities. Are you waiting for the origin?" The prison god put a sound into the rotting skeleton and died in prison.