"You …"

Pleasant and short of breath
"Elder sister, don’t be angry."
Zhao thief gently patted her beautiful back.
"I’ll go into the palace now and confess my sins. The empress dowager won’t blame me. I’m a favorite."
"You are so Hu Feizun can always spoil you? Want to know convergence "
Zhao Feast said with great anxiety
I’m just spoiled by Sister Lan, aren’t I?’
He muttered something in his heart, but it was really difficult to deal with.
"Before it’s too late, I’ll go into the palace now, and I need the empress dowager to elaborate face to face."
Zhao Cuo will leave for the palace without changing his clothes.
"Go ahead"
Miss Zhao, he takes care of the neckline
"When you get to the palace, you must not be arrogant and careful, let alone collide with the statue."
"I’m afraid this cannot be avoided."
Grandpa Xiao looks hard.
Elder sister didn’t understand him.
"It’s almost time for me to go out. I may be late. Just mind your own business."
General Zhao raised his hand and hugged her, then took a carriage to the imperial city and heard a lot of gossip all the way.
Beijing people seem to have made up their minds to hide their women’s houses.
The original words are "Don’t ask the champion Hou to rob it."
"Fortunately, no one in Beijing called me Zhao thief …"
Zhao wrong in the mind a sigh of relief.
He thinks he is worthy of the people of Xiang Jing.
He has mastered the execution department for a long time, and he still keeps his feet in good order and has a good reputation.
"But someone in the court will attack me on this matter."
Grandpa Zhao Xiaogong slowly drove into the palace gate.
He went straight into the East Palace without saying hello.
The devil wears a lot more than a bedroom. Let him in at will.
"People don’t phoenix bed is to go to the cool pool behind? I’m also angry without you. "
Zhao thief walked towards the back of the East Palace. He turned into a round crystal and was also a bad woman’s bedside. This is obviously a kind of neglect.
"Seen male … the queen mother empress is waiting for you inside"
When he went to the outside of the cool pool, he saw the fog coming.
"Thank you"