Although the media have scolded him a lot, how to scold him can also change the fact that these media rely on constant victory to make a living

Constant success and sore throat can be seen in the news, which shows his influence.
However, when Changsheng’s mother knew about it, she was worried that it would get her son into trouble.
Chang Sheng said in a hoarse voice, "Don’t worry about the media if there is nothing, but it’s just an expression … ahem."
I just coughed up after a few words.
He has a particularly itchy throat now, and even inhaling can cause a cough.
My mother watched my heartache and patted my son on the back and sighed, "Forget it, forget it, I won’t do that …"
In the evening, Avril Lavigne accompanied her mother-in-law to watch TV in the living room-although she spoke Italian, she couldn’t understand it, but she just listened to the singing program.
While Changsheng’s father is chatting with him in Changsheng’s room.
"Everyone around your mother has grandchildren, so she doesn’t have anything to do. Now she thinks of her own home when she sees children who are older than others. You always let us come to Italy. We are not very willing, but what are you willing to come this time? Because your mother wants you to have children early, so does your mother. You are almost forty, but it is time to consider having children. "
Father said.
"Don’t blame your mother for all this. She’s a little anxious, but think about it. She’s almost sixty … can you not worry?"
Ever-victorious nodded. "Dad, I know I didn’t complain about Mom …"
"It’s good not to complain … I know you are busy, so don’t consider this kind of thing. Avril Lavigne also has her career. If she is pregnant, I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for her work …"
Changsheng interrupt his father.
"Dad, do you want to?"
"Ah?" Father didn’t react at the moment.
"I said, do you want to have grandchildren?"
Father smiled "to our age who don’t want to? But we can’t give you pressure just because we want to … "
Changsheng nodded. "Okay, I get it, Dad."
"Do you really know?" Father looked at Changsheng and asked
Changsheng said "I know" with certainty.
Father Zhang opened his mouth and hesitated before saying, "Don’t force Avril Lavigne."
Changsheng shook his head. "No, I’ll ask her for advice."
Always hug Avril Lavigne in bed at night.
"Tell you something, Avril Lavigne …"
"Is it for our children?" Avril Cong has guessed.
"Well, do you want a baby, Avril?"
Avril Lavigne rolled up and looked at Changsheng. "Why not?" Her eyes sparkled even in the dark room.
Changsheng was a little surprised. "Do you want it?"
"Who doesn’t want it?"
Winning scratched his head "but you work …"
"If I am pregnant, I will quit the music world first!" Avril Lavigne said it very easily, as simple as going out to buy something.
"Er … that’s not good, is it?"
"What’s wrong?"
"You are successful in your career because of a child …"
Avril Lavigne leaned over and fell on the winning body.
Uncle, she looked at Chang Sheng. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t want you to have children, but I love you. I love you very much. Now I want you to have children. Even if I give up my career, don’t ask me if I will regret it. I won’t regret it if I see that this is our two children.
Chang Sheng heard Avril Lavigne say this, thinking that she is a world-class singer. There are so many people who like to make amazing achievements in music …
But she was willing to give it all up and have children for herself …
A man with a wife wants more than anything else?
Changsheng moved Avril Lavigne to let her cling to her chest.
"Your heart is beating fast, Uncle … Did I crush you?"
Changsheng shook his head. "No, I am happy."