I closed my eyes and sucked deeply.

A stream of gas entered my mouth and gradually entered my throat …
I got up when I finished sucking the precious gas. Shao Wei was a flopper in my arms. I was stunned. Shao Wei quickly sat up straight and hurriedly put on her clothes again. She stammered a little, "Thank you for returning to the dust."
"Nothing," I reluctantly smiled. "Let’s go out and show Brother Nong what else needs to be done."
Shao Wei and I knocked on the door and went out to see Chi Nong and Cheng Ge. Their eyes were still all obscene. Obviously, they were all eavesdropping on the house just now.
Shao Wei’s face is redder. I didn’t good the spirit way. "Brother Nong has finished smoking! What should I do if I pick it up? "
"Oh, it’s easy to pick it up!" Chinong said, "I’m dispensing this medicine. After this medicine is prepared, you can wipe Shao Wei’s wound and corrode the dead meat so that new meat can be born without leaving a trace!"
"No, shall I wipe it?" I said, "Shao Wei can wipe it herself."
"Suit yourself," said Chinong. "You are a fool who doesn’t understand amorous feelings."
"nonsense!" I said, "Where’s the medicine?"
"I’ll go now if it’s not ready!"
"What did you do just now?"
"I was busy just now!"
I rolled my eyes, but I was too lazy to pay attention to him.
I looked out of the window, and the night was dark and thorough.
Hunger unbearable feeling also immediately hit.
"Did Cheng Ge cook?"
"No, I’m waiting for a dead vet to do it."
"Sooner or later, you will be lazy!"
"Goo goo meow!"
A howl suddenly cut through the excitement in the room.
Listen to Shao Wei "Yi" and say "Xiao Xiao is back?"
When I looked up, I saw raining flying in from the door. I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. What happened to Uncle Morality?
Xiaoxiao wanted to fall on Shao Wei’s shoulder. I quickly reached out and stopped, "Your master’s shoulder is injured, let me hold it."
Xiao Xiao fell into my arms and stared at Shao Wei.
Shao Wei smiled and said, "I’m fine. How did you come back?"
It’s raining and chattering for a while. Shao Wei’s face changed and he looked at me and said, "Brother Guichen, come with me."
"Hey, hey?" Cheng Ge stared. "What’s the matter? Do you two have anything to whisper behind my back? "
"It’s our private affairs!" Shao Wei stamped her foot and said angrily, "Brother Cheng, do you want to listen?"
"Ok!" Brother Cheng stopped angrily and said, "I don’t listen to the divination that I’m not dead vet!" "
Shao Wei pulled me into her bedroom, walked to the innermost door, and then leaned over my ear. The bass almost gasped, "Xiaoxiao brought back news that Uncle De is out!"
Chapter 10 Eat jack-o’-lantern food something congenial
Uncle De is out!
Shao Wei and I stared at each other for a long time, thinking about Uncle De. What are we going to do? The answer is also I don’t know.
I pointed to the raining trying to get Shao Wei to put it back to see what Uncle De was doing in his pocket. Suddenly, the phone rang.
I quickly took it out and saw that it was sixth uncle Chen Hongyi.
My heart couldn’t help "thumped" and I had a bad feeling at once. How could Sixth Uncle call me if it wasn’t for something urgent at this time?
I turned on my sixth uncle and asked, "zither, your uncle is alive!" Do you know? "
I didn’t want to tell Chen Hongyi about it for a long time because I was afraid that he would do something to startle us. We secretly observed Uncle De’s events, but I didn’t expect him to know so soon!
I don’t know what to say at the moment.
Chen Hongyi is a very clever person who immediately understood what was going on. "It seems that you know! Today, someone saw you enter the village with temporary, Zhang Chinong and Shao Wei during the day. It took you a long time to come out at Uncle De’s house, so it must be the resurrection of Chen De after his death, right? This child knows what not to tell me! "
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry." I didn’t expect Chen Hongyi to be so well-informed. Although Chen Jiacun lost his righteous brother, uncle Hongdao and master Hanson, they are still a great family undertaking to be reckoned with!
I quickly said, "I didn’t know if I wanted to tell you. After all, this kind of thing is so strange and weird that I don’t know how to tell you."
"all right! I understand your situation! This is really hard to say! " Chen Hongyi said, "But do you know what your uncle is doing now?"
I just don’t know what Uncle Morality is doing out. I quickly asked, "What is he doing?"
Chen Hongyi said, "I was shocked when I found out that he suddenly appeared from home. I felt that things had changed, so I didn’t dare to disturb him. I secretly followed him and told me that I found that you were wandering back and forth in several villages near Uncle De, mainly going to the cemetery and the graveyard to devour the jack-o’-lantern to absorb something congenial!"
"Ah?" I was surprised and said, "How did this happen?"
"How did that happen? How do I know! " Chen Hongyi’s words were full of anxiety and vaguely angry. "No matter how to do this, it is by no means the right person!" What good things can there be in that graveyard, graveyard, ghost fire and something fishy? It’s not the ghost of the dead, Yu Nian. The dead are full of anger, resentment, yin and rage! Can he absorb these things? I would have done it if I hadn’t seen him as Chen De’s share! "
"Don’t do this yet!" I also said in a hurry, "This thing is weird from beginning to end. We have to find out who is behind the scenes through him and see who is behind it!"
"I know," said Chen Hongyi. "That’s why I’m calling you! I didn’t call Chen Cheng, but I called you, considering that Chen Cheng’s handling of this problem will not be as calm as you! Well, I won’t talk to you any more. If you have anything, come back to Chenjiacun and meet me. Let’s discuss this matter face to face! "
"Okay, no problem!" I said, "My horse will try to get back!"
"Remember not to let the temporary know!" Chen Hongyi said, "That young man doesn’t care whether Chen De is good or bad. Anyone who dares to attack Chen De will try his best. He is too big to be controlled by few people and I am no match!"
I said "I know, I know"
After hanging up, Shao Wei looked at me with wide eyes and said, "What should I do?"
When I was talking to Chen Hongyi just now, Shao Wei leaned over my ear and listened to us. She knew everything.
I said quietly, "I have to go back and keep it from the temporary."
Shao Wei frowned and said, "How do you hide it?"
"I didn’t dare to have the words Uncle De, Uncle Liu and Chen Jiacun when I spoke just now," I said in a low voice. "I was afraid that Brother Cheng would hear it outside. Later, I will say that Captain Gao has something urgent to ask us to help, but you are injured and can’t move. Stay at home and protect you. Brother An Nong wants a car and wants me to go out with Brother Nong."
Chi Nong’s car has been sent back by Captain Gao.
It’s reasonable to say this to Cheng Ge, and I think Cheng Ge won’t have any objection.
After listening to this, Shao Wei nodded a little thoughtfully. "Well, that’s it."