The four imperial capitals sit in this fortress of the sky, silently staring at the approach, which seems to be huge. The look in Su Li’s eyes has become wave-unhappy and no longer afraid, and it seems that there is fear.

Su Li didn’t say much about swinging a punch and coming towards Fang, which revealed the tip of the iceberg.
There is no mechanical metal in this world that can resist his punch, even if he enters, it will be broken. What’s worse, it is tangible and qualitative metal.
This time, the four emperors made moves together, and Mundus, Bing Emperor and Feather Emperor joined forces to fight against Su Li.
Behind the Four Emperors, a figure suddenly appeared again. It was a woman wearing mechanical armor. At the same time, this woman also played a force, and the four Emperors combined together.
The strength of both sides confronted Su Li’s body slightly and his face showed a dignified look.
Together, these five people’s strength has been faintly able to resist him.
Then he captured the female message data that just appeared.
"The name of the wind emperor Senluo, the sun, the moon and the sky are too empty, and the talent of the main image of the wind is really reborn, and Senluo reshapes the gods. The evaluation of the same level of combat power is unknown."
Sensing this message, Su Li immediately realized that this woman is the owner of the "windy city", the highest god of this wind department.
Feeling the energy fluctuation released by the wind emperor body, Mundus is almost inferior to Tiandi Wudi and finally let Su Li feel the pressure again.
Yin Candle the Great followed suit. He went all the way to attack the newly appeared Wind Emperor.
He saw that the five emperors, the stroke emperor and the heavenly emperor, were the strongest, and he needed to be entangled in more than one and four emperors, even if they joined forces, they were no match for Su Li.
Su Li also followed suit. Yin Candle the Great attacked the Wind Emperor Su Li chose the Ice Emperor.
Yu Di and Bing Di are the weakest of the five emperors, and he decided to slaughter them first.
Emperor Feng seems to see that the strength of the two sides is compared. Although there are five emperors, it is difficult to fight against Su Li and Yin Candle the Great. He suddenly said, "Come with me!"
Should stop and turn around and step into the clouds around the fortress of the sky.
See the wind emperor retreat sent emperor, Mundus, feather emperor and ice emperor followed retreat immediately have disappeared into the clouds at the end.
Yin Candle also wanted to catch up with Su Li and suddenly said, "Stop chasing and protect me."
Then I sat down on this virtual cross-legged chair.
Although the five emperors disappeared, a large number of mechanical spiders poured out around them, and all kinds of mechanical fortress weapons locked Suli and Yin Candle the Great into their fire.
Several beams of light strafed and Su Li ignored the Ministry and handed it over to Yin Candle the Great.
He knew that Yin Candle the Great would solve these troubles for himself. Of course, even if Yin Candle the Great didn’t make moves, these attacks wouldn’t hurt him.
Listen to Su Li ordered Yin Candle the Great not to chase away from the Five Emperors, but to show that Yin Candle Taiwan was released.
This Yin Candle station swept all the way to where the mechanical fortress was shattered and a large number of mechanical spiders fell.
Su Li didn’t continue to chase the Five Emperors. It was guessed that they must have fled to the four-part surplus thunder department, fire department or wood department. When one more emperor is as powerful as the wind emperor, it will be difficult for them to defeat each other. If two more are afraid that they will be suppressed.
Sosuli decided to break through his own realm when he decided to grasp it.
Xu Xuehui has reached the peak state of the seventh-order king, while he has refined the ancient jade, which is now the peak state of the sixth-order totem. It is possible to break through at any time, but this is the last step.
If you want to break through into the seventh-order king Su Li again, you will have enough confidence to completely resurrect millions of ancient gods and demons in the ancient city by killing all the so-called order emperors, the highest gods of these ministries.
By that time, fourteen Vientiane Romanos will be one, and he will be the eternal supreme master of the other side of the world. He is confident that he can surpass the true God and add his second talent to the super-dimension.
What I am really worried about now is that my mind has suddenly returned to the former world strangely twice, such as crossing at the same time, but crossing back to that world has become very strange and specious.
After all, he didn’t remember these strange supernatural events in his former world.
He still can’t figure out what’s in it, but he vaguely feels that the world seems to have a stone house, or that the light and shadow of the stone house want to tell himself something, and that brain must be the key.
Unfortunately, at that time, I was already awake, and I was about to see what was in my brain, but suddenly I came back again. I don’t know if I will have a chance to go back to that strange world again to see what happened.
With all kinds of doubts in my mind, Su Li put away the Senluo elephant, from which a large number of rainbow lights rushed out and returned to the ancient city in succession.
He gave back all the borrowed strength and showed himself.
After Su Li slowly closed his eyes and entered deep meditation to seek a breakthrough in promotion.
Yin Candle the Great protects the law for him. With the destruction of a large number of mechanical spiders and fortresses, it is quiet all around. No mechanical life dares to approach here casually, but he is afraid of watching from a distance.
Even the windy city, the highest divine wind and imperial city escaped, and even worse, these mechanical lives.
This time, Su Li sat cross-legged, and I don’t know how long it took. Suddenly, I felt that Sen Luo was shocked, and that Sen Luo was like a virtual shadow. There was also a group of fluctuating fuzzy virtual shadows outside this virtual shadow. Su Libai’s virtual shadow should be that the strength of Archaean jade represents a strong person in Archaean times, and it is not inferior to Archaean Zulong.