"Little hoof peat!" Sure enough, I couldn’t bear to provoke Pikachu one after another, but I continued to die after yelling at this sentence. "Last night, I fell asleep at the company in the middle of the night after working overtime, and I went home early in the morning and was ready to go back to sleep. I was told by that dead shemale that it was important."

"…" Zuo Tangtang didn’t speak. If he really slept for two or three hours, it would be inhuman.
"What’s so important?" Zuo Tangtang rare speaking out of turn whispers asked.
"Make medicine!" Pikachu said with grief and indignation that he was almost ready to cry. "Nima said that there has been a big change recently, so let me make a batch of buff medicine quickly. I kindly don’t accept money, even if this group of shameless people actually let me not sleep until I finish it! Do I owe them! I’ve been grinding medicine against a group of silent NPC drugs all day in Fengling Valley, a place where birds don’t lay eggs. It’s a lie, isn’t it! "
The more you talk about it, the more excited Zuo Tangtang was. He originally wanted to entrust Pikachu with a lot of food buff, a precious delicacy that he had just made in his package, so that he could hand it over to the cat for distribution to all. However, when he heard the words "If they push me into a hurry, they will sell the medicine directly", he decisively dismissed the idea to be continued.
[425] Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Disliked …
A white cloud is worn on the body, quietly standing on the eaves, and it is particularly conspicuous against the gloomy sky behind it. From time to time, the wind blows and drives the clothes to look like a tall man.
….. In fact, Zuo Tangtang has been here for quite a while, and even finally bought her favorite scenery clothes. This situation has not changed her mood at all-because she found that she seems to be unavoidable by a lot of people …
Think back to the sad memories half an hour ago …
"Oh little broken gold! Line! " Zuo Tangtang was very cheerful and greeted a bowl of broken golden rice. Almost on the other line, she also sent a message.
"oh! Yes! " Broken gold answer tone is also very happy.
A bowl of broken golden rice has been known to her for so many years when she teamed up to kick the pavilion. It can be said that Zuo Tangtang’s daily kicking of the pavilion has become a landscape that can’t be shaken by the Jianghu forces. Although she often complains that all kinds of situations happen, such as the pit of the wild team, such as the temporary change of team during the midway, she has also met some people who are willing to kick the pavilion with her at a certain time. For these scattered people, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to form a wild team, and it is a good choice to team up with someone who knows well.
Of course, not all of these names are willing to come to kick the pavilion every day like Zuo Tangtang, just to make it more convenient for them. Although the disbanding team will always receive these words from strangers after the initial kick-off of the pavilion led by Zuo Tangtang-"Add a friend, please call me if I am online when you kick the pavilion every day!" For a stable output teammate, Zuo Tangtang was also very satisfied, so he happily accepted it. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Some people just didn’t come after a few days because they wanted to paint the label crazy. It’s even worse. After notifying Zuo Tangtang in advance, some people said that they had something to do temporarily, or they didn’t come or dawdled. After several times of tolerance, the concept was still a little bit, and no one was silently pulled into the blacklist by Zuo Tangtang.
But some get along well.
Just like this bowl of broken golden rice.
The girl firmly believes that if she insists on kicking the museum every day, one day the palace master will be moved by her efforts and send someone to write her a letter to let her have an adventure
Yes, this is also a girl who yearns to go to the Flower Palace. Through chatting with Zuo Tangtang on weekdays, she learned that somehow the girl’s label was evil, which didn’t match the needs of the Flower Palace, but she listened to others and said that the label had little effect on the adventure. She wanted to change the label of chivalrous evil until the adventure letter arrived in the mailbox, so she waited optimistically for nearly a month, watching her sisters get the letter at ordinary times, but she didn’t make any movement …
Zuo Tangtang still likes this girl very much. As soon as the name comes, she thinks it’s good. She doesn’t pick her mouth and eat food. She still has no resistance to fried rice with eggs. Secondly, in the process of kicking the pavilion, this broken golden rice often teases her and sometimes teases other teammates Zuo Tangtang. Honestly, this relaxed atmosphere really makes her feel less upset and impatient after kicking the pavilion for two or three hours every day for two months.
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang’s mouth smiled even more and continued to send messages.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters are stewed happily/broken gold ~ Two days ago, I didn’t call you to walk today because I didn’t play darts after joining the gang.
Zuo Tangtang’s face is not red and she doesn’t jump and lie. Of course, she won’t say that she was deliberately trying to scratch darts the other day. After all, it’s good to be lazy, but she mailed her own buff food and delicacies to Cat Ear Niang’s mailbox yesterday, and then she gave the other part to her mailbox nine days later. There are so few reliable people in these two individuals. She does her best to care about people in her own way, but she doesn’t want to let them worry about it again, and she is still brushing darts for her once.
So Zuo Tangtang is determined to pick up his old job again today!
A full face of inspirational Zuo Tangtang expected to wait for the broken rice to answer, but he didn’t expect to wait for a long time, but it was …
[Private chat] A bowl of broken golden rice is dull/… huh?
This broken golden rice seems to have not understood its meaning …
When you are ready to explain Zuo Tangtanggen, you don’t know that the broken golden rice at the other end of the screen is full of sadness.
I regret the broken golden rice, I regret it, I regret it! What met such a devilish girl! For a boring chat about kicking the pavilion for two days, she is still alive for three days and four days, but she is a little tired for five days and six days, and she wants to die for seven days … She really can’t hold on to such a bully who kicks the pavilion every day! Yeah, it’s good that hooves are really good. She’s not very familiar with this. After hooves are finished, they belong to her best friend. You can tell her everything, but! What kind of trouble is it to kick the pavilion every day as necessary? ! Does this cargo know that every time she is almost tired as a dog on the first day, she swears that she will never come to kick the pavilion again the next day, and this cargo pulls her happily like nothing happened? ! Is this product an iron wall? Or … Is it a shemale? ! So paranoid! -Although the broken golden rice is so spiteful, it is really hard for her to refuse because she is a friend now.
Just say that two days ago, did you see the message asking her to kick the pavilion? How happy she is! And today? This is …?
Broken golden rice makes me want to cry.
[Private chat] A bowl of broken golden rice hooves …
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters are stewed/yeah? What’s the matter?
Look at the broken rice, what to say? Zuo Tangtang is too fast. Delete the chat box and answer immediately.
[Private chat] A bowl of broken golden rice, er … I’d better not go this time …
[Private chat] What happened to the pig’s trotters?
[Private chat] A bowl of broken golden rice is without me. Look, hooves, after so many days, I haven’t had an adventure. I really feel so tired.
Alas, Zuo Tangtang sighed when she saw this answer. She knew that this younger sister had a deep obsession with Flower Palace, just like before, but she once told the broken golden rice that kicking the pavilion alone would not necessarily lead to an adventure. Nai, this girl, was determined to do so.
I don’t know if I’ve been bitten by a bitter pill here. Zuo Tangtang patiently told Broken Golden Rice about his previous adventure experience and the chance of adventure I heard, and I didn’t ask Broken Golden Rice to kick the pavilion by myself again.
Zuo Tangtang pulled the list of friends again after charging with broken golden rice.
Nai is really making no progress.
After the conversation, it belongs to this
-Oh, Kaka, lily, can’t Shenyang walk?
-hooves! Uh, I have something to do. Go kick the gym.
-How about kicking the pavilion? Do you want to come?
-no vice middle school
-Xiao Shushu ~ Kick the pavilion, kick the pavilion, walk, walk, hurry!
-hoofed flowers! I’m hitting on my male god! Not coming!
On Zuo Tangtang’s How to Sell Meng and Roll; It’s the right time to kick the gym on weekdays without anyone coming.
Unify your good friend Mo Qingfeng’s line
Ouch! Zuo Tangtang’s eyes suddenly brightened.
I have to say that it’s really a pity that the broken golden rice didn’t come before. After all, there are two people in the team who always insist on kicking the pavilion with her on weekdays. One is the broken golden rice, and the other is the first time I kicked the pavilion, and I came across it directly.
Although she is usually shameless and asks for a team, she also knows that she is asking too much, just because she is a friend.
But …
Watching Mo Qingfeng quietly stay in the friends list, Zuo Tangtang feels that sometimes it is time to be shameless.
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed and flattering/crazy, you are online!
[Private chat] Mo Qingfeng is frightened/frightened/frightened/
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew and scratch their faces/what’s the expression! Go! Hoof will take you to fly! Let’s kick the gym.
[Private chat] Mo Qingfeng …
[Private chat] Mo Qingfeng, don’t!
[Private chat] Mo Qingfeng is determined not to!
When Zuo Tangtang was not given a word, Mo Qingfeng said strongly that he was not a euphemism. When he refused, he should unswervingly refuse!
However … Sometimes an attitude is just an attitude and there is nothing …
[Private Chat] Stewed pig’s trotters. I’m going to fly to Xujiazhuang now. We’ll get together there.