Yang You smiled and said, "Take care!" Said out of the chamber of secrets and asked Dugu Qianshan, "How many military forces did Li Xiuning bring?"

"There are thirty thousand temples!" Dugu Qianshan said
Yang You nodded. "It seems that Li Xiuning is almost they nest!"
At this time, a ray of sunshine from the sky brought some warmth to the early winter. Yang You waved and said, "Let the soldiers speed up and follow the plan!"
Li Xiuning rode a war horse and frowned. Her marching speed was not fast. At this speed, it would take an hour to reach Gui County. There were many deep ditches and forests along the way. Li Xiuning sent several scouts all over the side to keep asking for information. I was afraid of being ambushed by Sui Jun.
At the beginning of the fourth century, the sun was already high in the sky, which was a good weather for mid-winter. However, Li Xiuning’s heart was full of doubts at this time, so Li Zhongwen’s two thousand strikers had arrived at the west gate of Shu County.
Instead of closing the gate of the county seat, the gate was greatly opened, and many people walked around to see it was very leisurely.
"City plan? !” Li Xiuning thought of this plan at the first time, but the final result disappointed her. There was not a soldier of Sui army in the whole county town. Li Zhongwen sent soldiers to ask the people. Only then did he know that Sui Jun had evacuated from the county half an hour ago.
Li Xiuning got the news and went straight to the county government. The county government was a mess. Li Xiuning did not consider that he bypassed the broken tiles and went to the boudoir to see the bed board flip. Her heart jumped in and ran for seven steps to see a swing in the secret room.
Li Xiuning’s face turned white, and now Yang You has moved here, and how can Li Xiuning live? At this time, a female soldier hesitated before saying, "greatly manager."
Li Xiuning took a deep breath and said, "Yes?"
The female soldier a grind way "main food base is gone! It is said that it is said that Sui Jun distributed it to the people. "
Li Xiuning’s head felt almost faint. She was short of food and was given to the people by Yang You as a sucker. At this time, there was no food and pay. Didn’t the soldier mutiny? !
Sui Jun has withdrawn from the big tent of Fengshui Shore Camp. Yang You looked at the golden face and smiled. Several Qinbing looked at the gold just like looking at a beauty, almost dripping with saliva.
Yang You ha ha smiled. "This time, you all have a reward. Go back to Daxing and convert it into copper coins and give it to you!"
Qinbing listened to the joy.
At this moment, the scouts came to report something to Yang You. Yang You nodded again and again, and when the scouts left Yang You, they laughed. "Li Xiuning led his troops to kill you and go with you!"
Yang You’s former Hou Jun and Wei Song followed. At this time, Sui Jun had put the camp archer tower on standby, and at least 5,000 people were killed in the dusty distance.
Yang You looked intently at Li Xiuning, surrounded by a bearded man with a donkey’s face and an unsmiling look. Yang You was also very strange to him at all.
Wei Song said, "This man in the temple is Li Zhongwen!"
Yang You nodded and the tower shouted, "Li Xiuning, did you bring troops here to invite you to dinner alone?"
Li Xiuning didn’t sleep all night, Li Xiuwen, Duan Lun was captured, Ma Sanbao was cut off, and there was no food left. All kinds of complicated emotions flooded into Li Xiuning’s heart. She shouted, "Shame thief, give me back my food and my money!"
Yang You laughed and said, "Hang up!" Hou Jun sneered and waved one by one. A soldier hung Ma Sanbao’s head with a long pole and shook it in the middle.
Li Xiuning saw the sudden great anger. She rode for two steps and saw two crossbowmen in the Sui camp shoot a few arrows and fall on Li Xiuning’s side. Li Xiuning was surprised and looked at Yang You with fierce eyes
At this time, Yang You waved his hand again and Li Xiuwen was caught in the tower.
Li Xiuwen has been crying since she was caught by Yang You. At this moment, the arrested tower is screaming again. Seeing that her hair is messy, her eyes are red and swollen, and her clothes are disheveled, the tower is wobbly and scared.
Li Xiuning clenched her teeth in the distance and she shouted, "Little thief, if you have the courage, what is it to leave the camp to fight and bully a weak woman? You are a shame! "
Yang You ha ha a smile "Li Xiuning, when your father was seven years old, your grandfather Li Yun died, and I, Yang Gunian, took care of your father with a lonely family friendship! But now your Li family treats my Yang family like this? "
"At the moment, when the days are on the wane, your father’s body is Tang Guogong, Taiyuan, and there are heavy troops in his left-behind hands. Your father is not a country’s effectiveness, not a gentleman’s share of worries, but an insult to this opportunity to seize my country and kill my generals. It is a shame for you to be so ungrateful, right? !”
As soon as Yang You said this, the soldiers around him shouted, "Li Xiuning, the disgraced disciple of Tang Yuan, is a shameful whore!"
Li Xiuning’s head was dizzy, and after a pause, she bit the tip of her tongue. She found that she couldn’t bicker with Yang You, or it would always fall off. She shouted, "Little thieves can talk. I’m here to fight, not to listen to you swear."
Yang You, hey hey, smiled and gestured to take Li Xiuwen to this place before looking at the front. "Li Xiuning, I know that you stayed up all night and allowed you to go back to your rest day to fight again!"
Li Xiuning leng leng she some can’t believe that Yang You is so kind? But when she saw Sui Jun, she knew that if she forcibly attacked the camp, she would probably pay a lot of casualties and she felt a little tired.
Li Xiuning thought for a moment and waved and said, "In that case, I will come again tomorrow!"
Soon Li Xiuning and his soldiers retreated like the tide.
Hou Jun followed the tower to please and asked, "Is there any clever plan to catch Li Xiuning on Temple Day?"
Yang You glanced at him and asked, "Do you want to catch Li Xiuning so badly?"
Hou Jun said with a smile, "I was unwilling to let her escape last night, but if the temple is willing to reward me, I will be very happy."
Yang You narrowed his eyes and looked at Hou Jun suddenly sneered. "Hou Aiqing, it’s okay for you to marry her and go home alone, but you have to think about it. You are afraid that you will be beheaded in the middle of the night!"
Hou Jun shook his head at the thought of Li Xiuning’s fierce expression. "Forget it, Temple!" At this time, Yang You went far and Hou Jun chased after two steps and asked, "The temple minister is willing to go to war and capture Li Xiuning!"
Wei Song also said at this moment, "I am also willing to play with three thousand people."
Hou Jun was busy saying, "The palace minister took two thousand people."
Yang You ha ha a smile "two love qing combative is a good thing, but lonely not going to play".
Hou Jun and Wei Song looked at each other and said, "But hasn’t the temple already promised to play on Sunday?"
Yang You took a look at the two men and said, "Solitude is a promise, but is it an enemy or a woman? If everything goes according to her, is there a dissatisfied housewife like Zhuo Wenjun?" Yang You said ha ha a smile goes to the tent.
Hou Jun and Wei Song once again looked at each other and thought that the temple was really ashamed to act high, which was beyond ordinary people’s understanding.
Chapter sixty-four Surrender