At the moment, the dragon emperor killed Yu Wei, and he was caught by the four-armed judge. His other two arms stretched out and he caught it toward Su Li.

Su Li gently took a breath and sensed that the original force was about to blow away. Suddenly, the second talent responded and took the initiative to send out a ray of superhuman strength. Now these two forces merged into this original force, and an incredible change was born, giving birth to a new force.
This power was injected into the dragon emperor’s sword, which suddenly disappeared in the grip of a four-armed judge. For an instant, the C9 judge’s eyes shot an incredible look and he bowed his head slightly to see his chest suddenly burst.
Then its body burst and disappeared.
Su Libai, a four-armed judge, no matter how powerful he is, can’t resist the mysterious new power born after the fusion of the super-dimensional force and the original force. This power can directly erase each other from the long river at this time.
Chapter 19 Class B Judge
However, this kind of power is too wasteful, and the other party is a powerful C9 judge.
It’s not easy for Su Li to see the four-armed judge burst and disappear. There are many cold sweats on his forehead, and his body seems to be suddenly cut out.
Watching the C9 judge suddenly disappear caused many judges and ancient kings to note that these living ancient kings were shocked by looking at each other, but these judges did not seem to be afraid of it. Instead, several judges immediately came to Suli.
Su Li looked at them, and the breastplate numbers were exactly C11 judges, C13 judges and C21 judges.
Su Li, who was surrounded by three judges in an instant, was in no hurry, but he could not continue to fight now and had to retreat.
Although he has erased the C9 four-armed judge, his physical strength is seriously depleted. If he launches the second talent again, he will completely exhaust his physical strength if he erases a statue of the judge at most. At that time, it will become a slaughter.
Mind move mind domain induction with these ancient king consciousness told the people need to leave here immediately.
There are two rainbow channels in this expansion magic acyl seal, and judges are appearing one after another. The longer it takes, the more judges appear.
"Xuehui leaves here first with the ancient city." Su Li induced Xu Xuehui to take advantage of the fact that the situation is still out of control and let her evacuate with the ancient city and all the people, which is constantly crushing the ancient continent.
Xu Xuehui was ordered to immediately raise the ancient city with a wave of his left hand and hold the Xuantian Shengwu shield in his right hand to protect the ancient city and evacuate all the people.
Immediately, several judges tried to stop the sudden flashing of figures in front of them. These judges were blocked by an ancient king respectively.
Su Li has just communicated with these ancient kings to stop these judges as much as possible and protect the evacuation of the ancient city.
There are 22 ancient kings who are still alive, and they all want to make the ancient city. Of course, they can’t allow these judges to kill in the ancient city.
Once they die, the ancestral path is completely cut off, then there is really no hope of coming back to life.
Su Li, one enemy and three enemies, let out a long whistle, and his left arm absorbed the original Zulong power. Five terrible dark cracks spread constantly, and the air snorted. The right hand held the Dragon Emperor sword and swung it out. Each sword had a special place.
The first sword contains a strong imperial spirit. This sword comes from the Huntian ancestor "Huntian Boxing". Su Li absorbed the essence of this "Huntian Boxing" and combined it with the power of the Dragon Emperor Sword. When this original dragon emperor sword came out, it seemed as if the dragon emperor had overwhelmed the three judges with a firm but gentle hand.
The harsh sound keeps ringing. Although the three judges have not been defeated by the dragon emperor’s firm but gentle shock wave, each judge’s armor has left a sword mark and looks scarred.
Su Lili launched the dragon emperor’s sword, and the number of firm but gentle waves converged vertically and horizontally to form a sword ocean, which trapped the three judges. Although he could not defeat the three judges for a while, the three judges also hurt him, and both sides were temporarily entangled.
Xu Xuehui soon disappeared with the ancient city and all the people. Those who wanted to catch up with the judge were entangled in Su Li and the ancient kings.
Make sure that Xu Xuehui has rushed in with the ancient city, and when the turbulence is far away from here, Su Li will send a message to the ancient king, and they are also preparing to evacuate.
It is not good for them to continue to struggle. They have these people as their strongest strength at present, but these judges and mechanical people seem to be exhausted. No one knows how many there are.
Originally, they wanted to seal these two rainbow light channels together, but now it is hard to stop these judges, let alone seal the magic acyl and this rainbow light channel.
Su Li and your ancient kings were thinking of evacuating when suddenly the magic acyl rainbow light channel flashed and another judge stepped out.
This time, there is another judge whose whole body is sky blue. All his judges are different. It has a pair of blue mechanical metal wings on its back.
Su Li knew it was not good when he saw its breastplate number.
This digital C-shaped breastplate with mechanical wings for judges.
He has long seen that there is a strength gap between the judges. The smaller the number, the stronger the strength. The strength gap between the 11 judges is not big. The smaller the number is, the stronger it is.
He just moved the supernatural power and the original force to form a mysterious force to erase the C9 judge, who is already the most powerful judge who doesn’t want to appear again.
This judge’s strength is afraid of returning to the former C9 judge.
Su Li’s mind just had this idea. The judge with mechanical wings whirled suddenly, and the wings behind him followed it. It whirled before and even rang. It rushed into the head-on ancient kings, the Purple Devil and the Five Elements King screamed at the same time, and blood flowed everywhere. The two ancient kings’ bodies were split in an instant, and a large number of iridescence fell inside.
Two more ancient kings fell and are still alive, and the ancient kings became twenty.
Suddenly, an angry roar sounded, and a huge crocodile appeared, and suddenly jumped up and slammed the C-judge.
This giant crocodile is the ancestor of all animals. It shows iridescence on the surface of its body. At the last moment of its life, it successfully burns with residual life energy, and its sublimation strength is constantly rising.
Terrorist forces swept out of its body, and the huge tail snapped another C22 judge.
A blow to the C22 judge immediately shattered.
This is the true strength of the ancient king who is returning to the peak. Although the judge has the strength comparable to that of the ancestors, he has become vulnerable.
"Let’s go!" The Vatican thunder king issued a lixiao retreat.
The kings all evacuated from the ancestors’ lives, and the terrorist forces broke out, blocking a statue of judge, and even the most powerful C-judge’s body was shattered.
Su Li launched a field of thoughts to cover the breath of the people. One by one, the ancient dynasties projected from a distance, and some judges tried to catch up, but they were dragged into the vortex of terrorist energy by the forces of the ancestors of the ages and got rid of it in a short time.
Su Li induced Xu Xuehui to let her take all the people in the ancient city to withdraw from Eternal Zhou first, and he and Yu were still alive, and the ancient king also quickly withdrew from the torrent when the shattered ancient continent rushed into the edge.
The rainbow light of all ages has formed a huge barrier, which blocked all the judges and made it difficult for them to catch up with everyone for a while.
By the time this rainbow light disappears, the ancestors of all ages have completely fallen, and Su Li and the 19 ancient kings who are still alive have retreated from here.
Suli and these ancient kings have the means to restrain and hide their breath. They hide themselves. Although these judges are powerful, they can find them accurately in the turbulent times.
This ancient continent was completely shattered, and these judges were suspended, and an endless stream of mechanical bats and robots poured out of the two rainbow light tunnels.
More and more mechanical bats and robots appear to turn terror into terror. When the torrent of mechanical steel is heading outside, it is turbulent and turbulent.
For the higher universe and several creatures in the turbulent time, new disasters have come.