Besides, Song Chang-geng’s golden phoenix’s virtual shadow is broken quickly, but there is no sound. If she is not familiar with this thing with Jinfeng, it may be that she is a hairy man. Song Chang-geng has a long mouth and wants to think about him. There are so many treasures in her body that she can see things now. That’s not ordinary. This long feather doesn’t say anything else, but the same degree is enough.

In Song Chang Gung, Jin Fengxian suddenly said, "The front has reached the land. Where is your brother? Which direction shall we go instead? You come to guide the way. "Song Changgeng couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t forget to lead the way. He pinched his hand and beat his chest protector to see the mirror and let out a green light three inches long and straight to the left.
Don’t talk to Song Chang-geng. Jin Fengxian also knows that this is a magic combination method. She just drives golden phoenix’s virtual shadow to follow the green light, and then it’s a thousand miles away. How do you feel before Song Chang-geng has crossed the Yangtze River? Let Song Chang-geng feel ashamed to think that it was a monthly plan when he chased the shaman elders from Beijing to the South China Sea.
Even now, it will take more than a day to fly by yourself. Let’s take a look at the fact that when people travel from the South China Sea to Beijing, it’s nothing more than a cup of tea. That is, people have to die than people. No matter how he laments that Jinfeng is chasing the green light, he suddenly comes to the Yellow River. Song Chang Gung can’t help but be stunned. The direction of green light flying is not Beijing but Taihang Mountain.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-three Surprised secret secret
When golden phoenix landed, Song Chang-gung realized that he was actually in the valley of Taihang Mountain. He was familiar with every grass and tree here. Song Chang-gung couldn’t help feeling as if he had been met before. Feng-xian Jin couldn’t help wondering if there was anything special when he saw him. Why does this guy have such a face?
She wondered in her heart, and when she swept away, she saw that there was a small vein in this small valley, and there were some caves in some caves. What do you think of it? It’s not as ordinary as the island that just stayed in the South China Sea for a few days. But why did Song Chang-geng look like this? She looked around again and suddenly remembered that this guy just went out from Taihang Mountain. Can’t this be where he used to live?
Just wondering, I saw that the fairyland flew out to Guanghua, and it was Princess Changping who represented the three female brothers. They saw Song Chang-geng prostrate themselves on the ground and then they saw Jinfeng in Ziyun Palace. They knew that this woman was a VIP and didn’t dare to neglect Song Chang-geng’s salute to them. They didn’t stop frowning all the time and waited for silence before Jinfeng invited her to the fairyland.
Sitting in the hall, Song Changgeng didn’t make any tea. He knew that if these things were not seen, it would be impolite. Those who didn’t solve the problem first were important, so he asked Princess Changping, "Tell me about the specific situation. What’s going on? And the injured brother? Is it one of our family? "
Princess Changping leaned down and said, "Master, I’m not sure about everything. I heard what that brother said. Because the capital was shrouded in law, my brother didn’t dare to break in without authorization. He was really a man in the family. He was also an excellent male brother. Later, he was moved and a female brother took a double major, so he was not sent to the’ Knowledge Institute’ to help Zhaoren manage the new brother and select talents.
Listen to him, this time, the other party came suddenly, and it seemed that the arrangement was very clear to us. After coming, he suddenly made moves to imprison Master Akihito and his brother’s department. Elder Xu went to Huangshan. At that time, in the knowledge institute, there were two elders, Yin Sutang and Chicheng. They also resisted and didn’t want the other party to come unexpectedly. In the dark, someone else beheaded two elders with a sword and even Yuan Ying was imprisoned.
This brother is also the core brother. At that time, he hid from the initial disaster because he was sorting out the map in the Jinglou. Then he immediately escaped from the secret passage of Jinglou because there was Emei brother patrolling outside the array. He didn’t dare to make the spell walk to the Yellow River before giving us a letter. It happened that my brother and I came all the way just after crossing the Yangtze River. After listening to him, I came here to settle down temporarily.
According to him, at that time, he also listened to a word. It seems that these people had already made a plot. The emperor also said that monasticism can’t be abolished by the emperor. My brother asked the master to make decisions. "Say that finish, I fell to the ground sadly. Song Chang Gung came to hate women crying, but it’s hard to say that Changping followed her for so long. She took a good kiss and lifted her up.
Then he thoughtfully remained silent. Jin Fengxian laughed when he saw him thinking about silence. "Didn’t you just think about it?" I don’t mean,’ Even though he has changed a thousand ways, I still have my own rules’.’ What about Taiqing sage as a backer? Your master is a Qing sage, who has a big fist or has to fight to know’ why are you hesitating now? "
Song Chang Gung gave a wry smile. "The fairy didn’t know what to do, but it was necessary to carefully consider it. I think there seems to be something wrong with it. You don’t know that I once had a brother who betrayed me in the South China Sea Cross Fleet. He attracted me to be crazy at that time and didn’t remember whether he was dead or alive. I haven’t betrayed me in vain until now.
The horse gave birth to such a thing. I don’t believe it, but now that it’s born, I will find a way to solve it. Even if I really want to fight, I will occupy it. I have promised you that I will kill as few people as possible and try not to kill the same kind. Now I will go to the big killing immediately. What will you think about the empress? I can kill each other casually. "
Feng-xian jin listened to a smile eyes flashed a satisfied light way "are you worried about the backer behind them? You know, you are already an immortal, and your strength is not as good as yours. What if you kill them? If you are afraid of cause and effect, you don’t have to be entangled in cause and effect now. No one will provoke you casually for any reason, otherwise, what will happen to you and then cause and effect will come back to them. "
Song Changgeng wry smile way "feelings I’m still a hedgehog fairy actually don’t know that Emei sect is too clear orthodoxy behind people, but the sage door burns Dan. I don’t care about them anymore, but care about Chunyang real person and Xiyi real person. These two people must not leave people, otherwise Emei sect dare not provoke me with such fanfare. There must be these two guys behind me. I want to act and consider it."
"Is that Lv Dongbin who loves to drink and Chen Tuan who loves to sleep?" Jinfeng listened to him and said that the Emei Sect was backed by two guys. She couldn’t help wondering that in her eyes, she could remember that they all had an extraordinary experience and achievement, otherwise she wouldn’t be noticed by the empress, and naturally she wouldn’t be able to enter her eyes, but she still knew Lv Dongbin who loved drinking and Chen Tuan who loved sleeping.
Song Chang Gung nodded and didn’t say anything for a while before he got up. "I’ll go to see them if things are like this. Will you go with me?" If you don’t go, please sit here and I’ll be back when I’m done. "
Feng-xian Jin sneered, "Of course, why don’t I come with you? Besides, the two of them haven’t even arrived at the one-yuan meeting, so I have to care about the Han guy. I want to see how arrogant these two guys are when they return to the people, and dare to flagrantly imprison the emperor and do things to abolish the emperor. Are they really too pure saints? Can you establish three emperors and five emperors? "
Obviously, she is angry, too. Practitioners can’t take care of people’s imperial affairs. This rule is that saints set up advocates, that is, Nu Wa. She doesn’t want practitioners to influence human exhibitions. Although all families are ostensibly promised to ignore them behind their backs, no one will do it in person. It will hit the saints and face Jin Feng. It is natural that someone really dares to offend this rule.
Song Chang Gung didn’t know what she was angry about, but since she was willing to go with herself, that’s not bad, so she turned to Changping and said, "Come with me and see what’s going on. Everyone else stays here and waits." Then she put her hand on the ground and turned it into a colorful Qingyun, holding Song Chang Gung and three others to fly away.
This cloud is still a magic weapon in his belt, but it is faster than flying swords. Of course, it can’t be compared with Jinfeng Changling, but it’s natural to be so short. Soon after Song Chang-geng left the valley, he remembered how to defend the law in the valley. No wonder I didn’t stop coming in and out just now. Although I felt a little wrong at that time, I didn’t expect to remember it now.
He turned back to ask Princess Changping about this matter. Princess Changping blushed for a while before she whispered, "Master, that’s because I asked Zhaoren to move the law to the knowledge institute. At that time, there was nothing new there, and we were not ready for the large-scale defense law. I demolished it here when I didn’t land. I thought about repairing it, but I forgot it after many things."
Song Chang Gung’s face sank and he was unwilling to say, "Forget it? What do you do all day? Hmm! How dare you touch such an important place? Do you know that this is where I grew up? Have you forgotten that this is where your family lived when they escaped from Beijing? I even forgot to repair you after I moved the defensive array! "
Speaking of later, when Song Chang-geng saw her sobbing, her heart softened and she couldn’t go any longer. He sorted out his emotions and said warmly, "You wait for this thing to be over and quickly fix the law. This is, after all, I used to live here. Since I am still here, I can’t waste it. I know that you have a lot of things in one day that even delayed your practice. Just now it was my words. Don’t take it to heart, Master."
Impatient beside suddenly interface "ha ha! I haven’t seen a master like you apologize to his disciples and say that you are a special guy. I heard that you know about the future. Let’s talk about it. I really want to know what the future will be like. Although I have to give up here, after all, this used to be the place where we lived. I am also curious about the future here. "
Song Chang Gung saw that he was about to leave Taihang Mountain, but he was still curious and asked, "What do you mean by fairy tales? Even if I happen to know the future, it is also a magic weapon, but it is not easy to know that the saints in the past and the future want to be immortals. Need to ask me? By the way, are you really giving up here? What? "
Feng-xian Jin looked at him doubtfully. "What are you talking about? You really don’t know or you don’t know? Don’t you know that even saints can’t know the real things in the next hundred years? Everything is calculated, and the calculation is definitely not taken into account by many variables, such as you, you and you know that the future is a magic weapon?
We all know that your magic weapon can’t be done at all. You can know that the real future is actually due to that meteorite, but that meteorite is very strange, and it doesn’t reflect the weak power of talent in the virtual.
After it comes into contact with you, it makes you see the future when you cross the spirit through the magic weapon. Are you really lucky that you have experienced many things? I’m telling you, when the meteorite shone in your hand, it was felt by several saints. They all paid attention to you at that time and helped you when you were in trouble. Otherwise, you can’t wear it unless you talk about the center of the earth. Don’t even think about it
Without the help of saints, the path in the center of the earth would be seriously injured even if I used magic weapons, otherwise, didn’t you think of this better than you? It’s too simple for you to borrow a few blessed children. It seems that there are still many things you don’t know, so I won’t say much about others. I’ll tell you after you leave.
And just as you are attached to the place where you lived, I am also attached to this person. However, it is necessary for people to give up the five realms. I just want to know what will happen here in the future. Don’t talk about these things now. It was really covered up by the law. It seems that it is a simplified array of two instruments and dust. "
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four See light cloud again
It took him a while to calm down and see that Beijing is in sight, but there is no more anger and feelings in his heart. His mind seems to be numb. Who has been working hard for many years? Then someone tells you that these are actually people helping you, otherwise you are nothing. How do you feel in your heart?
Speaking of nerves, Song Changgeng is rare. When he saw the capital, he knew that he didn’t think about it now. Before he went in, Song Changgeng suddenly remembered a question and turned to Jin Fengxian and asked, "I heard that many great powers can know what saints are the most powerful in heaven. How can they not know the real future?"
Feng-xian Jin’s face twitched in his heart, and he simply said something to her about this guy. "How can I say hello?" You are already a fairy in the science of uniting. Speaking of Shou Yuan, it has been a long calculation for ten thousand years, but you still can’t tell what is true and what is false, and you will take people seriously by guessing.
You can’t use your head to think about it. As I just said, even saints can’t know the real thing in the next hundred years. Everything is just a calculation. The calculation will definitely not be taken into account by many variables. If saints are so virtual, they will not die and die, but they can really know the future. What will happen if they are not afraid of causality? Is there any other way of life in the world?
Won’t they let the world develop according to their ideas, and now that they know that the future will be at the key point, won’t the world turn? Just like you do to the great dynasty, Heaven will never let the powerful know about the future, and they can speculate in various ways that there are really non-saints who dare not do anything when they know about some future.
Because the root of the powerful cause and effect karma is not that they can bear it and take care of it like you. A rational practitioner will not do it. Only a saint can bear the cause and effect if he is immortal. Others dare not, but it is of great help to mankind that the empress appreciates you so much.
And now you think about all this. Although you are a fairy, you are not a saint after all. If you change the history, the cause and effect karma will gradually find you. Then you will fall and be reincarnated for a thousand times to resolve it. I can’t think of any other way. If you are really lucky or have the ability to break down, you can bear the karma, but this road is very difficult.
If you want to go, what you should do now is how to increase your strength and influence. There is nothing else, but you should also know some common sense. As you just said,’ Many great powers can know what will happen before and after 500 years’. That’s a mortal guess that you actually let me talk. Fortunately, we still have time to wait for things here. I’ll tell you some common sense questions. "
Song Changgeng breathed a sigh of relief after listening to the explanation, but he was also a little proud. After all, he could know the real future and the meteorite lost its world theory. Whoever got the [Yuan Hui Ball] knew that he was the only one in the real future, but the thought of the huge causal karma made him feel depressed again, whether it was a fall to resolve or a force to break the theory, which made him feel heavy
I was thinking that their clouds were close to the array, and this array could get in and out, but they didn’t stop to fly in. When they passed through it, they found out that this array was really simple when they touched Song Changgeng. Now it is imprisoned and covered. Of course, if you really encounter an attack, the whole array will be launched and the attack and defense function will be reflected.
As soon as they flew in, they saw that the area covered by this law was really big. It turned out that the whole capital and four or five miles outside the city were shrouded, and the array and the array seemed to form two worlds.
Outside the array, everything was normal because of the array illusion, and they came in. Only after they came in did they see that there were not more than 20 sword lights flying in the array, and the flight trajectory was actually regular. A group of three sword lights was obviously a patrol brother, mostly blue, pure and strong, which was the characteristic of Emei Sect sword tactic. You should have an eye to know that Emei Sect was here.
As soon as those patrol sword lights saw Song Chang Gung’s clouds fly in, there were three recent sword lights flying in. Before they leaned in, they listened to a young man coming out of the sword light. "Newcomers? Please stop here. Now it has been closed by our Emei Sect. The head and elders are accompanying the celestial emissary. Please don’t go in there for the time being. There is a’ Habitat Pavilion’ where guests are sent. Please invite some people to sit down. "
When talking, six swords turned to fly over, which was vaguely surrounded. Listening to this brother’s words, although the surface tone was respectful, the arrogance was not concealed, which made people feel disgusted. However, when they said it themselves, they were carefree in their hearts, but the tone was respectful, but the nine swords were surrounded, which meant that they didn’t go or do it. Its rampant can be seen.
Song Chang-geng couldn’t help wondering that he is also a celebrity, and he is familiar with Emei Sect. At the same time, Emei Sect’s younger brother is also familiar with him. He came in in the cloud, unlike the other party, whose appearance was blocked by the sword light, but the other party didn’t seem to know himself, which made Song Chang-geng a little confused. Are these younger brothers new, but how can all of them be imperial swords? In particular, their tone made Song Changgeng even more disgusted.
Seeing each other flying, Song Chang-geng didn’t want to quarrel with these little guys, and a long whistle came out, which shocked the world. The wind was blowing all around Song Chang-geng’s center. It was the nine swords that could not be grasped by the earthquake and fell to the ground, so he went to Song Chang-geng and rushed directly to the Beijing Palace because he felt that there were several powerful smells there.
Just rushed into the city, I saw three sword lights in front of me, one of which was vast and pure, and I was familiar with Song Chang-geng’s spirit. Now it turned out to be Zhou Light Cloud, and now she looks haggard and her eyes are sad. Song Chang-geng just paused and waved Zhou Light Cloud, and the sword light converged, so he forced him to take it to the cloud. At the same time, he waved his sleeve and followed Zhou Light Cloud, and the two sword lights immediately rolled away.
Then the clouds flew in the clouds. Song Chang Gung looked at the light clouds around his eyes and asked, "What’s wrong with the light clouds? There seems to be something on your mind or something difficult to understand? I’ll help you solve it, but can you tell me what you Emei Sect are going to do first? Dare to do it to Ren Huang and dare to do it to my brother? "
Zhou Qingyun gave him a deep look and smiled bitterly. "I have nothing to do with it. What are you still doing here? Go home. There are two real people from the celestial world. They have magical powers and they are all too clear saints. The thing is that they let you go, and you didn’t have a chance to beat them. Listen to me and go home."
At this time, Song Chang-geng threw two sword lights in the distance and barely stopped, revealing a man and a woman. If Song Chang-geng must know a man here, it turned out to be the only man in Emei’s three English and two clouds. Zhou Renying said that he and Zhou Qingyun had a three-life relationship, and this life was destined to be a double cultivation, and then he was in charge of Emei Sect after Miao Yi’s real husband and wife soared.
I don’t want Song Chang-geng to appear horizontally and make Zhou Qingyun change his mind. As a result, the two of them have never been able to get together, and the other woman turned out to be a cheap medicine. She used to be Xu Feiniang’s apprentice but was robbed by Zhou Renying’s mother’s teacher. Later, she went to Emei to send them to settle down in the middle school. After Zhou Renying first stabilized, he looked at the distant clouds and gnashed his teeth. "Song Chang-geng!"
"Who? Brother Zhou, who did you say? Song Changgeng? Why is he here? Oh dear! He just took away the teacher elder sister Zhou. Let’s report to the leader and them. Hurry and find a way to save the teacher elder sister Zhou. "Lian Gongyao barely settled his body and heard his words."
Speaking of Zhou Renying, his face is as white as a crown jade, tender and smooth, and his face is handsome and graceful in white. On selling elephants, he definitely compares Song Chang-geng to the ground, but now he feels that he is Zhou Renying. He was thrown out so far by Song Chang-geng as soon as he left his sleeve that he didn’t even have the strength to resist, which made him feel that he was self-sufficient.
Listen to Lian Gongyao and say that you are going to save Zhou Qingyun. You can’t help but feel ashamed and jealous. Handsome face is ferocious and twisted eyes are staring at Song Changgeng. Their backs are as full of hate as wounded beasts growl in their throats. "Save what? Save this bitch now. I don’t know how happy she is in my heart. Bitch, a pair of adulterers and women don’t die a natural death."
Lian Gongyao was stunned by his words for a while before he came over in vain and said softly, "Brother Zhou, will you make them angry?" It’s not worth it. If it weren’t for the master, they tried to fix you up. In fact, you wouldn’t be so miserable. Since she doesn’t have you in her heart and doesn’t want to double-study with you, you will be so persistent. "
At the end of the day, she was blushing and her voice was low. It’s a pity that the girl’s feelings expressed the wrong feelings. If she had changed an environment for a while, Zhou Renying might have been white. But now Zhou Renying has been carried away by jealousy and shame, and she didn’t hear what she said. He is not full of words like’ Bitch doesn’t die a natural death, adulterer and wife’.
Pity him. A male brother was born in a practitioner’s family. His parents are practitioners since childhood. They are all practitioners in contact with each other. He is very gentle. He has never been in contact with the mortal society. He can’t even swear over and over again. These two sentences are already the most vicious words in his opinion, but in Song Changgeng’s ear, Reagan is like a breeze.
He will hear thousands of times more vicious words in the future, but now he can’t hear the clouds. Soon Song Changgeng will see that the clouds have flown to the palace, and there are more than a dozen patrol swords flying over, and there are also three innate swords flying up. Obviously, he wants to intercept himself and others and not let them get close.
Song Changgeng ignored the pleading of the light cloud next to Zhou, but lost consciousness when the sleeve brushed Zhou’s light cloud, and the princess Changping hugged her. Song Changgeng also didn’t answer, "Changping should take good care of her face. She shouldn’t take part in it. It’s hard to go back. I want to see what Lv Dongbin, a fairy, has brought."
At the same time, I lifted my right hand to see a golden light rising in his hand, and suddenly elongated a four-stare golden crystal column with a purple line in the center and four long and narrow four-color ancient seal characters on all sides. It was Song Chang-geng who helped me to become a’ heavenly shattered sword’ when this sword came out, it was obvious that Song Chang-geng was really angry.