His face is uncertain, and his heart is contradictory.

What kind of guy did you … find to go with you?
All these things can’t be seen by the root of his ancestors’ left eye!
You know … I’m a big shot in the immortal royal family …
With people who can make ancestors magic, they have violated the rules of ancestors’ destiny!
And ….. This guy is such a couch that it’s not easy to provoke terror!
Scattered refined fairy pinched pinched the eyebrows deeply spit out a sigh.
"It’s just … anyway … Xiangang royal family … it’s nothing too big with the old man long ago … I don’t care if I can avenge myself this time!" It seems that it is more difficult than a big decision. The immortal sighed repeatedly and immediately pursued Xiao Fan.
Qin’s ancestral grave covers an area of hundreds of Wan Li. Looking around, tens of thousands of old and new alternate tombstones with different sizes are spectacular.
"Qin ancestral graves … disappear!" Xiao Fan’s eyes sparkled with crazy luster and his face was full of ferocious arms. He raised his arms around him and twisted wildly. Immediately, several magic balls condensed and galloped out of his hands like a rainstorm!
In an instant, smoke billowed, flames rose, and gravel danced. The whole cemetery was overturned by his terror. Mo Dali was deeply involved in it, and the buried bones were exposed, and they broke away from the broken dust in the explosion!
"Really … really completely smashed?" The immortal of San Lian gaped at this spectacular scene.
"Ha ha ha! It’ s really enjoyable to let the damn Qin family tear their hearts out! " Yuan Lie also hands continuous shooting Dao Dao earth Wang Xianli crashing.
After a long time, this great graveyard has become more broken than barren!
"It’s just the Qin family … if you want to mess with me again, it’s more than that!" Xiao Fan immediately came to Qin Xiaocheng again, wrapped in magic gas, and turned into a dark and huge figure, shouting, "Qin Xiaocheng is lucky that the little miscellaneous fish don’t bother to kill you, which will make you lucky!"
"But you don’t have to worry about the Qin family taking the initiative to provoke the old man. Everything he did to slay the old man was just to give the Qin family some color. The old man is a monty bodhi old zu. If the Qin family asks about you, you can tell Qin Hongchan that the old dog will completely erase his whole Qin family from the celestial world if he comes to provoke the old man again, just like Qin Jiazu cemetery!"
After talking nonsense, Xiao Fan had to jump away from the immortal and Yuan Lie who were still moving in the direction of Xianhuang City.
"Monty bodhi old zu? Why did you bring this bluff out again? " The immortal was puzzled and asked that he naturally knew that it was Xiao Fan who made a scene in Baihua Palace in Hongyu State.
"Shocking him Qin Jiayi, although I now have a heavenly fiend, I don’t intend to give up easily. If we rely on our words, Qin Xuanxian’s master will send us out, we will definitely resist simply pushing it all to Monty’s bodhi old zu. Anyway, I made this identity up!" Xiao Fanyang eyebrows a slight laughed
"Confused qin home? This is a good method! " Scattered refined fairy nodded and didn’t continue to ask.
However, Xiao Fan has already planned everything in his heart. He just wants to get the fictional fame of Monty bodhi old zu up, and even in Xianhuang City, he has his own plans.
How can fish surface without muddling the water?
At least a bluffing title can also make some guys who interfere with themselves get excited about it.
Chapter 776 Beautiful magic fairy
Three days later, Qin Xiaocheng was in the territory of Qin family.
Looking at Qin Jiazu’s grave, which has been leveled, Qin Hongchan, the owner of the Qin family, looks pale and shakes slightly with his fists clenched in the middle of the suspension with a metal gray face.
This time he really miscalculated.
Not only lost dozens of Qin Wang Xian masters, but even the whole Qin Xiaocheng was abolished. The Qin ancestral grave was razed, and the whole area around the ancestral grave was filled with a thick magic gas for a long time.
"God, who did we … provoke?" Qin Hongshan pinched the eyebrows painfully.
"Master, this … this magic gas is extraordinary!" Behind him, he followed the master of Qin family and was shocked. He said
"The original … the old Qin Miao Qin family provoked it, but it’s just an ordinary fairy gang member of the royal family. It will kill the Qin family and there will be no worries … but … the old one is all wet!" Qin Hong sighed and said, "Go to Qin Xiaocheng and ask those lucky people what happened here!"
"It’s the master!" A few masters were brought to fly towards Qin Xiaocheng, and soon they turned back one by one.
"Master, according to the lucky person in Qin Xiaocheng, all this is caused by a terror expert who claims to be the bodhi old zu!"
"Monty bodhi old zu? Is this sacred? " Qin Hongchan’s face changed and he searched hard for information in his memory, but he found nothing for half a day!
"Since our enemy is not the immortal royal family, but a leader whose terror is worse than the magic fairy, I suggest that we immediately inform the immortal imperial city to prevent this dangerous guy from entering the imperial city!" A master hurriedly said
"Well … it should be so, but I’m worried … if Xiangang royalty colluded with the magic fairy, I’m afraid we’ll get burned if we go to complain so rashly!" Qin Hongchan surly said
"What? The Xiangang royal family has always been very resistant to the magic fairy. How can they collude together? "
"To say this celestial many things are you and I can understand? And … this possibility is great. After all, the magic fairy will not enter the deep talent secret method! " Qin Hongchan’s eyes flashed and he immediately waved and said, "Don’t let this matter go out to the whole Qin family territory for the time being. Once you find the trace of the magic fairy, I can’t do it myself … Let the ancestors go out and slay it!"
Qin Hongzhan ordered the whole territory of Qin family to enter a state of pre-alert, and conducted a secret interrogation and bloodbath for all the magic fairies in the whole territory.
However, Xiao Fan, the figurine, seems to have nothing to worry about. At this time, he is wandering in another city of Qin family.
He has transformed the magic spirit into the immortal spirit, and unless there is a master of Xuanxian who will come and interrogate him carefully, there is no clue at all.
But there is no windtight wall in this world.
Soon, an evil demon said that it was stronger than strength to make people fear, and the territory of Qin family was quietly broadcast.
The news is all false, the more exaggerated it is.
It’s scary enough for Xiao Fan to erect the monty bodhi old zu, and it’s also a moment to destroy the Qin family. The master of Wang Xian almost turned Qin Xiaocheng into a dead city and completely destroyed the Qin family’s ancestral grave. This proud record is enough for those guys who like to spread gossip.
But it seems that there are always some favorite things to do for fear that the weather will not be chaotic, that is, to embellish and stare blankly is to myth the character of Monty bodhi old zu!
The rumor goes like this. It is said that the masters of the Qin family offended a magic fairy who came to visit the territory of the Qin family and ended up fighting. This magic fairy can claim to be a monty bodhi old zu. Does it mean that the ancestors can’t swallow it?
As a result, this terrorist contest was held in Qin Xiaocheng.
It’s a great battle, and it’s going straight to the dark, but Monty’s bodhi old zu didn’t even display 10% of his strength, so he nullified all the masters of the Qin family, but because of his great strength, all the true immortals in Qin Xiaocheng suffered a lot.
The Qin family still refused to give up, which made Monty’s bodhi old zu completely furious and raised his hand to destroy the entire Qin family ancestral grave.
This statement seems to be more reliable, but when it comes to what the bodhi old zu looks like, it’s nonsense