Hey, we agreed to love the magic vine manor. The man promised that when he saw the beautiful young lady, he immediately forgot the vows of eternal love!

However, it’s also good that every herb in the world will have a unrequited love for a flower, right? After that, I gave all the manors in the vegetation sector to Daniel Group for a harem!
Not far from Zhuang, I thought so and nodded, "Well, let’s save this guy."
Not far from Zhuang, look around. "First of all, I want to find the owner of the manor …"
"Huh?" As soon as the voice fell, he saw the skeleton lying next to him.
I also passed the neck, and the owner of a rattan manor is shining.
"It’s rare to find the owner of the manor when you turn your face."
So smooth, the second step is completed!
Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand and picked it from the skeleton neck. When he shook hands with the owner of the manor, he suddenly turned to information flow.
"Manor Name Zizhi Manor"
"Manor Master Zhi Qiang"
"Manor-level manor city-state"
"Belonging to a different tribe"
"Belonging to the Covenant vegetation community"
"The farm environment is bad"
"The manor is now in good condition and completely destroyed."
"The manor’s operation is stagnant"
"The manor’s armed defense forces were damaged"
Zhuang not far from eyebrows a wrinkly "has been completely destroyed …"
But even the core of the manor was stabbed through, isn’t it completely destroyed?
But … there should be a way to save it.
After all, this manor is not far away, and it is very important in the plan.
When Zhuang frowned and thought not far away, he saw Daniel ripping it off, ripping off two vines next to the core and sticking a cane inside.
Then Daniel’s face changed, and he threw the rattan at a loss and sat down on the ground, and it became a mess of vines.
"Er …" Not far from Zhuang, he was startled and laughed wildly.
"Ha ha ha ha ha this manor is not a little sister is a little brother, isn’t it? Isn’t it? "
Daniel "Hum! Cleisthenes Cleisthenes! Hey! "
Chapter 1427 Life and death in the vegetation sector have Xinjiang.
It’s said that once you learn, you almost feel depressed, but you suffer, and you feel bad for the bosses in the manor.
At the beginning, Zhao Min, a great druid in Magic Vine Manor, took a large group of professionals to study the characteristics of "cultivating cattle and banyan" of different sexes.
Moreover, many servants in the magic vine manor also have a lot of experience in raising oxen and banyan, and Zhao Min summed up how to distinguish between the sexes.
Daniel, the victim, showed unparalleled studious spirit and carefully learned various ways of distinguishing.
Sure enough, I was prepared and sent a field now.
This time, not far from Zhuang, we are going to explore a manor in the vegetation world. When Daniel heard about it, he immediately volunteered to follow.
But its little mind was shattered immediately.
Now Daniel refuses to help Zhuang not far away and is not in a hurry.
With his eyes closed, he felt that the "Zi Zhi Xin" in his hand was shot out of his hand and enveloped the "Zi Zhi Xin" and "Zi Zhi Xin" slowly melted and disappeared into his hand.
Pieces of images emerge.
In the past, one person plowed a cow and banyan and stared at each other.
"The little guy took a lot of photos today."
The man handed the manor owner’s heart in his hand to shine in the past.