"True yuan? How does Zhenyuan draw a symbol? " Qin Shaojie doubt way

"Of course, it’s the real yuan, and then it’s a virtual symbol. Watch the teacher and show it to you again." Said Xiaoyao, and he held out his hand in front of him and drew a few times. Soon, he stretched out his palm and bent his thumb, and hit it directly. He saw a flash of purple light and hit the opposite wall. Although there was no hole in the wall, the wall soil swished and fell.
"This is the nine-day LeiFu primary rune suitable for attack" Xiaoyao smiled and said.
"But … Master, how is this power so small?" Qin Shaojie looked at Xiaoyao silly, not to say that no one at the same level had resisted him, but such a small thunder blew up some wall ash. How can it be the same as someone else’s spell? Boom popcorn.
"It’s not that the power is small, it’s just that the teacher has less than ten-tenths of a skill. If we force it, I’m afraid we will be buried in the face," Xiaoyao explained
"There is also the fact that every rune recorded in this mysterious day is related to the real yuan. The stronger the real yuan is, the greater the power of the rune is. Of course, it is not necessary to contribute every time. The power of the rune is under your control."
"Oh, that’s the way it is." Qin Shaojie suddenly realized.
Xiaoyao went on to explain, "Well, it’s easy to learn this rune record, but it’s not easy to learn it. You have to remember every rune painting and gesture before you can type runes."
Qin Shaojie turned over the operator record for a while and said to Xiaoyao, "Master, what do I think? How do you think this thing is so like a Tantric handprint? Every time you hit it, you have to cooperate with the gesture."
"Well … it’s a bit like it, but this is my Taoist achievement method, not Buddhism, but also my first leader in Tianmen. If it’s plausible, it may be useful for reference," Xiaoyao explained
"Oh, the teacher have other achievement method? Come again. "Qin Shaojie was so excited when he first came into contact with spells that he felt that he was finally one step closer to becoming an immortal.
"There’s something for this," he said, and picked up a book on the shelf and handed it to Qin Shaojie.
"Mixed Heart Sutra?" Qin Shaojie looked at the words, then turned over the pages and looked at them. Free and unfettered, without disturbing Ling Fang, she meditated on the side.
"I depend on the master. If this is refined, I am not invulnerable?" Qin Shaojie watching mixed yuan heart sutra excited to free and unfettered shouted.
"Good mixed yuan heart sutra is matched with mixed yuan qi. Only by practicing mixed yuan qi can you practice mixed yuan heart sutra." Xiaoyao explained to Qin Shaojie, "That is to say, the higher the level of practicing mixed yuan qi, the greater the play of mixed yuan heart sutra is, which means you are invulnerable."
"But master, how do I feel that this is like the Diamond Sutra of Buddhism?" Qin Shaojie asked weakly.
"…" Free and unfettered head suddenly emitted three black lines and then shouted at Qin Shaojie.
"What do you mean, like a Buddhist diamond sutra? This is from our mountain ancestor. Why do you say everything like a Buddhist? You just shave your head and become a monk."
Xiaoyao was depressed and gave him two skills. As a result, Qin Shaojie said this product was like a Buddhist thing.
"This ….. teacher, I mean like and didn’t say yes" Qin Shaojie explained weakly.
"Not like" Xiaoyao shouted and then said to Qin Shaojie, "Even like that, it’s taking hundreds of directors to make up for it, you know? This is not plagiarism, because our achievement method has our own cultivation way. "
"Oh, I know." Qin Shaojie promised to secretly think in his heart. Anyway, the effect is almost the same. Isn’t it true that the granddaddy started his family as a thief? However, he dared not ask Xiaoyao again. If he did, God knows if Xiaoyao would chase him on a flying sword all over the mountain.
"Well, for the time being, you should practice these two first. Some small minions who want to come to the magic door can’t stand you." Xiaoyao said to Qin Shaojie, "Let’s go out." He got up and went out, followed by Qin Shaojie and Ling Fang.
"You also took things, and you said there was nothing else, right?" Came to the piedmont hall at large looking at Qin Shaojie asked
"One more thing."
"What is it?" Free and unfettered doubt asked
"Listen to the teacher elder sister said that when the master elder brother suddenly disappeared for a period of time and then came back, it became like that." Qin Shaojie said seriously, and then saw Xiaoyao looking at him without talking, and continued, "I was thinking about this all this time. I wonder where the master elder brother went at that time?"
Xiaoyao looked at Qin Shaojie and didn’t talk for a long time before he sighed and said slowly, "I don’t know where he went at that time. I heard that my brother on duty said that he went north."
"Where have you been?" Qin Shaojie asked again
"It’s going north."
"I know." Qin Shaojie had guessed a thing or two when he got a free and unfettered reply, but no one knew where Tu went at that time and saw him go north.
"What do you know?" Free and unfettered doubt way
"Master, do you know where it is?"
"Where is the north?"
"Qin Huangling" Qin Shaojie said word by word.
"Qin Huangling?" At large, I don’t understand. Was it the mausoleum of Qin Emperor that was slaughtered at that time?
"Master, I’m going to take a trip to the Mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty. Maybe I will find something." Qin Shaojie said to Xiaoyao when he saw Xiaoyao not talking.
"Go ahead, maybe as you said, you will find something." Then he turned and walked into the back of the hall. It seems that the blow was still too big for him.
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Chapter 2 Qin Huangling
Qin Huangling is located at the foot of Dongli Mountain in Lintong District, Xi ‘an City, Shaanxi Province. According to historical records, Qin Huang Ying Zheng built a mausoleum when he was 13 years old. Prime Minister Li Si presided over the planning and design. General Zhang Han supervised the construction for three years. The project was huge and magnificent, setting a precedent for the luxurious burial of feudal rulers in previous dynasties. In 1974, the first unified China emperor was buried in the center of the mausoleum in 21 BC. Around his mausoleum, there were famous pottery figurines, which were slightly smaller than human figures. Together with their horses, chariots and weapons, they were made.
One-night talk Qin Shaojie and Ling Fang arrived early the next morning at the foot of Lishan Mountain, bought tickets and entered the mausoleum. Looking at the world’s greatest miracle, they could not help sighing at its grandeur.
Because it is the eleventh period, tourists from all over the country are in an endless stream. Even this morning, there are many people. Qin Shaojie and Ling Fang followed the tourists around the imperial tomb and found nothing. They didn’t feel anything wrong, so they really didn’t have a clue and went out.
"Elder martial sister, do you think it would be here when the master elder brother came?" Qin Shaojie now has little confidence in his inference and conjecture.
The five-year cultural and historical region of China’s great country is even wider. Qin Shaojie inferred that Tulai was the imperial tomb at that time. First, it was because Tu often disappeared after he first disappeared, but it didn’t last long when he disappeared. Second, it was because he went north. Where can he go? To the north is Yinchuan, and then to the north is Mengke. These two places were desolate at that time. A desert and a grassland will belong to the Qin Mausoleum recently, but at that time, the Qin Mausoleum has not been discovered. Qin Shaojie comprehensively considered that the Qin Mausoleum is the most likely.
"I don’t know, maybe it’s as you think. It’s really the most possible here, but we didn’t find anything and didn’t feel anything just after a big turn." Ling Fang was also not sure about Qin Shaojie’s guess, but he thought about his analysis and did have some truth.
"Why don’t we come back later?" Qin Shaojie suggested
Ling Fang thought about it and thought it was also a way. It’s not good to look for it deliberately when there are too many people during the day. It’s better to sneak in and find out later when there is no one. Now they are trying to sneak in and no one can find out.
"All right, then come back later."
They can also do things and find a hotel to have a rest temporarily.
"Why don’t we go out for a walk? Can also find someone to ask the situation here "LingFang things can be done to Qin Shaojie suggested.
"It’s better for us to go out and find a tour guide and get to know it first. Let’s talk about it later." Qin Shaojie thought about it and agreed.
Qin Shaojie doesn’t know exactly what to look for. I hope to find some clues … clues that can explain what happened in those days.
"Two to travel? Do you need a guide? "
Two people just walked out of the hotel to see a man walked over and asked.
"How did you know we were looking for a guide?" Qin Shaojie looked at the man and asked him, this man is about 3 years old. He is not tall, but he looks very strong and ordinary, but his eyes reveal a essence.
"Ha ha, two people who live in a hotel near the imperial tomb can be sure that they are traveling. Plus your accent now, I am even more sure that in our line of work, we must learn to sense motive before we can have business."
"You this line? What is it exactly that you do? Not a regular tour guide? " Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully.
"No, we are private and cheaper than regular tour guides. We want 3 yuan. We will accompany you to explain this day from early to late." The man explained and then added, "Of course you have to take care of lunch."
"3 is not expensive either, but we won’t last that long."
"It doesn’t take long for you to play, so we just have to collect it on time." The man explained quickly when Qin Shaojie said this. After all, it’s not worthwhile for tourists to pay 3 yuan a afternoon, so they will have to collect it on time.
"Well, about two hours."
"Two hours? No problem, but it’s a little expensive to charge 5 yuan an hour by the hour. "The man said to Qin Shaojie.
“5? Can "
"When are you going?" Continue to ask
"12 o’clock in the evening"
"What? Late … Late? " It is very bad for men to listen to Qin Shaojie’s saying that they will go to the mausoleum at 12 o’clock in the evening.
"Yes, 12 o’clock at night" Qin Shaojie confirmed again.