Then the brother and sister held hands tightly together.

Look at each other
Now Lin Shuang is not the girl who was tortured and scrawny.
She’s completely changed now. She’s full and plump, her face is round and ruddy, and her eyes are alive.
Lin Yi looked at her. Although Lin Shuang was not a beauty, she had a simple and gentle atmosphere.
Lin Yi saw the shadow of "Niang" from her sister.
My sister looks like "Niang"
This makes Lin Yi’s heart even more tender.
And in this mountain of hope for more than half a year, Mu Yishuang took good care of Lin Shuang and gave this poor girl, whose body and mind were almost devastated, all kinds of love.
After Lin Yi left Wangren Mountain, the frost situation was not stable.
She often has nightmares and then wakes up screaming from them. Then she shrinks into a corner, holds her knees in her hands, buries her head and legs, and shivers like a poor little animal that has been badly hurt.
"Piaohua Mountain Villa" experienced inhuman experiences, such as lingering nightmares, tormenting Lin Shuang.
At this time, Mu Yishuang held her in his arms like a mother, patting her back and humming a song to her to relax her …
Mu Yishuang also changed the method to make delicious meals for Lin Shuang and fatten her up in vain.
See Lin Shuang Mu Yi as a sister.
Because Mu Yishuang is like a brother to Lin Yi.
Mu Yishuang seems to be born to heal the trauma of the soul. The doctor looked forward to returning after she was cured. Now she is healing Lin Shuang. She loves herself and patiently and slowly heals the trauma suffered by this poor girl’s heart.
Thanks to Mu Yi Shuang Lin Shuang, she can now appear in front of Lin Yi.
Lin Shuang was excited to see her brother. She opened her mouth and made a "ah, ah, yi" sound. She seemed to tell her brother how she missed her and asked him how everything was.
But she couldn’t utter a word except this "e-e-e-e-e-e" sound.
Watching my sister open her mouth and seeing the truncated tongue in her mouth.
Lin Yi felt a pain in his heart.
He held his sister in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Good Frost Brother knows that you miss me, and I also want your brother to pick you up now …"
Lin Shuang heart Lin Shuang arms nodded.
Lin Yi and holding her sister’s hand are just like holding her when she was a child.
Lin Yi went to Mu Yishuang and said, "You took care of me in those days, and now you will take care of Frost so well. Your kindness to Xiao Lin is not over in this life."
Mu Yishuang patted her arms and her eyes were still full of tears. She said, "Who do you still hope that your brother has … I hope you will be well?"
Su Qinghou said to Lin Yi, "That weirdo asked Yi Shuang to take a message and give it to him. He will bury him well, and it is difficult for us to find them. We hope to return to life and death. We also tried our best. Now let’s hurry to leave and return. I’m afraid that if we go to Kunzhong Mountain this time, the dragon valley will be bloody and Fang Qingyun will be in danger. We have many things to do."
Looking back and being taken away by that weirdo, Lin Yi can also help.
As Su Qinghou said, there are still many thorny issues.
Maybe this is just one.
Lin Yi can’t think of what kind of revenge Qin Dingfang will take in his rage and madness.
Now it’s time to get back to work.
Lin Yi said to Mu Yi, "Sister, I know you don’t want to leave the mountain, but the iron room has been exposed. You can’t stay here anymore. Master Zeng has come to pick you up. Let’s go together."
MuYi double way "Kobayashi iron room so secret how can those people find it?"
Mu Yishuang doesn’t understand Lin Yi, and it’s also difficult at the moment.
Lin Yi said, "It’s very strange, Sister. I’ll find out in the future. Let’s go quickly. Master Zeng is impatient."
Muyi double nodded.
Then several people left the lake.
On the way, Lin Yi asked Su Qinghou, "Can the duke see the origin of that eccentric kung fu?"
Su Qinghou said, "I can’t see it, but I guess nine times out of ten this kung fu is the kung fu of the nine deaths."
Nine deaths are magical!
Lin Yi was shocked!
Can rival "The Hunger Gong" and "Nine Death Magic" is going to be born!