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Down the valley … ……hir, don’t you think there are a group of people watching us?
Zhu Fujingguang handed the baked cookies to Jianggu’s mouth and said, Do you have them?
I haven’t finished writing QAQ before twelve o’clock.
Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 6517:15:3~6617:15:3 ~
Thank you for throwing a mine, little angel apricot;
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution, Little Angel Gate separated a bottle of running water, apricot and Bohe glutinous rice balls; 5 bottles of marshmallow tiger; Mr. Xiao’s little fox bottle;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 17 Chapter 17
▍ To the problem of cat ears
Nagano, search the department of class one.
The police officers who were eating dessert all threw their time in one place.
"zer, don’t tease Xiaokui all the time. You should eat something yourself." Zhu Fujingguang handed sushi to Jianggu’s mouth.
Descending the valley, he turned and said, "How interesting!" Then he grabbed Zhu Jingguang and handed him sushi.
The rest of the department gasped, huh? So close?
Police officer Yamato coughed and said, "Pay attention to one in public."
Descending Valley blinked doubtfully. Did he do anything strange?
Zhu Fugao said, "Maybe it’s sour grapes."
Descending the valley didn’t resist sloped a joy.
Yamato police officer "Gao!"
Yi Yi put the cupcake in his hand into the mouth of Yamato police officer and said, "Well, don’t make a hullabaloo about there are children here."
Zhu Fugao "seems to dare to help get what he wants."
Officer Yamato tried to refute it, but he couldn’t open his mouth because he had a cupcake root in his mouth, so poor officer Yamato could stare at him.
"I’m relieved to see my brother living well." Zhu Fujingguang laughed.
Zhu fugao said, "I heard from director Kuroda that you and Jun took a month off and how long are you going to live in Nagano?"
Hir and I want to stay in Nagano for the whole holiday.
Zhufugao didn’t speak, but his whole body really exudes a happy aura.
Valley and the FuJingGuang glances chuckle indeed as expected high elder brother is also and hope they come.
Seeing that the lunch break is coming, Zhu Jingguang laughed. "See you later, brother."
See you later, Zhu Fu Gao Xiao smiled and said, See you later, Xiao Kui.
"Xiao Kui came to say goodbye to uncle" with a smile.
Although the baby couldn’t pronounce words clearly, he shook his hand and said goodbye to Zhufugao.
After Jianggu and Zhufu Jingguang left, people in the department slowly approached Zhufu Gao and said, "Officer Zhufu, your brother is fine with that hybrid."
The reason why Yi laughed, "Because the juvenile training and dyeing center is very close."
"Is it a child’s training?" The man suddenly realized, but then he thought, no, are young people going to raise children together now
Officer Yamato glanced at someone and said, "Are you free to focus on this place?"
The man stretched his back straight and said, "If you’re rude, I’ll go and tidy up the papers!"
Down here, holding the baby in his arms, he said, "I think we will definitely grow wild tea this time."
Zhu Fujingguang laughed. "Maybe there will be many people ready to confess to zer again."
"Not necessarily. What if it’s with you?" Descending Valley said, "Being considerate and able to cook is simply the perfect dream lover."
"It’s so sour, zer. Are you jealous?" The fujingguang laughed
Descending valley shrugs, "I’m not."
ZhuFuJingGuang couldn’t help laughing.
When they walked out of the police station, they saw the car surrounded by a policeman.
Raise your eyebrows, then gently say, "Excuse me, what happened?"
The traffic police were stunned when they heard the sound, and then they said awkwardly, "Nothing is nothing but seeing a cute dog and trying to tease it."
Descending the valley and smiling, "Well, I stopped in the wrong place."
It is a handsome face with such a smile that definitely makes the charm of the valley rise. Some policewomen have begun to hold their hearts.
Zhu Fujingguang leaned in and smiled and said, "zer, we should go back and sort it out."
Smell speech drop valley chuckle and then the novel says, "What about me? Aren’t you yourself?"
ZhuFuJingGuang didn’t speak but smiled.