The American team went to the server, yan lin floated the ball steadily, and Yang Xiaolan seized this opportunity to organize Xiaoju Yang and Zhang Fang to make a cross. The American team did not know how to intercept the ball again in the block. Zhang Fang succeeded in getting the serve again.

The frequent exchange of service is hardly like opening a game, but it is a situation of fighting for the point at the end of the game.
Xiaoju Yang went to serve, and the US team began to organize a fast break at the third position, but when yan lin was ready to block, Celine actually carried the ball back to the second position and played a fast break at the second position
To react, Lin Yan hit her finger when she stopped tennis alone. In the falling trend, Yang Xiaolan hooked the ball to the net, but she reacted quickly and dealt with the ball. However, the US team organized a fast break, but the referee blew the whistle as soon as she made a move.
The United States held the ball and China took a temporary lead of one point, two to one.
The first game was very difficult to beat the United States team, and it also formed a tactical attack, quick attack, double quick cover and jet lag. All kinds of tactical scores have been in a stalemate, and it is not so easy for China women’s volleyball team to get a point.
The game has been going on for half an hour, and the whole Long Beach Stadium is already full of people.
Lin Yan has a pair of eyes staring at the opposite ball. Hailmann’s storm was also highly good at first, and she was able to carry out a super-hand storm, but now her jumping ability is obviously not as good as before.
Celine should give this ball to Maggie to make a fast break.
Yan lin didn’t go to the fourth position with Yang Xiaolan, but she moved a little slowly when Celine shot the ball.
Maggie’s fast break was stopped, and China led by one point again, eleven to nine.
Xiaoju Yang continued to serve. It was this serve that made a mistake and got a chance. The American women’s volleyball players were not soft at all. Maggie and Hailmann blocked Zhang Fangqiu again.
Serve for the score and take turns to rise. Sitting on the bench, China girls almost feel that their hearts are about to jump out of their mouths
Fourteen to fourteen, when the American women’s volleyball team was not in place, a probe ball hit hard and quickly, which made the score even again, which made the situation tense again. The first game between Chinese and American teams was really crucial.
Yuan Chengmin shouted Hu Yuzhu, which meant "You will be there later".
Fan yourself with a replacement card to calm yourself down. Hu Yuzhu was stunned and then realized that she would be damaged by a change of serve later.
The United States did a good job in defense today, and the blocking was particularly targeted. It was very difficult to fight tit for tat.
Second, Celine was replaced. After she served, the China team quickly organized the attack, but it didn’t succeed. The United States team was too tenacious. Although it couldn’t get the ball to the front row, Carol adjusted the attack in the back row, and China team seized this opportunity and Yang Xiaolan gave the ball to Feng Lang.
The United States blocked the batter out of bounds again, and China took the serve.
Yuan Chengmin immediately replaced Hu Yuzhu with Yang Xiaolan. This is a bold decision. There are no two players in the field now. yan lin’s scalp is numb. At this time, Shen Baozhu was also replaced, and Yuan’s guidance did not exchange her. Obviously, she wanted to ball herself. She calmly looked at Hu Yuzhu.
Hand-hard hook float ball Hu Yuzhu is good at it and she took a deep breath.
Hu Yuzhu didn’t hesitate to serve at the referee’s whistle for seconds, and the impact point was behind the first position.
After all, Hu Yuzhu clearly saw through this point when serving the ball, and Vivian felt that the ball was out of bounds and did not go to the reception, only to find out that she had made a mistake in judgment when she saw the landing point.
Fifteen to fourteen, China took the lead and the game has been going on for 36 minutes.
Several China girls celebrated "Come on".
No matter whether a serve can score directly or not, they are not afraid of the American team because they have the advantage.
Hu Yuzhu’s serve will control the landing point near the sixth position, and this serve is very obvious. The United States has been directly destroying the net and has almost no hesitation in yan lin’s shot
The probe ball was sixteen to fourteen, and the China women’s volleyball team won the first game.
A few girls jumped up, although it was the first game, but it was no different from winning the final
This game is really hard. The United States has a lot of pressure in the local war, but so does their away game, especially from the audience.
Today, the United States team is playing beyond its level in terms of attack and defense. It is really difficult to win this game.
"If you win the first game, it will be easy to pick it up, or if you play fast break to disturb their block." Yuan Chengmin was very satisfied with his finishing touch, and of course he was very satisfied with the performance of this group of brothers
In the first game, they won the championship in one breath, and now all they have to do is to continue to play the advantage of fast break, even if they are entangled, they must tie up the American team and get this gold medal!
Chapter 45 45 Three consecutive championships
It’s not easy to win the first game, yan lin. They are all ready to play difficult games. After all, the American women’s volleyball team would rather win this gold medal at home. No one expected that the second game was easy.
Whether defending or spiking, the United States team seems to be soft, while the China team is playing a good fast-break tactic against blocking, spiking and defense.
Nine to one leads China women’s volleyball team and is one step closer to victory.
Take the serve back to yan lin again to serve.
It was the delay in waiting for the referee to whistle. The referee took out a yellow card warning, which made yan lin feel a little uncomfortable. What happened just now when she went to pick up the ball?
The field is still very lively, and all the sounds are coming in to amplify. The earplugs she had prepared have long since disappeared. How can I wear them when I jump and jump? Let me pretend that I can’t hear anything and see the referee whistle and yan lin serve.
Although she is not the most familiar with the serve method, she has practiced it well.
The United States did not organize the attack in place, but it was stopped by the China women’s volleyball double block. It was about to continue to organize the attack, but the referee heard the whistle and blew the ball.
China once again got a score of one point, ten to one, and took the lead in entering the double digits. The China women’s volleyball team was excited and asked them to play steadily. It is no problem to win this game, but once they lead by two, they will never give the US team a chance to turn over.
Yan lin continued to serve. This time, her serve was a long-distance float ball, which landed closer to the bottom line. The US team dared not be careless, especially when the score had reached this point. It would rather catch more balls than let go of the last two serves of the China women’s volleyball team in a game, which made them suffer a big loss.
However, after the ball was suspected of being out of bounds and barely received the serve, the American women’s volleyball team failed to reach the goal. Celine could adjust the ball. Hailmann opened the net at the fourth position and seized the opportunity. The China women’s volleyball team scored this point with a heavy kill by Feng Lang.
There are not many chances for the score of eleven to one to appear in the match between China and the United States.
Coach Green shouted at the side, but the sound was drowned out by the audience’s voice. There was another chance to pause the opportunity, but we can’t shout now.
The American women’s volleyball team is also a little panicked. Unconsciously, they have fallen behind by so many scores. It is too difficult to catch up with the China women’s volleyball team.
Hailmann was a little tired. She played very actively in the first game, but she was also very tired, especially when she failed to get the most important score and lost the first game, which made her a little tired, but she was not reconciled.
This Olympic Games is her last chance. If she can’t win the competition, she can leave a foreign country.
"We still have a chance to refuel." She high-fived her teammates one by one and handed her faith.
When chatting with her, yan lin and Feng Lang said that sometimes it is not skill and tactics but faith that is needed to play ball. She didn’t believe it then, but it seems so now.
Hold the belief of winning in the predicament and bite your teeth to get through it, so that they can succeed.
The morale was boosted. After yan lin served, Hailmann and Maggie both took off at the same time.
At this time, the double quick tactic is to judge who Celine will give the ball to.
Xiaoju Yang went to stop Maggie because Maggie’s fast break was an effective scoring method for the American women’s volleyball team in this game. She was just ready, but Celine gave the ball to Hailmann.
Hailmann has always been the first cannon to storm the US women’s volleyball team. She is the anchor of the sea. Even when Carol and several assistant attackers went to practice fast break, she insisted on playing her own way.
Just because she has never made a move doesn’t mean that she won’t be unexpected to win by surprise.
Hailmann didn’t play the fast break ball very well, but with her heavy dunk, she succeeded.
It’s best for yan lin and Zhang Fang to defend the ball. Both of them are on the ground "nothing to continue"
Now they are ahead by a big margin, so they should play a few fast breaks steadily, and they can just win this game.
The American team Celine went to serve, and it was hard to get the serve. Because Celine served out of bounds, she lost the ball game. That’s it. You worked hard to get the serve, but it was often not warm, so you lost it.
Celine was very sorry, and her teammates comforted the second child, "Nothing, let’s continue to work hard."