If he has the power to defeat Duanmu Tiger, everything will change.

"And the most important thing is that I believe he will come to save me because he said he would always protect me and talk about where I am." This is the promise that I have made to Xueluo even if I sacrificed my life.
The girl’s last sentence made the people present not move. Although they knew that this woman believed in forgetting dust, it was not difficult to see her persistence in forgetting dust because of her fanaticism in her eyes.
"Even if you don’t promise, I will go." Snowfall doesn’t want anyone to be implicated, so she has to choose a replacement method to save Lushun.
Yi Long seems to be hesitating, but the words of falling snow have forced him to change his way.
"So once something happens, Miss Snowfall, you promise me that you must run away. Duanmu Tiger, you don’t understand that this is not as simple as we thought. If your substitution plan fails, I will let Thirteen take you to leave you forcibly." Duanmu Tiger Yi Long has always disdained him. If this guy is headstrong, if it will be as smooth as Snowfall said, it may be easier, but he is afraid that things will not go as planned.
"If you promise us, we will follow your plan. If you fail, we will leave according to my plan." When Yi Long finished, he looked at the snow, which was his biggest concession.
Snowfall wanted to think and nodded, which made Yi Long breathe a sigh of relief.
"Well, the plan is so popular. You should go to the desert to check the situation first, and remember to be careful." Yi Long told one of the fastest players that they must design an escape line.
"If that guy really appears, it will be much easier. If he can contain Duanmu Tiger, we will be more sure. Snowfall, can’t you contact him?" Snowfall has no starfish, and they don’t know how to contact the starfish signal. There is no way to communicate.
In fact, Snowfall also has selfishness. If he comes back and knows that such a big event has happened, he will definitely come to save himself. This is Snowfall’s greatest confidence.
Plan execution at noon on Sunday
At the same time
"Do you know not to ask him if he is in the barren city?"
"Hello, uncle. Do you know a man named Don’t ask him?"
"Fuck you, big brother, how about 3 this year?" The old guy with a full face of hemp turned around and scolded him for forgetting the dust. He looked at his obscene figure and forgot the dust and was messy in the wind alone.
As it is outside the city, no one knows. Don’t ask who it is. He is like an absent person.
But he didn’t forget the dust to the point where he was discouraged. He went to a pub to check the information of an adventure brigade and mercenaries. Forgetting the dust found that there were almost no 100 people in the barren city, and the maximum number of those mercenary groups was only 70, and the number of registered brigades would not exceed 70.
"What’s going on with this mercenary group and brigade? The number is too small, and the number is not as good as that of the outer city of the waning moon. By the way, it would be better if we could see the gang management, but forget the dust and not enter the gang management office."
He can inquire and be good at observing words and expressions. He found a middle-aged player sitting alone in the corner of a pub drinking. He went over and ordered a glass of wine and ordered a "I’ll treat you" for that person.
The man didn’t say much, but he just poured dust into his mouth and smiled. "Brother, I just came to the barren city, and I don’t know anything. You also know that there is no one to take care of me when I am away from home. Then I’m in trouble. I want to join the barren city gang. Please introduce it to my younger brother. There are all those gangs in this barren city."
The man smelled cynicism, but he definitely didn’t laugh at forgetting the dust, more like laughing at other people or things.
"What’s the matter? Did the younger brother say something wrong?" Forgetting innocence is like an angel, not like a small pain.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you are really a newcomer. Do you know that there will never be a gang in this barren city? If you want to join a gang here, I advise you to die." The man burst out laughing and caused many people to look at it, especially the word gang.
Forget the dust and realize that this is a sensitive issue because everyone’s breath has just changed.
He hurriedly reckon, "I don’t know what the eldest brother has to teach me. I really don’t know." Forget the dust and look naive. Absolutely no one can imagine what a terrible demon he is.
"Ha ha ha ha, I want to know what to let the uncle tell you, because this barren city gang can have one, and that’s our hero." A drinking Han got up and drank a mouthful of wine, and his eyes were full of pride.
heros of earth/ a peerless hero/ a matchless hero
If this guild is still here, then there must be something else in this world.
"You want to join a gang, hahaha, I’m telling you, it’s an idiotic dream. Our heroes are not vagrants, and they won’t take in rubbish like you." That man has no mercy at all, and he still publicly humiliates and forgets the dust in the presence of so many people.
Forget the dust and sneer at the opening is to frighten the people around you. He actually said, "I don’t think it is necessary to join the heroes of the world if they are all capable people like you."
"What do you * * say about our heroes in the world? Can you understand that our boss is the king here? You dare to humiliate our gang. You * * want to die." The man grabbed the bottle in his hand and knocked on the head of forgetting dust, but just then he attacked the bottle and smashed it to the ground.
"It’s really strange that you don’t even understand the base forbearance and low profile that your gang has not been destroyed." Forget the dust to speak cynically and hold each other’s attack arm with one hand to make it unable to move. The man grinned with pain, but after hearing what Forget the dust said, his eyes were red and furious.
"What are you talking about, asshole? Our boss is Duanmu Tiger. It’s up to you."
"Duanmuhu is right, and that guy is here." Thought of here, I forgot to dust and suddenly hit the man in the abdomen with a punch. The hero of the world knelt down and went to great pain, but I didn’t let him look up and curse "Draft? I’ll kill you."
"Tell me where Duanmu Tiger is, maybe you can survive! ! !” The domineering words of forgetting dust made the whole pub stunned.
How long has it been?
I don’t know how many years have passed since Duanmu Hu dominated, but I haven’t seen anyone dare to hurt the heroes of the world. At that moment, their hearts could not help but be ecstatic.
Chapter 184 Desert
Stone desert city desert!
This is the most important trading area in the whole barren city, and it is also the place where players frequently travel to and from trading places, and it is also the place where all vendors set up stalls. It is very similar to the online game stall location, but the difference is that the creation method hangs up.
However, the store can also be hung here, and the player needs to count the goods or increase the goods at regular intervals, so he has to pay a certain amount. In the desert area, these sources of money are not only handed over to the city, but also a small part of them have flowed into Duanmuhu’s private account. Only then will he know how he can get the players’ taxes.
Although there are also players in the desert on weekdays, it will never be as many as it is today. The reason is also that Duanmu Hu’s words yesterday almost brought good people to the whole city. It is also good that this desert area is the trading center city, otherwise it would have been full of people.