The potential energy of Tongren’s rotation has not dissipated yet, and it is also a small local rotation, which is coordinated with the double swords to cross and raise from chop to Xiang.

Up to now, the sequence of starburst airflow chop combo moves has been smoothly made out, which makes Tongren’s confidence suddenly soar and feel that he can win if he continues. Once Xiang blocks it, he will immediately switch to cross chop and then a series of high-speed chop.
Someone in the waiting room couldn’t help it.
Li Fa opened his eyes and looked at the silence between the two sides.
"Can win!"
Tongren’s eyes are full of light and with strong confidence, the double swords cross and cut to Xiang.
"This is the starburst airflow chop …"
Xiang slightly looked up at the chop and double sword smiled.
But will I let you use it so smoothly?
With a slight flutter of wings, Xiang suddenly stopped, leaned back and fell in surprise at Tongren.
Cross cut!
Then the stationary wings suddenly burst into an impulse, and with this impulse, the arm counterattacked and raised a giant sword to stab the Tongren.
Tongren couldn’t help but drink a starburst and cut the air. It has been a way to continue to face Xiang. This has been stabbing him with double swords crossed like scissors, and it is also straight to Xiang.
The earth airflow emerges at the tips of both swords!
Two people, one from the side and one from the side.
Everyone in the audience watched the scene attentively.
This will be the best fight they have ever seen!
Chapter 39 Abandoning the Meeting with Victory
The light effect brought by the breakthrough of the tip of the sword is like fireworks …
"Oh oh!"
The oppression, the emotions can’t help but make both sides scream.
You and Tongren’s double swords cross like a pair of scissors and fall straight to the target with a thousand dangers.
From Xiang’s straight arm, the sword pointed at Tong Ren’s dark wings, and then a frenzied air flow came out, like a rocket rising. He stared at it as if he would come to the eyes of the double swords in one second, and the pupil contracted to the extreme, and clearly put the track of Tong Ren into his eyes. All he had to do was to give Tong Ren a sword after a short period of evasive action, so as to win, otherwise even if the ability value was dominant, the single sword and the double sword were rivals.
Two seconds …
This is that the two sides may not have any ideas from launching an attack to contact, from launching an attack to you, but dynamic visual acuity gave Xiang an idea
Ideas emit light from the head and are reflected in the limbs and wings. Pure ideas are faster and more comparable than exercises.
A faint smile appeared on Xiang’s face when he was rising. Suddenly, one and a half revolutions almost instantly reversed Juli Jian’s grip sideways to avoid the scissors double sword. Juli Jian seemed to come out from the arm, and the blade of the arm was colder than that across the side of Tong Ren’s body. It was a bright red scar from the arm to the rib and straight thigh.
The falling airflow did not bring deflection to Xiang’s limbs, showing absolute control over his wings.
"What …?"
Tongren’s nerve reaction speed is the fastest among all players. When he saw Xiang running at such a high speed for such a short time, he could make evasive action and switch the attack mode. It was too inconvenient to even express a complete exclamation. He was severely beheaded and hp plummeted in his field of vision!
They couldn’t see clearly whether the two sides were fighting each other. They saw the two sides passing by and falling, and a lot of blood spilled on one side of Tongren’s body through blurring.
After a short silence, there was a sudden deafening cry, but the battle was not over yet.
After a successful sword, Xiang forcibly controlled his wings to stop rising instantly, which can be said to be the particularity of the game. After he didn’t need to buffer the rising force, he just visible faster than Tong Ren and fell like a meteorite.
In pursuit!
That sword can’t kill Tong Ren, and Xiang has no mercy. It means that power and tide wait for no man.
Tongren was surprised to adjust his posture in the pressure, and when he looked up, he saw Xiang coming towards himself.
"I won’t give up easily!"