However, it is much smaller than the colored clay, with about 3% volume. After all, not all the debris falls here.

It’s amazing that the debris actually falls here can be so close
"…" Gather into colored mud and shake it as if to observe the surroundings.
"What did you do?" Lynn stuck her arms to it and sent it a little signal, which startled it.
"You … still?" "We seem to have come in."
Colored clay is still the god of the ball and the god of the column.
"I’m with you," Lin said. "There are many."
"Really?" "So that’s it." "This is our idea." "We gave it the final data."
"… the last data?"
According to the explanation of colored mud, Lin knows … It turns out that every comet with light debris has a set of special data.
This data keeps in mind that every creature has customized the comet’s travel pattern in everything that comets encounter.
Simply speaking, it is similar to nuclear information, but it can be recorded in a wider range than nuclear information, and this data is different and independent for each comet.
Painted mud suddenly came up with this idea when it saw the pine cone pressing against the ball god. They thought that the pine cone and the death battleship should be … should be data.
This is just their guess, but even so, to realize this guess, they still intend to let Lin send them to the pine cone.
They seem to have this idea because they have been communicating with bus anemones.
The bus anemone has been chatting with them all the time, and the bus anemone said that when it is finished, it will realize the world according to their two ideas.
That is, as before … into a world of emerging wisdom.
In the chat with the ball god and the column god, I slowly believe that the bus anemone can make the world as perfect as they think.
So they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the world.
As a result, they guessed it was successful, and the pinecone accepted them, and they didn’t sacrifice, they just fell in.
But it does protect the world of the ball god.
Pinecone got the data and left with the death battleship … and the battle was over.
This result seems to be good, too.
Yinlin also wants to see what those docks will look like in the end.
It’s a pity that Lin couldn’t test more weapons with pine cones.
But if it’s Lin’s battle to the end, Lin will also think of a beautiful way to avoid the destruction of the ball god and observe the construction of the dock and the death battleship
Chapter two thousand three hundred and sixty-four Pinecone Rift Valley
"Finally succeeded … it’s leaving."
Solidification virtual huge warships to their work again.
Building beams are built and walls are extended around them.
They have finished all the warships and started their work again.
And Lin … and the colored mud moved slowly here.
This is the’ pine cone’ in the crevice of the scales. This environment looks like a huge canyon, and there is about one tenth of gravity in the depths, so that the colored mud can move tightly to the ground.
Lin micro-arms did not continue to stick colored mud, but slowly floated around to observe the surrounding area.
This place is quite interesting because … there are many creatures here.
The colored mud has moved several kilometers since it first came here.
The most common creatures here are those that look like candles. They are very numerous and are in a state of melting at any time. But after observing for a long time, Lin found that these creatures will recycle their dripping liquid to keep themselves in a state of melting all the time.
However, this way will also slowly wear itself out. I don’t know if there are any other ways to supplement them.
Besides candles, there is another creature here. They are … Midgart cubs.
It’s similar to the cubs that Lin has seen before. They are semi-transparent floating objects with faint light, all about one meter in size. You can often see them floating around in this position.
But Lin is still not sure that they are’ cubs’. Although Lin has detected that their composition is the same as that of the cubs Lin met before, they communicate with each other and feel as if they have no intelligence.
These cubs are all floating freely, but now they all fly in the same direction. Lin prefers it, so let the colored mud fly with them.
The colored mud is now in a state of being called everywhere, so it climbs in that direction as Lin said.