Don’t read this name in your mouth for six times, and then say "I know"

Then the crystal was quiet, and Mo Liudao obviously interrupted the connection.
Wang Tianxian looked at the crystal and became numb. Mo Liu’s cold attitude made her feel a little depressed. She thought about it and went out again to see what was going on outside.
Tan Hongri was also observing the six people in front of him in the hall, and then he saw Su Li among the six people.
He has a little impression of Su Li.
On the day of the Abyss Zerg, he was entrusted by Mo Liudao to transport 10,000 people from the ancient city to Shoude City. He once met Su Li.
He did have some affection for Su Li.
"You five took the five of them to its room for questioning. Your name is … Su Li, right? You stay."
When Tan Hongri first met Su Li, he asked their names. He had a good memory and had a good impression on Su Li, so he remembered his name.
Su Li saw that the five patrolmen came over, each of them picked a random person and then walked toward the outside.
He wants to separate these people for questioning. If they lie, even if they string together, it is easy to find the flaw by their means and questioning methods, so as to break through what they want. It is difficult to deceive them by lying.
Su Li felt glad that he didn’t let everyone help him lie.
He had a similar idea at that time, but he quickly denied himself. He was afraid that these people might ask questions one by one. If it is a lie, even if Jiang Shuixuan can trust it, it is difficult for Lin Xinghai and others to guarantee that they will not betray themselves. Even if they don’t betray themselves, everyone may not be seen through when they lie.
The safest thing to do is to let every one of them tell the truth. Well, they don’t know what happened at that giant gate. When they entered there, they had their own and Ningyu’s death certificates. Everything depends on how they make it up.
Soon the five patrolmen led Jiang Shuixuan, Lin Xinghai and other five people out of this hall, leaving Su Li, Tan Hongri and Ning Fei.
Su Li’s face was slightly nervous.
If he is too calm, he is easy to be suspected. After all, it is difficult to force himself to calm down when he is suddenly questioned by the top of the base, but it will attract suspicion.
Ning Fei silently stared at Su Li’s face and seemed to want to see something from it.
She can’t see Su Li’s information, but at present, she doesn’t force Su Li to converge her information shielding ability like Qian Ningyu, and she has to peep at his information by force. She is silently observing.
"Su Li is not nervous. We just want to ask you some questions. Just answer truthfully." Tan Hongri comforted Su Li when he saw that she was nervous.
Su Li nodded and said, "I don’t know what the adults want to ask. I know I must answer truthfully."
Tan Hongri said, "Today, Ningyu … Ning’s guide, um … according to the news we got, he left Shoude City with seven of you today and went to the west. We just want to ask Ning’s guide what he said to you and what happened after he took you there. How did you come back? Just tell me about this story."
Su Li knows that it is absolutely impossible to lie in this part where the six of them have experienced together. Then the other five patrolmen will definitely ask Jiang Shuixuan and they will definitely answer truthfully.
"Great people came with Ning’s adult this morning and summoned us. We didn’t know that Ning’s adult would replace Great People as our new guide."
Su Li honestly said, "Later, Ning’s adult said that he would send us a big gift and take seven of us to the border between Jiangdong Province and Xiyuan Province on a left-handed turtle. At that time, he also told us not to cross the border casually …"
Su Li told the story that Hou Ningyuru took them into the bottom of the water to launch the sending array and then entered the cave to encounter monsters.
"Wait …" Suddenly, there was no talk. Ningfei chimed in. "You mean my brother … Ning’s guide took you into the cave and left by himself? And leave a message saying that if he has something to do at the base, he will come back soon? "
Su Li nods, "It was he who left a message at that time."
Ning Yu erased the message when he returned. Ning Fei and others didn’t see this message before.
Actually, Su Li didn’t want to talk about this passage, but if everyone questioned him, he wouldn’t say it, and some of them would certainly say that it was hidden. If he didn’t say it, it would easily arouse people’s doubts.
At present, the most troublesome thing is that he performed so well in front of former Lin Xinghai and Fu Long, but he can slaughter those fifteen leaders, the king of green nets and even rare purgatory snakes.
Now that these people can get the news so quickly and find it here, it is possible that they have already entered the cave before, so they must have found the monster bodies all over the ground and know the information of these bodies.
Compared with their current level, these monsters are three or four levels lower.
It can be said that if you ask these people separately, you will soon know that you are very powerful.
At present, this point can’t be concealed.
Ning Fei knows his brother’s character too well, and his mind is a little narrow-minded, and his mind is small and vengeful.
Before she entered the cave, she saw that the weakest monsters in it had fifteen levels. At that time, she didn’t have much doubt, because she didn’t pay much attention to Su Li. These newcomers were not very clear about their current level. She was not aware of the fact that her base was responsible for newcomers.
Until just now, she found that these people are all about level 11 to level 1. Compared with Ningyu, it seems a little too dangerous to take them into the weakest monster nest, which is level 15.
Of course, there is another possibility that Ningyu hopes that they will be promoted quickly and take them into the nest of high-level monsters, but there is a former Ningyu who must escort them on the spot to prevent them from dealing with monsters.
At that time, they should have been helped by Ningyu when they saw the fifteen green nets python king.
At the moment, I just know what base Ningyu left after sending them into the cave. Something is obviously an excuse.
Tan Gongri also don’t know whether the base really have something urgent to find NingYu at that time is frowned slightly. He also thought that these people have such a low level that they can kill so many high-level monsters with these people.
Ning Fei has now understood that his brother took these newcomers into the cave, fearing that the root was not experience, but another intention. It is very likely that the monsters in the cave will be used to kill these newcomers.
With this possibility, her face is slightly gloomy. Nine times out of ten, she knows Ningyu. When these newcomers Ningyu offend him, he will retaliate.
But of course, I can’t say this. Ning Fei is a faint interface. "Yes, I happened to contact him at that time. I didn’t know he was taking you to experience."
Although I know my brother’s heart, I can’t let others know, otherwise it will leave a stigma just because I want to entrap new people and let my brother die.
Su Li took a look at this Ningfei. He really didn’t believe such a coincidence. Just now, this woman slip of the tongue and said "my brother". He had realized something in his heart. Maybe this woman is the Ningyu sister.
There’s some trouble with this
If it is an irrelevant person to investigate Ningyu’s death, it will probably not be a big problem if he lies round. No one will hold on to this matter, after all, it will hang high.
But if this woman is really Ningyu’s sister, it will be different. Her brother is dead, and it will be difficult for her to figure out that she wants to fool around casually.
I have a faint premonition in my heart, but my eyes can bite the bullet and go on talking.
"Wait a minute," Ningfei interrupted again. "We have been to the cave before, where the weakest monster is the fifteen ordinary beast generals, and then there are fifteen elite beast generals, even the fifteen rare beast generals, and the guide Ning has left the base because of something. Are you newcomers like these monster opponents?"
Chapter 67 Exposure
Ning Fei had never doubted Su Li’s newcomers at all, but now she vaguely felt that something was wrong or that these newcomers were wrong.
If six or seven new people from level 11 to level 12 can kill so many powerful monsters of level 15?
"I’ve just read that several of their materials have 11 to 12 levels of the same level of combat power evaluation, which is just’ waiting’. Even if you are all’ waiting’ for the top combat power, you will never kill a thousand and fifteen level leaders, let alone rare beasts. What is going on?"
Ning Fei kept a close eye on Su Li as he spoke, trying to see whether he was lying from the micro-expression on his face.
Tan Hongri said, "Yes, did Su Li come back later and help you?"
Su Li shook his head and said, "I didn’t come back until the blue palace appeared."
He dare not hide this point and can answer it truthfully.
Tan Hongri said, "Since he didn’t help you, how can you kill so many monsters? Is there someone else besides you? "