"Then let’s go!"
I am surprised that Guo Laotou made such a decision! Because the bearer is Yin Zhouyang! Jianghe Jiuqing Yin Zhouyang!
Chapter 40 Learning from others
Guo Laotou walked in front of Yin Zhouyang with a burst of self-confidence. It’s okay that Yin Zhouyang frowned and didn’t care about anything, but it seems to me that this is a typical case that the weasel has not been kind to the chicken for a hundred years, but I don’t know where Guo Laotou’s self-confidence comes from.
Fei-yu zhao took me gently and said in my ear, "What’s wrong?"
I naturally nodded in favor. This sentence is so reasonable that I don’t want to refute it at all.
Yin Zhouyang naturally knew what the three of us were thinking, but he didn’t want to object. He was still walking quietly.
"If you want to do it to me, you’d better do it now. Wait a minute. I’m afraid you have no time." Yin Zhouyang said simply to us when he was about to walk out of the cave.
"I don’t want to kill two people at a time." I was about to answer the phone, but I was robbed first.
This sentence made Yin Zhouyang completely angry. He turned around and looked like he was going to start work. Zhao Feiyu and I took out the meteorite and brushed the dust almost at the same time.
"I advise you not to start work. You have four opponents here, but I can let you die four times. You know I’m not kidding." When Guo Laotou’s stereo started, Yin Zhouyang selectively let go.
I suddenly feel lucky to be sheltered by my elders. Yin Zhouyang walked straight ahead, regardless of Guo Laotou’s danger. Zhao Feiyu and I also put self-defense weapons.
Fei-yu zhao turned and patted a shoulder to longly say poison tongue hasn’t changed!
I smiled and confidently said, I’m a Virgo. You don’t know?
The two men laughed like idiots, as if they had done something great. Guo Laotou went to Zhao Feiyu and slapped Zhao Feiyu unceremoniously. He said angrily, How can I teach you in normal times? Say!
Zhao Feiyu covered her head with bitterness and looked at Guo Laotou and said, if people don’t start work, I won’t start work. If I start work, I will win with one blow.
Guo Laotou nodded, probably thinking about Zhao Feiyu, but Guo Laotou kept walking, but his mouth was still chanting something to teach us.
What? Don’t be sharp-edged, just beat but run. The three of us nodded behind like Sun, but I was a little impatient. When I took my apprentice and told him these precautions, I understood Guo’s good intentions at that time.
When we walked out of the hole, Yin Zhouyang was obviously impatient. It was a unique experience to get out of the hole.
This is a high place. Although it is gloomy here, there are many ancient buildings around it. I turned around and saw a huge stone next to the mouth of the cave, but it was covered with many mantras.
Is this the ghost market that Guo Laotou said?
A minute later, I saw five black sedan chairs running towards us quickly. I didn’t see that sedan chair was not a man but four ghosts until they came near.
The sedan chair stopped in front of us as if to pick us up. Yin Zhouyang took a sedan chair generously, and so did Guo Laotou.
But Guo Laotou in front of the sedan chair did remind us not to lift the curtain when we leave, otherwise I can’t save you.
The three of us looked at each other and said goodbye to the sedan chair. As soon as I sat down, I felt that the sedan chair had left the ground and moved quickly.
I don’t understand what Guo Laotou said, but I think it’s because the yin is heavy enough here and we have some special identities that we can’t see it.
I closed my eyes all the way and waited until the sedan chair landed before I slowly opened my eyes.
I lifted the curtain, and there were five people, one for many, which made me more or less disappointed. What would happen to me, but now it seems that I think too much.
There is a palace-style building in front of me. The difference is that its columns are all black paint, and the surface of the building is white paint. This looks very bleak. It always gives people a bad feeling. I looked up in front of the palace and saw a plaque with three big characters, Building Xuan.
There is a historic building in Xuan, and there is the Palace of Ying Zheng. It seems that Ying Zheng is really a nostalgic person.
Guo Laotou patted his clothes and marched in. How can we get stage fright at this time and this occasion? Despite some unhappiness in my heart, on the surface, the three of us still have a look of no more than that.
Entering the palace, as I thought, the Jianghu people are all here, sitting and waiting for us. Of course, the theme is naturally Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng is wearing a black dragon robe today. This suspicion is to show his identity. I look around, Yin Zhouyang and Tianzhen are very similar in dress, and there is also a girl with white hair.
That girl is very handsome, but Reagan can’t see the look in her pupils. She has been sitting quietly beside Yin Zhouyang. Not to mention that she is Zhou Chenxin, right?
Huang Shibu sat quietly with his eyes closed, wondering whether he was alive or dead.
This is a spiritual gathering, isn’t it? But I think this is what Ying Zheng meant when he announced to heaven that Ying Zheng was back.
"Please" Ying Zheng said to Guo Laotou with a smile on his face and pointed to a position around Ying Zheng. Then Ying Zheng also motioned for the three of us to sit and talk.
There is a glass of wine at each table. He has nothing but this thing. I can’t guess what Ying Zheng means. What does he want?
"Who else hasn’t arrived?" Ying Zheng looked at the two positions and asked humanity with a frown.
"Back to the emperor is MuRongHang and Dong Qing" Yin Zhouyang looked at the position is immediately replied.
Ying Zheng frowned and didn’t react any more. A sneer at Heaven seemed to tell me that I was afraid of death and I would hide it again. I will find it sooner or later, won’t I?
I looked at the celestial being, raised his glass, and said to the celestial being, this glass of wine wishes the celestial being that you can find it as soon as possible, or that you can have a life to find my apprentice.
Heaven’s temper is estimated to be unbearable to these verbal stimuli. If she doesn’t agree with a word, she just gets up and looks like she is going to start work. Yin Zhouyang immediately pulls Heaven and shakes her head.
Heaven sat back in the position and saw me still holding the glass. She just looked up and drank the glass of wine on the table. After seeing her swallow the wine, I calmly put the glass back on the table.
Seeing me move, Tianzhe was very upset and asked, "Do you propose a toast to me and stop drinking now?"? What do you mean?
I looked at the wine in the glass and said with a smile, I will drink with a dead man?
You!’ Ying Zheng gave a laugh when the heavenly horse was about to break out.
All eyes were on Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng picked up the glass and said, I’m about to be born. Naturally, according to the rules, I need several sacrifices. I forgot to tell you that I have some poison in the glass and I know which cup of medicine is poisonous. I can’t remember it myself, but I have thought of a way. You can choose your own opponent and that person to win, and you can give your glass to the loser. So I don’t know whether two cups of poison or two cups of antidote. Oh, my God, I don’t know if you will die after drinking just now!
Heaven’s face changed greatly when I heard this, and I thought to myself, Ying Zheng, this old fox really came prepared. I didn’t say much about listening quietly, but I saw a face of embarrassment-I never drank because it was a breach of precepts.
Guo Laotou didn’t speak during the whole process, but he had expected that this would be the case. Heaven’s face was also uglier than ugly, and I could see that she could not sit still.
"Since you are in such a hurry, let you come first. You can choose your opponent if there is someone in the place." Ying Zheng pointed to all of us and said with a smile, but his eyes stopped at Guo Laotou.
All of us know that Guo Laotou and Tianzhe describe the grievances. At this time, Zhao Feiyu got up by himself and said to Tianzhe that he would like to fight!
Guo Laotou looked at Zhao Feiyu with some surprise, and Zhao Feiyu walked to the center of the hall regardless of whether Heaven promised or not. Heaven felt like she had been greatly challenged, and she walked to the center of the hall regardless of so many fastest speeds.
"God, if you win, I will give you the antidote, but if you lose, Zhao Feiyu’s wine is still yours to drink." Ying Zheng gave me an evil smile at the corner of his mouth as if he was ready to go to the theatre.
Zhao Feiyu turned and looked at Guo Laotou, followed by her hands akimbo and fluent Sichuan dialect, saying Guo Laotou! I tied it up for you today. Don’t talk nonsense about the loss of your apprentice after you!
Facing Zhao Feiyu’s fluent Sichuan dialect, Guo Laotou smiled and didn’t say much.
"Amitabha" sang a Buddhist name again and again, and then moved the beads like Zhao Feiyu to pray.
Day who look complex looked Guo Laotou then put Zhao Feiyu attention department.
One is Guo Laotou’s apprentice, and the other is someone who wants to become Guo Laotou’s apprentice. I’m afraid everyone has been waiting for a long time for this fight.
Fei-yu zhao took out the dust and skillfully hit his arm against the sky. He bent down slightly and said politely that Fei-yu zhao, a ghost building, was polite to Guo Jianhua.
"Jiuqing’s doctor-in-command and Heaven’s teacher are polite."
Chapter 49 Blood Rune
I’m not very optimistic about this fight. I can’t figure out the ability of Heaven. So is Zhao Feiyu. I know Zhao Feiyu’s idea. He just wants to get back the name of Guo Jianhua’s apprentice, or Zhao Feiyu wants Heaven to see his brother.
Zhao Feiyu’s dusting face was full of relaxed expressions, and there was a mocking smile on his face. Then Zhao Feiyu stepped back and pulled away.
I looked at Guo Laotou sitting next to me. I leaned close to Guo Laotou and whispered in his ear, who do you think will win?
Guo Laotou shook his head and said with a frown, I don’t know.
I think it’s better than worrying about Zhao Feiyu’s situation. I tried to get up several times, but I pulled my head and said to him, this is Feiyu’s own fight, and we all interrupted.
Although it’s white talk, his worry about Zhao Feiyu will not decrease. I took out the meteorite and put it on the table. I saw Yin Zhouyang’s eyes, and there were always some worries in my heart.
Fei-yu zhao will blow dust on the shoulder like waiting for heaven to move now, and he really shouldn’t rashly attack Fei-yu zhao, but his careful personality hasn’t changed.
Tianzhe took out four pieces of red rune paper from his bag. I frowned and looked at Tianzhe rune paper. I always felt a little bad. There were some black runes on the rune paper. I carefully identified those runes and finally remembered that thing!
Blood symbol ghost pattern! Blood symbol ghost pattern!