"A piece of armor" Su Li smiled and gave Gong Xiao the bloody armor stripped of poisonous properties.

Listen to him say that Jiang Shuixuan and Ding Longyun are disappointed. Xu Xuehui looks calm and has no reaction. Gong Xiao is slightly pleased.
According to the previous discussion, Su Li has priority to get equipment. If it is armor, it will be given to Gong Xiao first and Xu Xuehui second. If it is treasure, it will be given to Ding Longyun and Jiang Shuixuan first.
Now, the demon slayer appears in the armory. He handed the stripped bloody armor to Gong Xiao.
Gong Xiao’s face lit up with bloody armor.
This monarch armor can’t increase 4,000 defense, but can increase physical strength for 2 minutes.
She used Quetzalcoatl’s exhausted physical strength, and now she is worried about her physical strength and doesn’t want to get this bloody armor. She was pleasantly surprised when her physical strength was extended for 2 minutes.
The hills are a mess, and a large number of trees are staggered, and the bushes are almost completely destroyed.
They didn’t stop riding four mounts and quickly left here to continue to look for the second monster nest.
Then I still went all the way to the southwest. I just harvested a monarch’s armor, and everyone was in a good mood. Now it can be confirmed that every monster nest should have a monarch-level monster hidden. At this speed, it is not difficult for five people to get together a monarch’s equipment.
"I hope I can make a treasure." Ding Longyun laughed.
He now has a golden tomahawk, and he hopes to get a treasure more than the monarch’s armor. He has a treasure to make his strength greatly improved, and now all four people in Suli have a treasure, and he is the first priority.
Jiang Shuixuan smiled and said, "I think there will be a sovereign weapon."
What she want most now is a monarch weapon.
Ding Longyun heard her say this and laughed. "Don’t worry, sooner or later, there will always be some monsters’ nests. There must be some."
I thought that Su Li was strong enough to kill the five monarchs, and everyone was more relaxed. I continued to go to the southwest, and Xu Xuehui observed the monster nest from time to time in the distance.
Soon she pointed to the distance again and said, "There!"
Ding Longyun spirit a beat himself riding a black dead giant shark beast first rushed toward the distance.
Su Li smiled and knew that everyone was now in a state of excitement. After all, finding the monster’s nest means finding the monarch, which may represent the monarch’s equipment or treasures.
In the distance, there is an exposed building, which should be a small town. Now there are still some buildings exposed to the water. At this moment, a large number of steel and metal buildings appear in these buildings, just like steel bridges criss-crossing and connecting.
With the approaching Su Li’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled up.
He heard the faint roar and miserable roar, and saw the monster nest formed by steel bridges. There were a large number of monsters like giant lizards climbing and flying vertically.
Ding Longyun suddenly opened his eyes and was taken aback. "What was that?"
Jiang Shuijue frowned slightly. "Is this preempted?"
Listening to the screams, they saw that it was very chaotic, and the groups of lizard monsters seemed to be fighting.
Su Li nods, "I don’t know how many people are there."
Ding Longyun laughed. "I didn’t want to disturb the hidden monarch. These people are sure to flee for their lives. Now there are also Su Li who can kill the monarch. Most people are not rivals for the monarch."
Ding Longyun knows that there are many teams like them in the ancient city, but the scale of the teams is much larger than theirs. They will also look for monster nests in various places during the day. Members like Jiang Shuixuan in these teams have some special ability to escape. Once the monarch is disturbed by the enemy, they will immediately display their ability to escape. Everyone will escape together.
According to their experience in the past two days, most of the monsters’ nests are now five-level monarchs, and now Ding Longyun thinks that Su Li is the only one, and most others have to flee for their lives.
Of course, if you are lucky, you may meet a four-level or even three-level monarch, or a juvenile or incomplete monarch, that is, you will hit the Universiade, and everyone will still have a chance to kill them together.
Once killed, it is possible to explode treasures or equipment. If it is a treasure with strength, it will be upgraded immediately, so once it meets a powerful monster, it will have a fighting force.
At this time, luck becomes as important as strength
Lucky teams are likely to produce some extremely strong people in just a few days.
Of course, if you are unlucky, casualties can be wiped out.
Although most teams will have some kind of escape ability, no matter how powerful the escape ability is, it can’t guarantee 100% security.
Everyone is heading for the distant nest, and suddenly there comes a huge roar from the steel nest, which looks like a dragon howling wave, making everyone feel a slight shock from afar.
I feel that this monster is full of deterrence. This is definitely not something that a general leader monster or a rare monster can roar.
"monarch monster"
A few people immediately white that hidden in the steel nest monarch monster to come out.
"Go and see who it is." Su Li is also curious to see who it is in the monster’s lair.