Wisdom chi is one leng.

Sun Hao explained, "Her sword is really rash, even if she is afraid of stabbing you with what she means. If you really let her stab you, it will make you feel cold."
Ghost Xi Lan hee hee laughed "calculate the legacy policy soul wisdom chi unexpectedly also so big lost incredibly don’t know his avatar severe hee hee this incarnation is not you don’t belong to you! !”
Intellectual delusion …
Sun Hao smiled and turned to Xia Qingyu without explanation, saying, "Xiao Yu listened to my call and launched a common disillusionment."
Xia Qingyu nodded and said yes.
Sun Hao glanced at XuanYuanGong.
XuanYuanGong nodded slightly true female sword fly up floating.
Corleone said, "One, two, three strikes …"
A flash of glass light from the ice rushes out a beam of light.
True female sword as a snake directly to Corleone’s feet * * *.
Wisdom chi wiped a cold sweat, and the real female sword really refers to what it is!
Boom a beam of light and true female sword hit the same part at the same time, and suddenly it oscillated. Layers of white fog seemed to be quickly absorbed by the unknown in the virtual world and generally receded rapidly.
Everyone found that they had stood up and stood up.
The left and right sides of the soles of the feet are a broken earth like a spider web.
There is a faint flicker of fire in the spider web.
What really shocked the monks was that they were oblique and imaginary.
I once caught a glimpse of the huge shadow in the virtual space, and finally it was true.
It was a huge dark coffin.
I don’t know what material the coffin is made of. It seems that there is a strange layer of black paint that can absorb light, which makes the whole coffin dark and light like a black hole hanging in the void.
The coffin head was pasted with a yellow paper three feet long and one foot wide, which seemed to flutter slightly in the void.
Ghost Xi Lan jade refers to a finger operator paper loss said "hades post ….."
The first chapter dead hades post
Hades told people to die in the third watch, who dares to keep people in the fifth watch;
A thousand-year-old post invites the soul of the hero, and then hates to be buried in the Tianxu.
Slowly, everyone’s line of sight adapted to the virtual color, but they found that the coffin in the middle was dark as if it were painted with a faint red light on the coffin surface.
Dark red dark red
Dark red to black
See the color of the coffin. Then all the real people can’t help but shrink their eyes.
Shan Guan Guan is still moving to Sun Hao for a few steps.
Dark red to the extreme, black coffin surface is actually solidified by dried blood.
So does it mean that the whole huge dark coffin is actually made of blood?
Think about Li Min Li Aoshi. After the explosion, the gas disappeared and the flesh disappeared. Look at it again. It seems that there is a red light flowing in the coffin. Then the real person can’t help but be chilling.
This pair of coffins is afraid of being solidified by the blood of the real person who has fallen into the burial day market for hundreds of millions of years.
It’s as if I sensed the breath of then reality, and it’s as if I sensed the mood of then reality. It’s as if the coffin was as dark as a deep roar, and the whole emptiness shook with a jerk.
Different patterns appear in the red blood lines of the dark coffin, which seems to be pieces of blood in the sea of blood, pieces of bloody faces, pieces of residual limbs and miserable ghosts keep calling.
Unwilling to be dissatisfied …
Resentment and jealousy * …
Strong negative emotions poured out from the coffin and stirred the whole emptiness.
The huge coffin body kept shaking in vain, and the lid kept pounding to the top, as if someone was going to rush out inside and give out a low roar.
The head of Hades’ coffin floated up and bloomed with a faint golden light, but it was always firmly suppressed so that it could not be out of its control.
There are bursts of evil wind blowing in the virtual space
Blowing everyone’s clothes and hunting.
From time to time, a bone appears on the ground like a spider’s web, and the arm is unwilling to grasp as if to grab something on the ground and climb it.
It’s so powerful and imposing. It’s a horrible coffin.
Shan Guan felt his teeth tremble a little, but he leaned closer to Sun Hao.
And Corleone’s small fire on his shoulder is trembling with fear. In the knowledge, he has shouted, "Brother’s evil coffin is so terrible that it is much more terrible than the dead in Wangcun. I am afraid …"
Sun Hao comforted Xiao Huo in his heart. "It’s okay. He was blocked by the post of hades. Besides, what the hell is Gaia afraid of?"
Outside, the idiot has asked, "How does Linger need to repair this hades post?"
After all sorts of hardships, then finally killed the last head and saw the burial day market to repair the last target, hades post.
Now it depends on how to fix it.
Shine seems to say weakly after thinking for half a ring. "Like Tianfu, the post of hades has not been completely repaired for many years, and the repair method has gradually worn away in the history. In the temple of hades, it is more about whether it is reliable or not."
Intellectual delusion frowned.