Su Li thought that it was the drop of blood that made the stone tools realize that a lot of bloodshot appeared on the surface of the stone tools, which was actually his blood.

Cut your wrist, a stream of blood gushed out, and immediately sprinkled this stone.
Su Li watched his blood flow slowly along the surface of the stone, but it didn’t penetrate into it, and the stone didn’t devour his blood as greedily as the stone tools did.
"Am I wrong? Does this stone and stone tool look a little consistent? Is the actual root not the same weapon? "
Su Li can think of some way to stop bleeding and heal the wrist wound once he holds the stone hand again.
Su Li’s skills are at their wit’s end, but the stone tools don’t respond, and it doesn’t work as well as he imagined.
"There is no reason to even move the sacred ancestors of the old Terran, but if they bring it back to this mysterious library? There must be some reason. Since the ancestors of the old Terran can bring it back, there must be a way to move it. "
Su Li thoughtfully or some unwilling to launch the third talent, the rolling energy once again wrapped around the stone, and then he launched a dream field, and slowly there was an idea in his mind that moving the stone would move into his own world.
The idea just came to mind that the stone didn’t really enter his realm, but the ancient city in his mind accidentally reacted to it.
"This stone … sacred also can’t move …"
The hoarse, weak and old voice sighed. Just here, I didn’t want to shout. This stone suddenly flew up and rushed into the ancient city of Suli.
Su Li watched the stone enter the ancient city and fly to the deepest part of the ancient city.
There are magnificent towers, magnificent palaces, ancient altars with vicissitudes of life, ancient temples with bells ringing, solemn temples and magnificent courtyards in his ancient city …
Every building looks majestic and magnificent, but there is an inconspicuous stone house in the deepest part of this ancient city, and all these buildings seem out of place.
Even Zurich will ignore it many times.
He can move towers to suppress or move palaces and altars, and only this deepest stone house can be induced by other methods.
This stone house is short and looks down upon it like a piece of heavy stones piled up. In front of the stone house, there are wooden railings, which is a small courtyard.
However, compared with the magnificent courtyard in the ancient city, there are several stones in front of the stone house of rockery, pond, lotus and pavilion.
There is a round stone in the center as a stone table and four square stones around it as a stone bench.
This stone house has a rolling fog.
These fogs are the result of Su Li’s swallowing and merging of more than 200 talents. Now, this stone house will be condensed but not dispersed.
At the moment, this stone, which can’t even be moved, rushed to the stone house at the end of this ancient city.
"Boom"-this stone falls heavily on the courtyard outside this stone house, and then moves quietly on the edge of the stone bench in the south.
Su Li was stunned by all this.
God just finished saying that this stone can’t even be moved. I don’t want this stone to suddenly disappear. His voice came to an abrupt end in the rolling energy above Su Li’s head
God also froze.
There’s nothing the holy can do with this stone. Now Suli really took it away?
The whole hall suddenly fell silent.
For the first time, Su Li observed this humble little stone house at the end of the ancient city so solemnly and carefully, and soon his heart was faint with a little creepy.
He saw that there was a rolling fog in this stone house, which was swallowed up by more than 200 talents. At this moment, he carefully observed and finally found it.
Stone houses are devouring the rolling fog here.
There is a stone gate in front of the stone house.
The fog of Shimen is slowly surging through Shimen.