"I’m afraid a few of us are a little late."

The woman casually pointed out that the aura of the fairy array was completely lost, and there was a breath in the periphery. Obviously, the prohibition was different, and the law was broken first and then sealed again.
If you see this from afar, you will go crazy, because the lotus fairy in the fairy array has become as asleep as before, and the lotus fairy has disappeared at this moment.
The unkempt man didn’t care much about what was guarded in the fairy array. He just analyzed that "this breath is unusual and mostly comes from the nether world."
You cliff bodhi old zu cold hum "take the land away from us and leave quickly"
Three people came to the small bamboo building to see that they were separated from each other in all kinds of packages. The female micro frowned and said, "This separated meridian is damaged like a split, and many bones are broken and brawn. Such injuries are not light."
The bodhi old zu at Youya glanced at Lu Li’s hatred and said, "That’s the day when the burial sword was pinned down. After I was attacked by him, I had to cut him to pieces to solve my hatred!"
The unkempt man said coldly, "That’s enough. Help me seal this man and take him back to the Lord!"
The bodhi old zu daughters in the secluded cliff each pointed out that one red and one blue brilliance turned into a bloody mark, and one ice moon mark left the body separately.
Seeing that the two men have already made moves, the unkempt man also raised his hand slightly against the rag linen robe. This man’s hands can be described as shocking. This man’s left hand has seven fingers, his right hand and six fingers. Both hands are deformed, which is very scary. This man’s left hand draws a dark green ghost and leaves the body.
The three-person cultivation can be said to be a strong horse, which is not inferior to that of the core elders of Taikoomen. The finger deformities male cultivation is even more horrible, so it seals the spiritual strength of the body and the vitality, but there is nothing left in the isolated body.
Glared at the deep cliff bodhi old zu that unkempt man left hand a recruit is from the body, three people figure a flash away from the Cui Xuan peak.
The cold woman cast a wonderful skill in a row, but she evaded the number of detection arrays of Taikoo Gate by the pressure of the three masters, so she dived out of the clouds without attracting the attention of Taikoo Gate.
Three figures go very fast, and in a blink of an eye, they are thousands of miles away from the cloud virtual world and marching towards the world.
The middle boundary is blocked by natural barriers, but there are also many channels that can shuttle between the two boundaries
For example, the passage from land to Taikoo Gate is a shortcut to Taikoo Gate, which only some senior brothers of Taikoo Gate know.
If you don’t know what the path wants to leave directly, there is some force, which is also the reason for the revision of the Taikoo threshold
However, it is not difficult for the bodhi old zu and others to directly cross this boundary barrier. After all, all three of them are masters of immortals in the middle and late period. Looking at the world of immortals, they are also called top masters.
Although that cold woman looks different from a woman in her twenties, she is estimated to be hundreds of years old in terms of her actual age. After all, people who cultivate immortality are not judge by appearances.
In a coma, I don’t know that the fairy array is broken and the lotus fairy is missing. At the same time, the vitality is sealed by the three masters, and the consciousness is also difficult to operate, which makes the land fall into silence. The situation is like being sleepy.
There is a strong airflow around the three-person Ling flight, and the wind is whistling like a knife. Obviously, these three people are moving as fast as possible, but even so, the three masters seem to be at home without any pressure.
Just as a few people had just crossed the boundary barrier, suddenly the scruffy man with thirteen fingers suddenly looked up at the south and said, "There is a master approaching!"
You cliff bodhi old zu buried in the moon is one leng sloppy male words fall international is also both found the bearer breath you cliff bodhi old zu buried in the moon have imposing manner put out to face the situation.
Sloppy man’s somberly body actually sends out more than ten paths of dim light, but it can be found that the number of dim light is exactly thirteen paths, and the number of male fingers is not much.
After ten breaths, I saw the bodhi old zu three people coming to the cliff with a graceful demeanor and fear.
"Cliff, Moon Burying, Desire Extinction. I can’t believe that today is really lively. It’s so tempting to send three evil spirits from the fix-true world to capture this treasure."
Chapter II Missing from Land
The bearer is a woman in a purple skirt, and the breath is uncertain, giving people a sense of ethereal fairy, while holding a Yu Di shining with jade brilliance in her hand.
The bodhi old zu of Youya changed his face and exclaimed, "It’s you!"
Buried in the cold face of the moon, the murder suddenly appeared on the head, and the original coiled bun was suddenly scattered and the hair swept away, causing a strange air billow, like an ice storm, whose cold strength was almost enough to make people really freeze.
The unkempt man, whose name is taboo, seems to be extremely unhappy. The whole face is distorted, and an evil light suddenly shoots out of his left eye. The speed is almost instantaneous, and an evil cloud turns into a shadow in front of the woman.
You cliff bodhi old zu also to blood evil spirit force condensed into a punch punch international blood shadow diffuse a deathless blood folded toward the female crazy.
The three fairy masters made a joint effort to suddenly shake the air and scream, and a devastating storm swept across the sea of clouds outside the purple girl.
The girl in purple snorted and said, "You have worked so hard, and I want you to be disappointed!"
Said the female figure move that Yu Di cross chest suddenly a clear sound appeared in the whole sky, a flute like sky waves will be buried in the moon, and the ice storm cliff will send out a ghost and complete the evil cloud that will be destroyed by desire.
The three masters roared like thunder, and each of them condensed the truth. Yuan was ready to make another shot, but she saw the female right hand tap a silver light to shoot a stunning moment and hit the land without hesitation.
Suddenly, even the man’s desire for extinction will have to be stopped from being wrapped in gauze layers in the future, so the whole body will disappear in a flash.
"You are hateful!"
Out to roar, a wave of his right hand, the most middle finger suddenly refers to a turquoise Guanghua with tearing soul force and suddenly hits the female body.
The purple woman’s body trembled and didn’t make a sound, so it dissipated like foam.
At this time, there are only three people left in the vast sea of clouds: the cliff, the moon burial and the desire extinction.
The disheveled man suddenly shook his right hand and growled, "It’s this man who has repeatedly destroyed the main plan and will get rid of it sooner or later!"
You cliff bodhi old zu face dew malicious color way, "she is also afraid, don’t you see that she is just an incarnation outside the body, maybe far away from Wan Li".
Being buried in the silence of the moon is very fast, but the hair is like a waterfall. The whole person’s breath is cold, but the first frozen ice in Taikoo Peak is somewhat similar
Destroy the desire to pinch fingers on the left hand, but hate that "this person also belongs to the top ranks in the three realms. This land has been pursued by her jumping point at the moment."
You cliff buried in the moon, both nodded, and all three were sullen. Three bright lights flashed and three evil spirits left.
Xianyun Mountain is a mountain gate where immortals forget the dust and live.
At this moment, it is very lively to forget the hustle and bustle of the immortal Sect of dust. Many disciples are full of spirits and holding many worldly objects in their hands to shuttle through Yunshan.