Okabo had been living a cold and lonely life before, and the climate of the earth was really too hot for him.

His bones are in a semi-softened state.
The temperature in the manor is the most comfortable for human beings, but not so friendly for the third pupil.
Don’t hide in these strange places if you don’t hold the ice button!
Not far from Zhuang, I feel that my three views have been subverted badly recently.
"Can’t you just put on your armor and stay with me?" Not far from Zhuang Nai said, "If it’s too hot, prepare some ice packs to hang yourself …"
Gang Bao was terrified when he heard this. "I am a humble pupil. I can be a secret guard, but I can’t appear in the sight of the villa owner. The six-armed dragon is the real guard of the villa owner … You can put me in the cupboard or drawer. I promise I won’t interfere with your sight again. I beg you to give me a small piece of ice …"
It seems that Okabo’s fear-like village is not far away. What kind of miserable life is the third pupil of the manor owner’s era living?
Manor owners are simply terrible to imagine!
In this way, the three pupils are still desperately sticking to the manor owner?
I don’t know what village is not far away. When I saw Okabo, I thought of the so-called adherents.
Although the Nathanians have been domesticated physically, the men are strong and can work, and the women are beautiful and can sleep, but the spirit is still rebellious, and the rebel horn was first sounded.
But the third pupil seems to have been domesticated both mentally and physically. They roamed the universe to find a benevolent manor to serve them …
"Okabo" Zhuang took a deep breath and patted Okabo’s round body. "You’re not a secret guard now, and there’s nothing noble and lowly in the manor … Well, this argument is not enough …"
Not far from Zhuang, he suddenly realized that the manor was a hierarchical place, and the so-called division of labor did not distinguish between families, which probably even he could not say.
In fact, the world is full of high and low, and it is only the world of manor owners.
"But you are now a manor nursing home and a real servant in my manor. It’s more noble than what the six-armed dragon people add up. You should be confident! Confidence! "
"Lord Zhuang!" Gang Bao was dumbfounded. "Do you really think so?"
"Of course! Ok, now put on your armor and fight for the future! "
Gang Bao was moved to tears and ran to wear armor, but when the handsome little Hu man appeared in front of Zhuang not far away, Zhuang regretted it.
"Okabo, can you change your image … forget it, even if you regret it, you can’t come now. Let’s get down to business. Do you know anything about geology?"
Not long after listening to Zhuang’s explanation of what geology is called, Gangbao was stunned. "This … this humble little ability can also be a learning?"
"No geology, of course, is not low. Geology is the foundation of many modern science and technology and a great knowledge. Today, your external identity is the geologist Okabo!"
Not far from Zhuang, I’m still groping for whether to get a fake ID for Okabo or something, but I have a headache at the thought that this guy will collapse as soon as it gets hot.
Let someone else do the publicity.
"I called Li Zhe and asked him to bring some technicians … and so on. It seems that Li Zhe and them are all isolated. It’s a bunch of waste …"
See, at the beginning, they boasted that they were worth millions of dollars a year, and now they are sorry to deduct their salary even for 3 thousand yuan!
It’s amazing that you have acquired such a big company and now you have the right people!
Now we have to build the brewery quickly.
"It’s up to you for the time being. I’ll ask Xiao Wei to help you with the points. Just say that those who can do it can do it to any extent." Zhuang said to Kampot, "I’ll give the brewing equipment to my dad."
"But Lord Zhuang, I want to protect you …"
"Don’t worry, I’ll take the boom father and daughter."
In the craftsman’s shop, father and daughter are clanging and banging, and the things they build have taken shape.
At this time, Lao Bang carefully took out a drop of silver liquid and poured it into the steam forging hammer.
The biggest feature of steam forging hammer is that it can inject blood power into metal through forging.
It can be said that it is the "engineering machine tool" of all the instruments in the manor.
At this time, Yuntai anvil is a set of brewing equipment, which is made of old mechanical giant dogs. The whole body is covered with a kind of rust-like grain, but it is not rust, which looks very ancient.
This set of equipment was called "pub brewer" in the era of manor owners, but it was very original, but time blood must be added in the forging process
Zhuang tried to take the earth metal not far away and found that no metal can withstand the blood force and become rusty when forging.
"Master Zhuang, I helped someone repair this thing in the pub. This is the structure. Here and here, I left two interfaces to connect pressure gauges and thermometers according to your orders. Are you satisfied?"
Zhuang recently stretched out his hand and touched the mottled shell and nodded with satisfaction. Only with this thing can the manor output be brewed into wine.
"It depends on my dad’s skills whether you can brew a disease-free wine with my dad!"
Dad Zhuang has been very busy these two days, taking over the poorly managed small winery from farmers and novices. Dad Zhuang and three old guys have been busy for several days, overhauling, debugging and cleaning all the brewery equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and can be produced.
They are going to buy a batch of raw materials and try to produce a batch of wine first.
Of course, the three of them are a little busy, so they simply called several old friends of the unemployed, and several people arranged for their homes to come in these two days.
Everyone is middle-aged and elderly. married with children can’t just leave, and Zhuang Dad understands.
When I get older, I can’t wait for many things, so I just have time to enjoy life.
The dream is on the right track, and Dad Zhuang is already very satisfied.
Sozhuang’s dad is quite idle and busy in the courtyard today, and he sees Zhuang not far away, carrying a huge cylindrical big guy with an old boom and Laura.
"This is a set of brewing equipment?" Dad Zhuang saw the equipment at a glance and frowned. "You didn’t move this rusty from the garbage can, did you?"
"Of course not. It’s a special kind of metal. Brewing equipment is particularly interesting. Dad, what do you do?"
"I don’t think the grapes you transplanted are ripe enough to eat. I plan to brew some wine." Dad Zhuang pointed to the vine on the wall, which was planted by Zhao Min, but lied to Dad Zhao that it was transplanted from the manor. Dad Zhuang didn’t doubt it.
A string of purple grapes is so tempting.
"But this grape has been fermented for almost a week, how can it still be grape juice …" Zhuang Dad was puzzled and a little suspicious of his brewing technology!
Because sometimes the blood in it brings its own freshness …
The common method is that there is no way to brew the output of the manor into wine
"Dad wants to brew the manor to produce this for you." Zhuang pointed to the big metal can nearby.
Chapter 121 Brewing Master Manor
The farm house was in a state of chaos.
Dad Zhuang was so busy around a huge pot-shaped object that he couldn’t catch it at all.
"Stir quickly! Stir! "