This is not to say that Yueqiuchi is a pseudo-monarch, but he likes it, but he can’t show his disgust. This is why his aristocratic brother was trained and "educated" in Tang Xiaofeng from an early age. To be honest, he personally feels that it is quite tiring to live like this. Of course, from another perspective, people like him who are happy are also considered to be lacking in "education".

Luan drove out of Zhongdu and traveled several miles to the mountain.
Although the mountain is small, the whole shape looks like a big drum top and a stone platform. The mountainside is full of halls, which are different from other places. These halls are all stone halls instead of the "tree halls" that are common in the tree carving kingdom.
Tang Xiaofeng looked at the sudden movement in the mountain heart and quietly injected Ling Yu Qi into his eyes and looked intently.
Followed by a somewhat stunned smile …
Chapter 51 Fighting swords at the mountain?
Princess Diji, who was greeted by offering sacrifices to the mountain, was a burly and strong old man.
This old man is the "Sun Saint" among the saints.
The "Sun Saint" is even more disabled, and the middle-aged saints have the highest moral expectations.
Before Jade Emperor was proclaimed emperor by Zen, he was already the right-hand man around Jade Emperor. When Jade Emperor closed his practice or had something to leave Zhongdu, many political affairs were left to him to deal with.
Tang Xiaofeng has never seen him these days because he has always been prepared for the upcoming ceremony of offering sacrifices to the mountain.
Tang Xiaofeng knows very well that if the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven is really to launch a ceremony of stacking nine gold stars, it will succeed and fail until the whole kingdom dies and nine mirrors and nine doors form a huge pattern to fix the aura of heaven and earth stolen from people.
If you can’t do this, the human environment is afraid to collapse like Loulan’s environment or "inhuman" it.
There are heavily guarded around the mountain, and many soldiers riding flying beasts fly around it, so that the mountain is packed and guarded even more strictly than the palace.
As Tang Xiaofeng expected in advance, the history of the secret agent did not appear
Even if there are "Sun Sheng", "blade master", "Poet Sheng" and "Snow Sheng" among the Sixteen Sacred Gods, I dare not be negligent in the face of demonizing the enemy here, because when he wants to kill a person, the help that the Sixteen Sacred Gods can give is negligible.
Here, Tang Xiaofeng actually saw Xiang Yu and Ling Zi, two brothels, but this is also normal, because they had already trained the singer Ji Xiang Yu to "swim far and wide" and the confidante didn’t come over. He said hello and laughed.
At the altar, Shuyuan Diji rehearsed the dance of offering sacrifices to heaven.
Pointing out that she is the official Meiyu of "Snow Saint"
At this time, both Tang Xiaoshan and Tang Xiaofeng have roughly found out that this dance of offering sacrifices to heaven was created by the mysterious agent of the goddess of the kingdom. Although the mysterious agent of the goddess of the kingdom is not in the realm of heaven and man, many times when she is a "sacrificial teacher" from time to time, it is presided over by Guan Meiyu on her behalf.
Sister Tang Xiaofeng sat at the table and watched Shuyuan Diji dance.
After watching for a while, my sister whispered, "Shu Yuan’s dance is similar to nine planets’s footwork and Taoist steps, but she doesn’t seem to have this consciousness, but this dance alone is not enough to start the nine stars."
There are too many people around, and they dare not talk more.
Even so, Tang Xiaofeng has realized that he has a clear understanding of the whole thing.
Shi Youtan’s master is a female sacrifice in the kingdom of God, that is, Yuan Ziyan, who fought against Yuan Tiangang and caused chaos in China, tried to disrupt China’s mainland through Wu Meiniang, but was proclaimed emperor. After that, Wu Meiniang destroyed the whole prostitute meeting.
Yuan Ziyan fled back to the kingdom of God. She was a Chinese who knew that the collapse of the realm of heaven and man was even inevitable, so she trained a history detective.
Shi Youtan summoned Ai Cuifang, Ji Shenyu, Shi Lanyan, Yan Jinxin and others to re-establish the Concubine Society, and arrested the 40 reincarnated flower gods just to blow up Taiyi Jiugong through Jiuding, and these flower gods were inspired by the innate yuan gods to create a great situation to steal the aura of heaven and earth from the human world so that the realm of heaven and man can go for a long time.
Ai Cuifang will help Shi You explore nature because she is a princess of the stork family and has already decided to move the stork family to the kingdom of God. It is also good for her people to consider the future and help Shi You explore.
And Shi Youtan naturally got great help from Jade Emperor in doing this, because whether this matter can be successfully continued directly to the whole kingdom, and the holy place vowed to support the gods and demons. It should also be that Jade Emperor Kingdom persecuted them in the future or they made a deal.
If heaven and earth collapse, the kingdom will no longer exist, so it is meaningless to know who is a Jade Emperor. It is important for Jade Emperor to keep the future of the kingdom, so that heaven and earth will not collapse like his other lands. Nature is willing to serve his daughter.
Without this transaction, Jade Emperor was afraid to give the throne to his daughter. Without Jiuding and Wude, the kingdom of God would eventually come to an end. No one has ever been able to kill Jade Emperor first and then "meditate" the emperor himself. How can he guarantee that others will not do the same to his daughter after his death?
While Shuyuan Diji was rehearsing the song and dance, Tang Xiaofeng bowed to her sister and said, "Come with me."
Sister looked at him doubtfully, and when she saw him get up and leave, she followed him out to a secluded bamboo forest. Tang Xiaofeng whispered, "Look at the mountain head, sister."
Tang Xiaoshan thought, how can I see the mountain head without perspective eyes? I was thinking about my brother, but I had put my hand on her middle of the back, and a cool air flowed over. Tang Xiaoshan immediately came over in vain to guide this air flow to her eyes, and the earth and stone were broken down like root lines to let her see the situation in the mountains.
There is a huge pit at the head of the mountain leading to the square, and there are many fairy seals painted around it.
Tang Xiaofeng faintly tunnel "see?"
My sister heaved a sigh of relief. "It turns out that the mirror is behind the door, but this is it."
Tang Xiaofeng wondered, "What do you and Yunzhi always think it is in Zhongdu?"
"This is probably because we made a mistake," my sister whispered. "Zhongdu is the most central place in the realm of heaven and man. Our mirror is the opposite door, and Taiyi Jiugong is also Zhongdu Zhonggong, but it is not the case. We judge by the map, but the map is not accurate."
Tang Xiaofeng whispered, "But then we will be in trouble."
Sister Nai tunnel "is really a headache"
They wanted to sneak into the palace to rescue the 40 girls with innate aura when most of the saints in Jade Emperor were offering sacrifices to the mountain at the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven, and then they turned their backs on the mirror, but they didn’t expect this mirror to be deep in the mountain. In that case, they had to rush into the mountain to offer sacrifices after rescuing those girls, which probably added a lot of difficulties.
However, if we don’t mirror the door, it’s too far away. Once Jade Emperor finds out that these flower gods have been rescued by people, they will be searched by the whole country. After all, it is only natural that these flower gods will die in the kingdom, even if they sacrifice more, but they are alone and rounded up, even if one person can escape.
Of course, this is still to establish that magic killing can successfully kill Shi Youzhen. If you let Shi Youzhen live, I don’t know what will happen.
Xiao-shan Tang’s mind is fast moving and thinking about what it should be like.
My brother pressed her back, but moved his hand and touched her hair.
Originally her brother, she naturally didn’t mean anything. She suddenly felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere. When she turned around, she saw that the moon hill pool was stepping in the distance, but suddenly it froze. Look at her brother with a gloomy face, but it was very enjoyable to stand aside.
She immediately realized that her brother was deliberately touching Qiu Chigong and couldn’t help but stare at him mercilessly, but Tang Xiaofeng had already turned away to let her stare in vain.
Yueqiuchi strode forward, but it was hard to calm down in my heart.
Naturally, he didn’t know that the two men were brothers and sisters, but he saw "You Yuanyue". First, he touched the hill girl’s back, and then he gently fiddled with her hair, while the hill girl stood there quietly with a bad feeling. I don’t know how many times she had done it before. If it wasn’t for the hill girl’s love for You Yuanyue, how could he flirt like this?
Yueqiuchi came to Tang Xiaoshan and said faintly, "I want to rest in the main hall during the rehearsal of the temple. Let me come to find a girl and ask her if she will accompany her to play chess?"
Before Tang Xiaoshan spoke, Tang Xiaofeng said casually, "She can’t play chess."
Yueqiuchi looked at Tang Xiaoshan and Tang Xiaoshan Nai replied, "My daughter really can’t play chess."
Tang Xiaofeng has a "I told you" posture with his hands behind his head … Although my sister is proficient in all three aspects of piano and chess painting, she never cares about chess, chess, checkers or anything, but if she doesn’t touch chess anyway.
Although he can’t play chess, Tang Xiaoshan still went into the temple to accompany Shu Yuan’s Emperor Ji and turned around and glared at his brother, blaming him for asking for trouble at this time. My brother doesn’t seem to like asking for trouble, so she can do nothing.
My sister went into the temple to accompany Shuyuan Diji. Tang Xiaofeng was about to wander around Yueqiuchi, but she was already in a flash and stood in front of him coldly. He smiled faintly. "Brother Qiuchi has something important?"
"I warned you to stay away from her," said the Moon Hill Pool coldly.
Tang Xiaofeng snorted. "I have already said that you are a fart?"