At that time, during the summer vacation, Nanfeng and Yuge swam at the beach, and she and Shengge picked up shells on the beach and drank drinks on the couch.

Have a barbecue at the beach in the evening. At that time, they didn’t know Qingqing, just the four of them.
There are many memories of the four of them here. Every year when they go to school during the summer vacation, they have to tan for several degrees, especially when he and the adults in Ji Nanfeng say that they are tanned into two black monkeys.
But after the winter, they came back in vain when they wore short sleeves the next year.
At that time, the strike had just arrived in Qingcheng Jijia, and she was timid and quiet. She didn’t say anything about how Ji Nanfeng bullied her. She silently helped him pass water and clothes to wipe his sweat.
And Song Yu hates Ji Nanfeng bullying strike. Every time the Nanfeng bullying strike, he clamors to bring the strike back to the Song family to be his sister.
Ji Nanfeng certainly doesn’t agree with a word. Two people can fight on the beach and make up in an instant, and then form a group to bully others.
It seems that the only thing that hasn’t changed for so many years is the brotherhood between these two people.
"I haven’t been here for a long time to take you for fun" is already the sunset, and the temperature on the west coast is not low. The sea breeze blows and smells salty.
"I haven’t been here for a long time." It took Qin Sang a long time to look at the sunset and say this.
The last time I came here was her tenth birthday, maybe six years ago, but it felt like a long time ago.
What did they do that night? She seemed to drink a lot and said that she liked him. She woke up early the next morning with her agent.
He’s gone. I don’t know when to leave.
How much she liked him at that time, even if he was a little nicer to her, she would be happy for a long time.
Qin Sang watched the rolling waves surge, but there was no waves.
Just like a barren and exhausted land, no matter how good it is planted, it will not germinate.
After her birthday, her father found out the cancer. Although she had an operation to stabilize her condition, it recurred a few years later.
The Qin family experienced a father’s illness and the big brother took over the company’s business, which was also like a catastrophe.
Those years were her most desperate years. She kept on receiving Shang Yan’s concert and endorsements. Besides desperately making money, she just missed him.
Occasionally, she will visit him at his school, even if she has five or six minutes to meet him.
Even if it is to see him from a distance.
She never regrets that she used to be a little afraid to go forward regardless of gains and losses.
Maybe all her love courage has been exhausted.
On the beach, just the two of them randomly found a place to sit on the beach and watch the sunset
On that occasion, she also watched the sea sunset, but she was alone.
When he arrived, he had already missed it. At that time, she thought it was okay to miss the sunset and the sunrise, but later she even missed the sunrise.
Although she was lost, she felt that there was nothing unusual because of sunrise and sunset for 365 days.
They still have many opportunities.
It’s a pity that they haven’t watched the sunrise and sunset together in these six years.
Sometimes things that seem the most common are not easy to do.
The setting sun in the distance is like a red ball, and it sinks into the vast sea little by little, and the surrounding clouds gradually turn into dark clouds, and the sky darkens little by little, and finally it is completely dark.
Song Yu took off his coat and took Qin Sang’s ear. Besides the wind, there were waves.
"Sang Sang, let’s reissue the wedding!" Song Yu suddenly way
The sea breeze slowly sent Song Yu’s words to Qin Sang’s ears with the waves.
Speaking of which, they have been licensed for more than a year, but for more than a year, the two of them have been awkward and quarreling for several times, and the cold war has been cold for several times, and even their good friends have disappeared.
There was no wedding.
He owes her a big wedding.
At that time, the two parents also urged Qin Sang and hinted several times that the wedding dress was also customized
He’s the one who’s been avoiding the wedding, and he’s been dragging his feet
Later, in Qin Sang, he went abroad for a long time when he was on a business trip and never contacted him again.
Maybe he didn’t go to see her, but her father was dying, and she wouldn’t go back to China at all.
"What?" Qin Sang like didn’t catch what he said generally asked.
"Let’s have a wedding!" Song Yu repeated it again
Unfortunately, she didn’t get a response from Sang Sang for a long time until Song Yu Qin Sang couldn’t answer. She suddenly said, "It’s a pity that he can’t see it."
Qin Sang naturally refers to her father.
Real dad has always been vertical to her. Although she didn’t say yes to Song Yu, she never opposed it.
Later, she designed and got his license, and her father never said anything harsh about her.
She did whatever she wanted in the past twenty-four years, even in the Qin family crisis.
Once a long-awaited grand wedding, but now Song Yu has said that she didn’t expect it at first.
"I’m sorry!" Song Yu slant head looked at her.
She couldn’t see clearly in the dark, and the sea breeze blew her long hair messy.
Qin Sang’s father hoped that they would hold a wedding before, but at that time he never felt at ease.
Song Yuzhen felt sorry for Sang Sang’s father. On his deathbed, he thought about holding a wedding, but Sang Sang was in no mood and her father didn’t agree.
At that time, he already felt that he was not a lover in Sang Sang’s heart before he said those words on his deathbed, and he didn’t trust to give Sang Sang to him until he got his guarantee.
Chapter 576 Heart disease needs heart medicine doctor
And he will not hesitate to make a promise before Qin Fu, not because he wants to reassure an old man who is about to leave.
But at that moment, he clearly realized his love for Qin Sang.
Maybe earlier.
It was in hindsight that he was used to being loved and neglected her too much.
If he had known that he would love her, he would never let her suffer so much one day.
But where in life is there any early knowledge?
If he were young again, would he really like Sang Sang at that age?
He didn’t know
There’s no way to lie to her or yourself by saying things you don’t want to say.
But now Song Yu in front of her is a heart and keeps Song Yu in love with her.
So Song Yu sang sang hesitated.
"Actually, you’re not sorry. I’m sorry. I’ve been pestering you for so many years. You must be annoyed, right?" Sang Sang couldn’t say whether it was melancholy or something.