After a while, a battalion chief who was in charge of the search in Dongpu District entered the room.

"Hello Captain Liang" Xu Cheng got up immediately.
"Hello, I heard that you called a helper from Songjiang? Thank you very much, "Captain Liang replied politely.
"This is Mr. Qi. He has been in contact with Qin Yu’s team for a long time, and he has also worked as a police officer in Songjiang." Xu Cheng took Qi and said, "He can help us."
"Hello, Mr. Qi"
After a few commonplaces, everyone immediately took a seat.
"Do you understand the case of Mr. Qi?" Captain Liang asked
"Mr. Xu told me a general idea," Qi rubbed his hands and asked, "I want to know if you have arrested the suspect?"
"It’s under control, but according to our inference, this man who killed captain Hu Fei and shot the king has probably run out of South Shanghai." Captain Liang truthfully replied, "We are now interrogating the arrested gun dealers and asking them to identify him. There are already some clues."
Qi was silent for a long time. "Is there a direct clue?"
"That’s not all information about loss." Captain Liang shook his head.
"There can’t be a clue," Qi replied arbitrarily.
"What?" Captain Liang is puzzled.
"You don’t understand the transportation mode of the core team of gun dealers in South Shanghai," Qi Qing explained. "It must be Ye Xiao’s close friends who can directly handle this matter. It is very likely that they are transferred from other places and usually don’t show up at the company. At present, all you can catch are corner characters. They can’t really understand the situation of the gunmen, but after you draw clues layer by layer and catch the core members, the gunmen will have long since disappeared. This will not help the speed of the case."
Captain Liang just didn’t take Qi seriously, but after listening to his words, he also felt that there was some truth. "Then how do you think to speed up the case now?"
Qi thought a little and suddenly said, "What do you expect them to do next?"
"How to predict?" Xu cheng immediately asked
"The suspect in the murder and gun case will probably be arranged by the authorities to run to the Sichuan government." Qi turned to look at the two men and replied, "It is a habit of Qin Yu’s team to arrange the informant to hide in the camp in the planned area. Xiaobai, the head of the 114th regiment of the independent division, once provoked the case in Yanbei, but was arranged to Wu Tianyin around the Russian district. At present, Ye Xiao, the first independent division has been autonomous in the Sichuan government, and there is no need to do so. Everyone will be arranged to the Sichuan government."
Xu Cheng’s eyes lit up when he heard this.
Chapter 161 Clashes in secret
Captain Liang immediately replied when he heard this, "Do you mean that we should face the road to Chuanfu?"
"Don’t be monitored" Qi immediately waved his hand "Ye Xiao stayed in South Shanghai for so many years and had a grudge against people like Wu Zhannan. It is very hard for you to help him. You can know what you want to do here at the police headquarters."
Captain Liang nodded.
"Underhand monitoring" Qi looked at the two men and said, "Don’t put squats on remote sections of the main road to Chuanfu. Police officers silently and secretly investigate the suspects involved. There are more than a dozen of these people who put a piece of food and drink together. It is a problem to keep an eye on the food and lodging shops along the road. Besides, there is a military shadow behind the sale of guns. They may also be anxious to take a helicopter. You should also say hello to the phase department to control the area and block and squat the take-off location."
"Feasible" Captain Liang nodded
"There is another important clue that you have overlooked." Qi rubbed his hands and said gloomily.
"What clue?" Captain Liang asked
"Hu Fei’s place of death" said Qi Low. "Qin Yu’s team members have a habit of doing things, that is, they won’t do things unless they support the bottom. Before Ye Xiao, it was the famous old Lei outside the area. The people he taught had strong anti-reconnaissance ability."
"Tell me about it in detail," Captain Liang continued with great interest.
A dormitory building of a factory building outside the district
Mourning Shao, wearing a hat and holding a pipe wrench, pried the iron gate leading to the rooftop of the building and then covered it in the middle of the paper clip door.
Behind her, a girl dressed simply but slim said, "Why do you act like a thief every day?"
"What is this? It’s always a thief!" The bereaved rightfully replied, turned around and looked around, and put a pistol in the dusty fire box.
After everything was done, the two men went back to the house and took off their coats and asked, "Do I have any rope left here?"
"in the cupboard"
Shaowen went to the cupboard and took out two bundles of ropes, which were tied to the bedroom and the living room respectively, and the windows were neatly arranged.
"How many days will you and I stay here?" Girl apron ready to cook.
"If you come, I’ll leave." Mourning Shao went to bed and patted his belly and said, "I’ll leave you 200 thousand this time. Don’t let people stare at you lavishly."
"What do you mean by breaking up?"
"Sort of," the words of mourning answered flatly. "I won’t come back for a year, and our fate is over. You can find someone else."
The girl cut the chopping board with a kitchen knife and scolded coldly, "You don’t recognize this dog’s pants!"
Mourning Shao yawned and conveniently put the gun under the pillow "Call me after dinner"
The girl was silent for a long time. "Take me with you. I am willing to follow."
"I’m a fucking love rat. What are you doing with me?" Lost less closed his eyes and answered, "… I will contact you if I can come back."
"Then what am I?" The girl asked.
"Running friend" bereavement replied without hesitation.