"There is a phenomenon in the thirty-three days of the Tao that is called the day of dzogchen.

Turn thirty-three days into magical powers. This is a great circle of swords. "
Zhang Yue asked, "I just practiced the sword. There are still many realms behind the practice."
This is complete? What’s next? "
Fu Xialiang said, "It doesn’t affect and the cultivation effect will be better."
After this trial, if I am alive, I will definitely be promoted to the status of a first-order brother, and then I will be promoted to the first order if I declare my sword in dzogchen. Then I will be four kinds of brothers. "
Fu Xia Liang laughed. At this time, the attitude was different from that before, and it was no longer fear for the trial.
"The old fu test you ask?"
"Eldest brother, you listen to me in detail!"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Tengu food day crisis response
"This test five elements of the dog tried to enter the wild animal blood cave.
We have a powerful magical power here to send us to the wild animal blood cave with each other.
Every time the five elements of the dog were tried, tens of thousands of dogs entered the trial.
These dog families are either single-element dogs or compound dogs with several lines. After killing and devouring each other, they finally completed the integration of the five elements into a real five-element dog with the help of the wild animal blood cave. "
They can’t listen to nod.
Fu Xia cool continued
"According to their experience, the teacher elder sister tried the first crisis, the wild animal blood cave is the holy land of the orcs.
Where you enter, it will inevitably turn into a fierce beast. The fierce beast has claws. Our tools are all dharma envoys.
Whether it’s an Excalibur, a magic weapon, or a robe, all external objects are fighting by their own fists, fists, spells and magical powers. "
Zhang Yue frowned and said, "The beast can rely on itself? No sword like a royal sword? "
"Alas, Lao Wei is dead, otherwise he will be alive, and the martial arts will be the first, and this test will be the absolute enemy."
"Alas, Fourth Brother, what a pity!"
Fu Xia cool and said, "the second crisis is that these dogs are particularly cruel.
For intruders who enter the blood cave of wild animals, they are like rabies, and they are constantly chasing after them.
It is important to avoid them from killing. "
Then Fu Xia cool drink a mouthful of water continued
"In the third crisis, the five elements of the tengu in the wild animal blood grottoes have been tried several times, and a god has been born!
This god is called the black-headed dog god, which is really the world consciousness of the wild animal blood cave
When we get there, we are not faced with the dog race, but also the whole world, heaven, earth and wind are our enemies
Fortunately, several ancestors took part in the trial to pollute the black-headed dog. God will be three-thirds neutral and will not come directly to kill us. "
Yang Xiu said, "This is the curse of the world where heaven and earth are enemies!"
"There is no way for anyone to let it be their territory!"
Fu Xia cool continued
Then in the fourth crisis, besides the dog family, the black-headed dog god, there are other races.
Yang Xiu hesitated and asked, "Is he an alien?"
"In addition to our past pollution and the five elements of the dog bordering Mudaya fairy Mokeshula must also send people to pollute in the past.
These guys will never kill dogs when they see us Terrans, and they will hunt us down.
In addition to them, there are also five elements of Tengu, and some foreigners around them will also send people to make trouble.
Finally, some big beasts will send their cubs in, which is a chance for them to have a good meal. "
Zhang Yue said, "These five elements of heavenly dogs are all enemies."
Fu Xia cool nodded and said, "Five elements of Tengu are particularly bad Terran sworn enemies.