The dialogue between Li Wen and Mohn made Xu Le stunned. It seems that they are not so simple, but they are very close, otherwise they would not be able to say such things.

But this way of speaking is not poisonous.
"All right, Xu Le, let me introduce you again. This is Ms. Archie, and this is Mr. Goode. They are all members of parliament."
Hearing the arrival of three members, Xu Leyi fell silent, but the silence was short.
He knows very well that there are so many important people here, and this meeting is not as simple as simply reporting, and maybe there are some inspection meanings.
What to examine?
Xu Le thinks it’s not just about soap. Maybe they want to see him as a soap maker, too?
"Hello, Ms. Archie, Mr. Good."
"Hello, Dr. Xu Le. I have heard your name." Mrs. Archie nodded politely to Xu Le.
And aside eidur gudjohnsen is said hello to become warped become warped fingers.
"All right, let’s introduce a project of gloss soap factory to the furnace plan."
Li Wenyin some solemnly this solemn let Xu Le feel like an exam.
These people are the examiners of this exam.
"Three people are all people with great energy. I believe that three people have learned from Minister Li Wen about the existence of Guangzao Soap Factory and that it consumes money, manpower and material resources.
But this project is not a light soap factory, but a Zion energy expansion plan-melting furnace plan. "
Although they didn’t express their views, judging from the fluctuation of the three people’s hearts.
These three people may not really know about the furnace plan, which shocked Xu Le.
It is obvious that Li Wen can let these three people appear here, and these three people are biased towards Li Wen’s side
But Li Wen can’t deduct money from these three members without overdraft plan? Isn’t this ridiculous?
Did he just draw a soap factory cake?
"Tell me in detail."
"The furnace plan is a supplementary regulation plan for special combat energy in Zion, and its core idea is the era of burning strange benchmarks to create new energy …"
Xu Le outlined a melting pot plan, which Xia Libo told him.
He doesn’t understand, but he can recite it
Whether the three people across the street can understand it is not his business.
Xu Le said after Mohn old man immediately criticized.
"It’s crazy. It’s a combination of genius and neuropathy. Then you burned these strangely?"
Mohn pointed to the paper-packed energy block on the table and looked disdainful.
Archie and Goodall seem to like Mohn’s opinion, and they immediately frown after he shows disdain for soap.
This makes Mohn, an old man in front of Xu Le’s eyes, perhaps the regulatory technical figure among the three.
Xu Le is also prepared for this.
"Mr. Mohn may have a certain understanding of energy, but I want to say that our production is absolutely unprecedented and epoch-making. You can take a closer look at it …"
Xu Le’s eyes flashed with confidence.
What Mohn will show disdain? Because he didn’t feel that energy in the soap.
What can’t be felt? Because the outer packaging of these nine soaps was sealed by Xu Le and Xia Libo.
It sealed the wrapping paper, not the soap.
Xia Libo said that he did not understand Xu Le’s explanation, but it was very simple in four words.
Great shock!
Mohn heard Xu Le’s confident words pie again.
"You like bragging as much as Li Wen, but I’m telling you it’s not …"
Mohn hit a piece of soap wrapping paper as he spoke.
When the word "light" appeared in front of him, a blue brilliance rose into the sky and spilled ancient sounds. Many energies almost erupted from Li Wen’s office.
"Lying in the trough!" Mohn quickly covered the soap wrapping paper.
His eyes sparkled with shock, and his old fingers could not help shaking.
It’s like what Xu Le predicted before he was a child. Although he didn’t see what the soap in the white was, the erupting energy still made him feel that it was really …
Great shock!
"Smelly little … you this guy … mom …"
Mohn said a few words in a row, but he didn’t finish until he swore at the end.
Archie and Goodall immediately became kind-hearted when they saw him behave like this.
"It seems that Mr. Xu Le really has an amazing achievement that can shock Mr. Mohn. Maybe it is epoch-making as you said.
Does Dr. Xu Le have any plans for the future? "
Xu Le looked up and looked at Li Wenxi. Li Wen showed some signs, but Li Wen winked at him and said nothing.