Whether it’s Qianman Mountain or Wanling Cave, it’s the strongest person, and it’s also the middle stage of Daoji. Even if it is defeated, it can escape.

The foot disappears, and the dark clouds suddenly accelerate and go straight to the direction indicated by the token.
There are still several miles away from the token induction position. When Zhou Yi reached out and touched the eyebrows, he slowly opened his eyes.
The mana of the flash body of the eye of the law also consumes rapidly.
Zhou Yi’s mouth is stuffy and groaning.
It doesn’t cost mana to speak as the third eye messenger when you don’t activate the avatar, but once you activate the avatar …
When he first entered Daoji, he couldn’t stick to one incense stick, especially when he was looking far away.
"Line of sight" is full of light from heaven and earth.
The veins flow like thick and endless mountains and rivers, but there are also different trees, and they breathe like people.
Miles away
The criss-crossing lights converge into a big net, just waiting for the fish to fall into it.
"Ah …"
Take back the watchful eye, Zhou Yi shook his head gently, and then the dark clouds turned ten percent toward black wind mountain.
"Taoist friends stay!"
A sword light rises in Fangshan forest, and there is a ringing sound.
"Since I’m here, I’m in a hurry to leave?"
Zhou Yi turned a deaf ear to the crazy acceleration of dark clouds, and even the cover-up method was taken back and flew all the way.
Female turns cold
"don’t eat a toast!"
Several cold lights swept from the rear and passed in the blink of an eye. At an alarming speed, they went towards Yuntou Zhouyi.
The cold light ruler looks like a steel needle and its edge is exposed.
Seeing that you can’t escape, Zhou Yi can sacrifice the Xuanwu shield to the back.
Clouds of strange green flame when the explosion of great driving force also let Zhou Yi mouth stuffy hum body toward Fangshan forest.
Good Xuanwu shield is enough to get to know each other for a while.
"It’s you!"
Zhou Yi didn’t see the bearer’s eyes until after landing.
"Wanxing Cave grows Huaxian!"