Jin Jiuling fell out of the room and flew upside down for more than two feet. The new brocade robe fell to the ground and rolled all over the ground. A piece of blood was smudged on the right shoulder arm.

Lu Xiaofeng body a twist a head.
That silver light just now turned out to be an embroidery needle.
Jin Jiuling, the embroidery thief with this embroidery needle, once broke the iron palm in the southeast of the famous town of Jiangchongwei, the general manager of Wangfu, and once blinded his eyes with a trick, which made the chief escort with first-class reputation and martial arts always lose his reputation all over the sky.
But today, when Jin Jiu Ling was holding this embroidery needle, he was knocked down and shot back from the palm of his right hand, piercing through the whole right arm, tearing the musculoskeletal bones, piercing out from the right shoulder and lashing out to the wall dozens of steps away.
Most of the needle is submerged in the wall, leaving a little tip exposed.
At first glance, Lu Xiaofeng suffered such a strong collision that the needle tip had not broken yet. He turned his head to the room and locked the young man sitting in the red table of the three people in the room.
The boy is holding a special weapon that looks like iron whip and a hammer.
Is this the weapon he used to shoot the embroidery needle backwards? Lu Xiaofeng thought.
"Who are you? !”
Jin Jiuling struggled to get up from the ground, enjoying herself in a romantic manner, and her face was full of disbelief and resentment. "Who the hell are you? How do you know my game? How can you defeat me with one move?"
Jin Jiuling may not be able to bear the destruction of a wonderful crime by a man of unknown origin, but he is called the first player in six doors for 300 years. He claims that if he really fights Lu Xiaofeng, he will be inferior to him. But how can he accept the situation of being seriously injured by one stroke?
And Jin Jiuling, it’s just a wave of his hand to see that the man is unarmed.
Is it that dark iron casts an arm that can stop him from pouring ten things into reality?
The more I think about it, the more angry I am. Jin Jiuling vomited an one mouthful blood and saw a piece of bright red fall to the ground. He realized that when the embroidery needle penetrated his right arm just now, the needle strength had already waved him 70% of the meridians. At this time, his strength was constantly breaking up and it was difficult to even move.
Fang Yunhan ignored and waved his hand to understand all the acupoints in Xue Bing and stepped out of the room to see Lu Xiaofeng first.
Lu Xiaofeng’s moustache is really like his eyebrows, and "Lu Xiaofeng with four eyebrows" is very distinctive.
Fang Yunhan combined with Xue Binggang’s look change has been able to determine the identity of this person, that is, he smiled gently. "Since the original investigator has come, you must already know who the murderer is."
"I’ll see you after this."
Fang Yunhan wanted to leave. Lu Xiaofeng quickly shouted, "Wait a minute. Brother solved this big case. Can you leave your name?"
Fang Yunhan stopped and said, "Shouldn’t you cut Miss Xue first?"
Lu Xiaofeng one leng immediately went to see Xue Bing.
He was so worried when he came here just now that he felt as if there was only one goal left in the world that he could run away exhausted. At that time, there was only one Xue Bing in his eyes.
But when he got here, he couldn’t help but note something else first.
When Xue Bing first met Lu Xiaofeng, there was an indescribable ecstasy in her heart, but when she saw Lu Xiaofeng at first sight, she was filled with joy and immediately cut by 70%. At this time, her face was already very complicated and her face was tight.
"Ha, my name is Fang Yunhan. Goodbye."
Fang Yunhan went out of the courtyard.
Xue Bing suddenly cried, "Wait, I’ll go wherever you go."
She caught a glimpse of Lu Xiaofeng when she crossed the high wall with flying skill.
Lu Xiaofeng smiled and stayed where he was, watching Xue Bing float out of the hospital like a white and soft cloud.
Lu Xiaofeng, two friend who betrayed him and two servant girl are left in this courtyard.
Fang Yunhan wants to go to Xue Bing, where can he chase him? After a while, he has come to the more prosperous area of the city and walked into a garment shop alone.
The character template has been changed, so he naturally goes to change clothes first.
Jade crown embroidered with white robe and brocade boots changed into a coarse blue robe.
A gray cloth belt was tied around his waist. He had black hair and a thin hemp rope behind his head. Most of the temples on both sides had long hair hanging down his shoulders.
Fang Yunhan walked out of the ready-to-wear shop, weighing the heavy purse and muttered, "You have to have a sword."