Honour-giver is the needle of the reincarnation of the small universe.

If you want to honor the person, you can definitely destroy the energy incarnation of the three ethnic expeditionary forces and regain the lost will.
It’s a pity that the short-term honour person didn’t respond to him.
Although there was no response, it was cloudy and the superior troops came first to encircle the incarnation of the Daxi ethnic group’s energy light wing
This tactical theory is both theoretical and practical.
No matter how strong the meta-energy incarnation is, it can’t be stronger than the cloudy day in hell.
Cloudy days with the elite can definitely kill Yuan energy incarnation.
It is when the cloudy day comes with the four kings and two generals and other elites, and the Daxi clan yuan doesn’t retreat against the cloudy day, but hey hey sneer.
At the same moment, Daxi clan elements flicked their fingers to the grave, and a light beam of energy rose like a wolf’s smoke.
Looking at this soaring energy beam on a cloudy day, my heart suddenly has a bad feeling!
In just two seconds, a hazy holy light and green light suddenly shot like rolling thunder, and that speed was a few minutes faster than Ula’s.
In the holy light and the green light, the main energy of the Maya and the energy of the Eldar ancestors are in two places, and the Maya and the top and strongest Eldar all fall out of the light.
"Are they all together?" The holy father suddenly frowned. "Why are there four kings, two generals and three kings?"
"Maybe not to kill them first!
Besides, there is a big fish called cloudy day! "said the Lord black sun holy force busy.
Stayed on a cloudy day.
Looking at the Eldar, the Maya, the Daxi and the top strong people who surrounded them, they suddenly realized that it was not good.
Or aware of the crisis.
He has four kings and two generals on a cloudy day, and now he has become the prey of these three families.
These three want to chop them down like Yamaraja in the first ten halls and then devour their seals.
One person in a single pair is not afraid of cloudy days
But a pair of three cloudy days has a result-even the seal has been swallowed up!
Cloudy days react very quickly. At the first moment, they launched the great power of cloudy days, and took four kings and two generals to escape along the network cable.
It’s a pity that the three clans have gathered together for the planning week. Does he escape?
"The light shines everywhere in a cage!" The black sun’s holy light is in two places, and the milky white holy light is pouring out in an instant. On a cloudy day, the brilliance of the seal is steep, and the ghost king and the ghost commander are abruptly interrupted.
"venerable sir, help!"
At this moment, there is no image scruples on cloudy days!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-three Wolf ambition
On a cloudy day, the eyes of the public went directly to the underworld to ask for help from the venerable Buddha. What has already been completely ignored?
Of course, it’s not cloudy
But the Eldar, the Daxi, and the Maya are too horrible to be in two places at once.
This time, they are busy, but their own various means have brought the corresponding keepsake, which is very powerful.
It’s not that there is no body, and there is 70% combat power!
Of course, if these three bodies come over, it will be cloudy and there will be no chance to call for help.
Sitting in charge of the underworld for thousands of years on cloudy days, but without the limitation of the physical body, he can rise to the peak when he has the physical body at most
Theory of strength is worse than the three families.
It’s no surprise that these three besieged people were forced to ask for help on a cloudy day.
Then what will the venerable master do?
Kill Xu tui!
It’s a teleport around Xu’s retreat, but the venerable master is well-connected, and a golden hand is chasing Xu’s retreat in the void.
A few times, I almost got a refund.
Xu Retreat not only distorts the speed of light, but also urges the two great seals, the great power Guanghua, to stop a diamond pestle.
This is an attempt to make a retreat.