Soon, the interview before the game has ended, and there is still one minute left. Both team members are guiding the workers to their respective competition tables.

Players from both sides will finish debugging their brains, and the on-site referee will declare the game official! This much-anticipated game is official!
"Hello, everyone, welcome to watch the third game of sigb team. The opponent of this gb team will be another strong rival. sq team believes that many players and friends in China are very familiar with this team. Single york in sq team is the world’s top single. Last year’s S-match performance made all of us very amazing. Unfortunately, the core of their team’s operation, peak, was in poor condition and it was a pity that they lost to newblane in the semi-finals." Still, as usual, the live broadcast was directly connected to the topic by the bear.
"Yes, sq is in a very good state this year, and now it ranks first in the standings with two wins, so this game is also a top battle. If sq loses this game, gb will be at the top of the standings, and if sq wins or draws this game, which sq will continue to lead the standings?"
"Xiao Yu, this is not the only point to watch a game. york announced that it would seal gb! This is a naked provocation. The biggest attraction of this game is here. "
"Yes, let’s wipe our eyes!"
Chapter 143 Exclusive Skill "Three Axes"!
"Well, now that the players from both sides have entered the bp screen, we can see that the first sentence of bo2, sq, has taken the lead. It seems that the sq team has taken the lead. Let’s take a look at what big moves sq has prepared for this game. It is believed that gb will be sealed." From the bear’s tone, we can feel a strong resentment and light rain. Now I still remember that Bear was furious when he read the newspaper york seal.
"Mr. Bear is like a grown-up child!" Xiao Yu thought in her mind, but when her eyes caught Liu Feng’s eye, her face turned red unconsciously. "I dreamed of him last night, alas …"
"… well, let’s look at the first-hand ban people in the blue side!" Bear waited and found that Xiaoyu didn’t answer his own words as usual. He took a curious look at Xiaoyu, but he was still very professional and didn’t pretend to help and directly explained.
Xiao Yu broke free from his own thoughts when he heard the little bear’s words, spat out his tongue slightly and then explained, "Well, sqban people still don’t have any intention to ban the M God first hand, Vayne. I really hope to have some chance to see the M God perform in the world series."
"It is said that the World Competition Association is now discussing with the roi company to change the recruitment mode to the blind selection mode in the fifth game of the League of Legends S-class event, that is, the final finals of the World Cup. It is said that this proposal will be announced when it has been passed by the roi company, and will be implemented in this year’s S competition."
"Are you? That’s great, but you are really confident in gb, Bear God. "
"Of course, if gb can’t make it to the S-match, it can be said that the S-match is bleak!"
"Ha ha, let’s look at the gbban people. Sure enough, ban lost the knife girl first-hand. This hero is sq single-star player york. A hero took us to see the ban people …" In the stage of ban people, sq routinely dropped Vayne ice and planes, while gb lost the knife girl Jax and the fox.
It’s Liu Feng’s turn in pik stage to say a word directly in the team voice, which directly represents Liu Feng’s determination.
"Wei Xian, tell me about your idea. You know our goal today. You choose a hero to ensure that you will kill each other and never hand over a population. Let’s talk about it. We won’t talk about tactics today!"
"Then take barbarian king!"
"I want to fight wild!"
"I am a crow!"
"I’ll listen to you!" Qian Feng has always carried forward his own shadow spirit.
"Okay, I get it."
So gb played gb in si’s most wonderful competition, and directly selected Man Wang Huang Raven and Taric Array. Except for Huang, who is a hero who often competes, the other four heroes have not been dusty heroes for many years …
"Ha ha see? Peak, what kind of game is this? Haha, this is ready to give up on yourself. This array is going to break out. Oh, my God, there will be no team battle. I think gb is a game where I know that I will lose, and then I can find a reason to choose this array after the game. york has completely laughed when I saw gb selected.
"Can you recognize? There are two people in the opposite gb who have absolute probability. Do you think they will be that weak? York, you don’t want me to acquiesce in what you said, which is to win or lose today’s game! Otherwise, even if it is you, you will stay in the 2 nd team! "
"Cut ~ ~ ~ Okay, I know I’ll be careful." york absently promised that he would know whether he would be really careful or not.
Sq chose a set of conventional array crocodile spider Sindra female gun hammer stone, and its control ability is remarkable in both explosion and group fighting. It is also a strong hero on the line. Literally, it seems that gb array has fallen into a weak position from the beginning.
"How could gb choose such an array? Although it is true that Draven’s Q skill is very harmful, it needs to be moved, especially on the same opposite side. The interference of professional players is almost equal to no chance to receive the flying axe. ….. Wait, is M God going to bring us a surprise in this game? " Bear seems to think of something, and his eyes glow and he says
"Bear God, don’t play charades with us. What do you think?" Xiaoyu then bear words said
"Ha ha, you forget what is the most classic M god? It is his walking control ability and his super high apm endurance. I have a hunch that M God should have sent a unique skill of Draven! "
"Hero-specific skills?" Light rain exclaims a look of disbelief followed by ecstasy.
"Hehe, let’s wipe our eyes!"
After the selection of the two sides, the horse entered the game screen. This time, the gb side quickly bought the clothes to go out and held the group directly. Instead of going to buff, it directly chose five people to hold the group and told sq to walk.
Sq saw this posture, there was no way to go directly from the red buff to the middle of the road. After the ass was not hot, Taric rushed directly regardless of it, and no matter who flew to the front, a person was a Q skill, and then directly retreated. When sq and others didn’t react, Taric immediately retreated.
At this time, Devon rushed directly to roar and threw the axe. One, two, three! Draven actually caught the flying axe for three consecutive times during the team battle, and was directly killed by the spider in Q!
"Who can tell me what just happened? How does it feel like Cheng Yaojin’s three axes? " The bear was completely shocked. He found that Liu Feng’s position when Q was thrown out was already the position where Q would land when he came back. It was amazing.
That’s right, this is Liu Fengxin’s unique skill, the three axes!
Chapter 144 Four BUFF Bureau
The principle of "three axes" is that Liu Fengli’s absolute probability establishes a vector model through a large number of random landing data of Draven’s Q skill flying axe, and finally adds random distribution probability to compress it in a certain area, so that the landing of Q skill flying axe can be controlled for a certain number of times! Therefore, this avoids the restriction of Dreven’s Q skills.
However, this skill also has a disadvantage that the cost of controlling the landing point is that the uncontrollable landing point behind it will deviate from its own position very far. Now, for example, Liu Feng can control the landing point of 3q skill now, but the fourth Liu Feng will inevitably fail to receive the Q skill axe, which will cause great position deviation.
So this is also the reason why Liu Feng called this skill "three axes", but now this skill is not the limit of this skill. Liu Feng calculated that he can control up to five landing points through his own massive calculation, but now Liu Feng has obtained data to support him to make a "three axes" for the time being.
Sq has been directly blinded by Liu Feng’s skill since he came. Not only is Delaiwen in a very safe position, but the damage caused by flying axe with violent runes is very explosive. The spider lying on the ground is the best proof …
"How can you feel that the axe is just listening to mikyo’s words? It’s almost in-situ output …" York was stunned by Liu Feng’s show of this skill, and the whole person was somewhat blinded.
"Cheer up to this game is not so good! Now retreat first! " Peak decisively reached the retreat order. Although the first-level skills were very long when they cooled down, they still clung to it. Now Liu Feng wants to cooperate with the gem to settle a person, so it must be another head. Liu Feng’s Levin is now like a sword hanging over sq’s head, making them dare not fight casually …
Sq wants to retreat, but gb naturally can’t let them leave sq so easily. Zhou Rebing’s crow directly lost a W skill to sq’s crowded place. Because the first-level group sq position was too middle in the early stage, it was directly caught off guard by crow W skill.
Everyone immediately flashed that they knew that once they were bound by W skills, waiting for themselves would be giving up their heads!
The first-level group gb directly took a blood and forced the other team to flash 4 times and returned the sq direct team to the city gb Dayou!
Since there is such a big advantage, it is naturally impossible for gb to send a signal to sq polite Liu Feng. Emperor Lu Yixuan and Zhou Rebing crows went to the blue square blue buff, while Liu Feng went directly to the blue square red buff with Qian Feng. This is to sweep the opposite buffer at the scene!
1 minute and 55 seconds, the buffs of both sides refreshed, and sq just came out of the hot spring. Although Wei Xiandan was seen on the map through the soldier line, others in gb must be grabbing their own buffs. Now the question is whether to catch a wave or not, because there are four people in gb now.