"It’s okay brother is not site was robbed? Just grab it again! " Zhang Xiaotian funny looking at Yang Xiao said

Suddenly Yang Xiao looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a smile without talking.
"Why? Do I have flowers on my face? " Zhang Xiaotian was seen a strange stretched out his hand and touched the face and said
"Elder brother there is good? It’s near here again! If we go there, if we want to come back, we can come back to see our parents at any time? " Yang Xiao asked Zhang Xiaotian with a smile.
"hmm? Yes! It’s really a good choice there! The location is also good. Speaking of it, we are quite destined to become ghosts there. We all met there and became sworn brothers there. Let’s stand there first today! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes suddenly lit up and nodded with a smile.
Peanut is a little confused. I don’t know what these two bosses say.
"Peanuts, let’s go! I’ll take it out on you with my eldest brother! I’d like to see how they skinned me, pulled my tendons and chopped my bones to make soup! " Yang Xiao to one side is still there with poor Jiang Guosheng gnashed her teeth and said
Jiang Guosheng’s eyes lit up, but he knew that Zhang Laoda repaired it more severely than Yang Laoda. When they were in the cremation factory now, three brothers were beaten and crawled by Yang Xiaodi at that time. Later, when a brother got together to find Yang Xiaodi’s revenge, he was stunned by several mental attack departments in Zhang Xiaotian, that is, at that time, they were completely beaten by Zhang Xiaotian brothers. It would be a mistake to have him go there this time.
Ghost fighting is very simple. Unless you have a magic weapon, there is a mental attack. Whoever has a strong mental attack wave will win. The mental attack wave has a locking function. Generally, you can’t hide it.
At this time, it was already late, and the parents had already gone to bed. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t wake them up, meaning to leave quietly! Zhang Xiaotian sighed, put a written letter on the table and waited for a while in the yard. Finally, he looked at the familiar home and shook his head and left.
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Chapter 24 Looking for a field (please recommend the collection! )
When the three ghosts came to a small forest next to the cremation factory, they stopped. Jiang Guosheng put his hand in his mouth and blew a whistle in the small forest.
In a short time, a few ghosts ran out from the inside sparsely and counted a total of seven, all of whom were in their twenties and thirties. The repairs were also very weak, and the ghosts were barely repaired at the initial stage. At that time, the Zhang Xiaotian brothers were surprised when they first saw them. This kid was wandering for five or six years without being caught or swallowed up by other ghosts, and he didn’t encounter any powerful ghosts. What a lucky boy!
Looking at the seven of them lined up, they bowed to Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Xiaotian, and then shouted "Zhang Laoda is good and Yang Laoda is good!"
Let Yang Xiao listen to his heart, and Zhang Xiaotian can’t help but keep their eyes straight. He knows that all this is Yang Xiao’s pre-teaching this younger brother, which is too spoof.
He still remembers being rescued when he just became a ghost, and his brother let himself call the boss back and then hung out with him.
"Brothers have worked hard!" Yang Xiao shouted loudly
"Boss!" All the ghosts shouted together
"ah! Ok, brother? " Zhang Xiaotian is patted his brother on the head and said
"Brother-you always don’t give me a face like this. At least let me be down in front of my younger brother!" Yang Xiaodi saw Zhang Xiaotian and touched his head to talk to him. I couldn’t help crying and said, This makes the ghost see where is a boss? It’s the dolls that are touched by ghosts, right?
Let Zhang Xiaotian laugh and cry. His younger brother is too fond of playing.
When the kids see this, they all want to laugh but dare not. Yang Xiao told the boss not to talk, and they must not laugh. Anyone who violates this rule according to Yang Xiao’s words must accompany them to practice hard. They don’t want to be practiced to death by Yang Xiao. Besides, ghosts have what good practice? It’s all mental attacks
Jiang Guosheng is embarrassed. What can he say with such a boss?
"Well, say what you want! You are in smile happily! " Yang Xiao looked at his younger brothers with a red face and I didn’t good the spirit said.
"Ha ha! Haha-ouch, it almost killed me. "The kids laughed one by one, patting their thighs and sitting on the ground with their hands pounding.
"It’s okay to look at your sample which have lair was somebody else’s end consciousness? I didn’t know that ghosts destroyed your boss and my reputation. And you, you mosquito bean, weren’t you knocked unconscious by others? It looks good now, doesn’t it? I’ll let you take the lead when you find a venue later. Tell me how the site was robbed? " Yang Xiao was asked by them to change the subject quickly without smiling at all.
Yang Xiaodi, if you don’t say this, it’s okay to say that all the kids seem to think of the den being robbed again. Suddenly, there was a cry of wolves and ghosts, and they told each other how badly they were beaten and how much they had been repaired, and so on.
Is the Yang Xiao said a headache good shouted "good! All right! Don’t talk about it after I’ve heard it! "
I heard that there were kids stretching their heads and saying, "How did you finish listening?"? I haven’t said it yet? " Was Yang Xiao to a stare and shrank his head back.
"We’ll go to find their revenge! Brothers, the road ahead! " Yang Xiao said with a wave of his right hand heroism
Then Yang Xiao raised his head to show off to Zhang Xiaotian and said, "? Brother, do I still have that general demeanor? "
Zhang Xiaotian shook his head with a wry smile, but it seemed impossible for his brother to behave in such a strange way.
Go to the cremation factory in Yang Xiao and have a big drink. "What kind of road does Mao dare to make trouble in your grandfather’s site? Why don’t you get out of here for your grandfather?" Just now, I have already found out clearly that the three old ghosts are refining their souls in the room at this time. It seems that the two old ghosts have just become ghosts for a long time.
Sure enough, in a short time, three old ghosts were drilled from the inside, one ghost behind the first two ghosts.
"Who are you? Is it coming to them? " The ghost in the later period asked Yang Xiaodi, "I didn’t expect it to be a ghost who is taller than him. I was taken aback, but I didn’t have any fear at heart."
Zhang Xiaotian was behind. He didn’t see it.
Just now, he was worried that the two brothers behind him beat the ghost away. When he left, the middle-aged ghost said that they should wait for them to find their boss to speak out. He was still talking. I didn’t expect that it didn’t take much effort to actually come to a kid who was taller than him
"Ha ha! Who am I? You robbed my site. Who do you think I am? " Yang Xiao laughed. "
"Are you their boss?" Old ghost sink asked.
"yes! I’ll give you two ways: obey us or die! Choose for yourself! " Yang Xiao to pack to force said
"Ha ha, little brother, don’t say so much. You know, you are just a little taller than me. If I want to run, you may not be able to catch me. I’m afraid it’s not that simple that you want me to be your minister?" The old ghost said slowly
It’s all a stage higher. It’s actually a little higher. A word can’t help but make Yang Xiao choke. You know, the ghost realm is so high that it can kill you when you are fighting.
"We don’t want you to leave, and none of you can run away!" Suddenly a voice came from behind. It was Zhang Xiaotian who had been silent at the back.
Another one! Old ghost in the mind a surprised just now has been didn’t pay attention to didn’t think there was a master behind each other, a closer look turned out to be a bit can’t see the depth of repair was even higher than that just now, even has reached the ghost phase master seems to be much worse, ghost phase and ghost phase is different, it’s high for a state.
"good! We admit that none of us can leave this time. Today, there are many things that disturb you. We want you to let go of our three brothers. We will definitely give you enough compensation after we promise! I hope this matter has been revealed? " The old ghost hesitated for a moment and said that the three old ghosts were also great people during their lifetime. How can they be arrogant when they were alive? Even if the boss is better than them, his three brothers will be able to finish him in a few years.
"You hit our brother and robbed us. After seeing that you can’t beat us, you said that you should compensate? This compensation is not rare for us! I don’t expect anyone to know if you are talking fart? " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly, in fact, it is really rare to get such a hand after having such a baby as Xiaoshi. However, Xiaoshi must trust himself to make such a fate baby, and no one must know that every man has a guilty conscience.
"The boss, you must know that our qualifications are much higher than yours. In a few years, we will be finished with you. You ask us to be your minister. Aren’t you afraid that we will turn against the guest and replace you?" The old ghost bit his teeth and said that he knew that if he said this, then if the other party didn’t let go of his three brothers, it would definitely be desperate, but even if he died, he couldn’t be the other party’s hand because they wouldn’t do that kind of treachery. If they really recognized the boss, they would recognize him all their lives.
Behind the two old ghost also nodded a face of perseverance.
Who knows that Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up as soon as he said this? He didn’t care much about these three old ghosts, but from what he said just now, he saw that they would rather die than surrender! There is still a trace of arrogance. People like this will never give up if they look for one thing. Arrogant people must have their arrogance. Then, if these three people want to recognize their brothers and bosses, they will never abandon such a genius, which is exactly what they need now.
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Chapter twenty-five Wulin three eagles for collection, recommended!
"Ha ha! How dare you! Tell you what! You have absorbed our soul force, and it is not difficult for us. Just give them back to us as much as you have absorbed! We don’t charge you interest either! Such as? " Zhang Xiaotian said after laughing
"We have all absorbed it. Do you want us to return it at this time?" Three old ghosts looked at each other a little confused and asked
"Ha ha, haven’t the three of you heard that not only the soul left after cremation can be absorbed, but even ghosts can be absorbed?" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"Gaga! Quack! " Behind a few kids a listen to also couldn’t help Yin insidious smile.
"You mean …" Let three old ghosts say angrily.
"Three people leave one and the other two can go!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
Yang Xiao heard his brother say this strangely, but he didn’t say anything. He knew that his brother was much smarter than himself. There must be a reason for this.
"What? Isn’t it a bit overwhelming for the pavilion to do so? " Behind an old ghost said angrily