"You were an exchange student here before you called the police. You should remember what you said when you called the police. My mobile phone bag was also taken away by the thief."

Ye Zaixi bossily pointed to Sunny and gave orders.
Sunny failed and glanced at Ye Zaixi, then took out the director’s cell phone from his pocket and dialed the national alarm.
Sunny sunny smiled and handed the leaf in the stream while dialing the mobile phone.
"Sister, you have been studying abroad for so many years. English should be great, right? I’m sure it’s no problem to repeat a case with the police uncle myself.
Unlike me, I have been an exchange student for three months and I can’t understand anything, let alone. "
Ye Zaixi gnashed her teeth and took the fine fine handed me a mobile phone.
How did this idiot become a green tea essence today? !
Ye Zaixi did stay in school for several years, but it was her parents who spent a lot of money to buy her a foreign diploma mill degree.
Everyone around her is like her, so she is not academic. Every day in the rich second generation circle, she speaks Chinese.
Even many teachers are Chinese, and their English level is barely up to the standard of written test in high school.
Ye Zaixi listened to the busy tone of the mobile phone and the brain was running rapidly to report the case. What’s the word? Where’s the thief?
Think of these words less first to make a simple sentence.
Ye can barely communicate with foreigners in this way when he didn’t bring his classmates with him when he was studying in Xixi.
There is always a busy tone in the mobile phone. The more worried you are about the other party’s connection, the more anxious you are to remember how to say those words.
Afraid of what’s coming, what’s busy? Female Ye Zaixi quickly put her phone to her ear and said "hi"
The other side didn’t respond to her, but mechanically repeated something. Ye Zaixi finally heard the sound twice and said, "Please dial later when the speaker answers."
"This alarm words also homo habilis answer? You have the wrong number! " Leaf in the stream staring at sunny accused.
Unicorn Chan suddenly remembered something and said, "Brother Xiaoyuan just said that the police uncles went on strike today!"
Everyone remembers this. Xiaoyuan did just say that he drove from L city and happened to meet the police in N city who were holding a general strike and blocked the car for a long time.
Fortunately, the plane was delayed, otherwise Xiaoyuan would arrive later than the plane of the program group.
Unicorn Chan also knew that a strike meant not working. At that time, Xiaoyuan said that he didn’t take it to heart.
Now, the more he thinks about it, the more strange he is, so he asks Ye Feng, "Who keeps order when the police uncles are on strike?" Do they have no sense of mission? "
The sense of mission is that Unicorn Chan learned a new word while watching cartoons a few days ago. He has a deep understanding of this word and it is his mission to protect his country.
Shouldn’t the police uncle have the same sense of mission as him?
Ye Feng touched Unicorn Chan’s head and explained to him, "Every country has different national conditions. In China, most people may take it as a career to make a living."
Ye Zaixi rudely interrupted their discussion. "Don’t say that without the police, I will go on strike. What should I do without my passport?"
"Go and reissue one."
Seeing that Ye Feng’s father and son ignored Ye Zaixi Doudou, at least this "baby sister" is now their temporary family, and it’s not good to neglect her too much.
"You don’t know, do you?" Ye Zaixi’s nostrils are in the air. She finally found a crushing feeling in a five-year-old girl. "Is it necessary to find a police station to reissue a passport in China?"
Chapter 16
Finally, Ye Zaixi added, "Without a passport, it is black. I can’t go anywhere. You have to accompany me to go anywhere."
"No ao director uncle there is a copy ~" Unicorn Chan woke up.
The director group did a lot of homework this time, including what happens if you lose your passport.
They made several copies of passports for everyone before, and the eggs were not put in the same basket. Each of these copies was given to the director.
Ye Zaixi threatened to fail, and she got stuck again.
At this moment, the mobile phone bell rang in Sunny’s hand, which relieved Ye Zaixi’s embarrassment.
"Uncle director? Where are you now? "
It was only after the subway started on the director’s side that all the guests except Liang Yi ran away.
This also got? On the first day of going abroad, people got separated for a little while.
The director quickly asked everyone to wait in the same place in a car. He himself found a signal position near the exit and tried to call Sunny and them.
He listened to Liang Yi and saw that all the people got off the bus. I don’t know if they really got through.
Sunny and the director described the situation of several of them. After learning that everyone is safe, the director can rest assured.
"Ok, please wait for us in the subway. First, we will help my sister find a passport. If we find it or not, we will go back as soon as possible."
Fine fine hang up the phone, see Luo Yufei still pulling her not to let her into the alley.
She explained, "They thieves usually throw away their wallets when they get the money. Let’s look in the trash can nearby and maybe find it."
"Then I’ll go in first and you wait in the back." Luo Yufei thinks that he has power. If he is in danger, his chances of life are higher than others.
This seems to be a very remote alley, and I haven’t seen anyone except garbage everywhere.
Luo Yufei led the crowd into this long alley.
After turning over several trash cans in a row, Ye Zaixi became more and more impatient. She complained, "What is this?"! I just rummaged through the trash can here on the first day of my country! "
"You haven’t said anything when the activity funds are lost, and you are still helping you find your passport through the garbage. You should also say less," Ye Feng said with a straight face.
It’s not very hygienic to rummage through garbage bins. The adults didn’t let the group participate.
Considering that this is an interesting material, two camera brothers open the camera and start shooting live.
Artists rummaging through trash cans on foreign streets is a hot topic. In addition, one of these artists is the popular top stream, which directly books hot search.
So now there are three dads, Wei Jiuwei, bodyguards and Ye Zaixi going through the trash can together.
A camera brother is filming them, and another camera brother is looking around with a few kids.
The live broadcast of three guests suddenly lit up, even if the black screen did not leave the ashes fans boiling.
[staying up late to win the party! Sudden death party wins! 】
It’s right that I didn’t sleep or broadcast live, so I guess they resumed live broadcast before the meeting.
It’s only been less than an hour. What happened to them? What did they want to rummage through the trash can? 】
I heard their conversation mean that my wallet was stolen and my passport was in my wallet. Now I’m looking for my passport, right? 】
The thief just ran over and even if he wants to throw it in the trash can, he will throw it on the surface.
Ye Zaixi just picked up a broken beer bottle from the ground and held his nose in the trash can.
She was even more angry when she heard Ye Feng scold her. She glared at Ye Feng. "My donkey wallet is much more expensive than that activity fund! Did I say anything? !”

You can’t just wait for the other side to make a move!

Since Ninjutsu can’t speak, then make a breakthrough in melee physical warfare!
"Come with me!"
Take the lead in pulling out the pain in the glove bag. The more this happens, the more you can’t shrink back. If you don’t find out the details of the enemy as soon as possible, the loss will be limited!
Although he didn’t say a word, as the tall man smiled, his arm was stretched hard again! And after a "carrara" sound that made people numb, a long chain appeared in front of everyone-thorns wrapped around the chain.
This is like a robot. What is the body structure?
The enemy in front of us has completely exceeded the understanding ability of Konoha Ninja. No matter which country is fighting before, there has never been such a situation … They judge the enemy’s ability from the root!
"Cut! Cut! Hey! "
Judging by the law, we can avoid it … before they can react, those spiny "thorns" are separated from the giant Han’s arm and roared at the enemy with a long tail flame!
"Get out of the way!"
But I can’t come!
The explosive power of the detonator is even more amazing than that of the general detonator! Those tiny thorn roots are powerful bombs, and the defense circle of konoha leaves has almost collapsed in the blink of an eye …
Crying and cursing …
Mere endurance is hard to achieve, and just trying melee has not achieved results … so much?
Konoha, who doesn’t claim to be the strongest in the forbearance world, certainly doesn’t just rely on the strength of the peak strong … The fact is that even ordinary ninjas definitely have extraordinary talents-after all, even those terrible strong people have become stronger step by step from ordinary ninjas, and that’s the secret of Konoha’s enduring …
If simple ninja or physical attack can’t work …
So what about mixing them up?

"Fire dun Hao fireball!"
"Tudun Ground Fist!"
Gravel rises, blazing flames come out with the jet, and those flaming gravel streams roar towards Payne with terrible power, which is as terrible as a meteor shower, bringing the power of United Ninjutsu to the extreme!
If a man is not strong enough to defeat the enemy, he will unite his comrades-in-arms strength … if there is still a chance, then never give up!
This is Konoha’s determination!
There is no doubt that it is because of these precious strong hearts and leaves that they are so powerful …
But unfortunately, I can’t today …
In the face of absolute power, all efforts are meaningless …

"God Luo Tianzheng!"
Terrible and absolute power makes all efforts, and the absolute power of God destroys everything and makes it disappear …
So … in this battlefield, there are six solitary figures left again, who are marching forward firmly and seem to have no eyes …
"Tu Dun Tu Long Bullet!"
The old and firm voice finally remembered that ninja who had supported Konoha for decades finally appeared on the battlefield, and that terrible earth-hiding ninja finally stopped Payne’s footsteps temporarily.
"I won’t let you go any further!"
Dressed in battle, Sarutobi Hiruzen finally came to the front line, and at his side, he symbolized the strongest summoner, the ape king, and he was already ready to go.

"Sarutobi Hiruzen …"
Heaven’s voice is still indifferent, and his eyes are hesitant to stare at the old man in front of him … Maybe ten years ago he was enough to pose a threat to Liudao, but today … the old man has no way to stop him.
Although for Heaven, he didn’t take a stand of fighting to the death with this old man … as it was said at the beginning, it was all a plan.
"What can you do now?"

"Times belong to young people, yes."
Behind the ape fly, another figure gradually became clear … He seemed to grow directly from the soil, but he didn’t give off the so-called strong breath …
But the appearance of this figure made Payne nervous almost at the same time …
"But don’t you think you are too young?"
Konoha’s thousand hands are really brave-immortal human body
Xiao organized six Payne-immortal eyes …
They are silently in different positions. Perhaps today, the Immortal War will explode Chapter 199, with a sense of disobedience …
Konoha’s thousand hands are really brave-immortal human body
Xiao organized six Payne-immortal eyes …
They are silently in different positions. Maybe today the fairy war will break out!

Payne …
Zhen Yong’s eyes are a little complicated.
Although he admits that he didn’t intend to really change anything from the beginning-otherwise, he wouldn’t have let these three kids disappear for so long, but those short years of life still have some wonderful feelings for them …
If you are friends, you will always be worried about each other’s safety.
He still remembers how he taught them the skills of survival bit by bit, how he went to the market with them to steal some necessary food, and even remembered that he finally talked to Yahiko … that time he was relaxed and didn’t worry about the future or the past days-he lived like a poet but he was not a poet after all …
Maybe we should have expected this situation from the day we parted …
For the prophet, he had guessed when he learned that the swim bladder had come to Konoha, when he realized that Spot had started to make moves …
But when Yahiko’s corpse-making heaven really appeared in front of Zhenyong, he still couldn’t help sighing …
Gently close your eyes and then slowly open them …
Feelings stop here!
Konoha’s enemy … is also a brave enemy with thousands of hands. He doesn’t have to leave his hand! Shuo Mao’s death has made Zhenyong grow up. He may start to look more like Zeng Jin, and he is beginning to understand that in this cruel world, if you want to live and live better … you must be more cruel than others!
Zhenyong didn’t deliberately observe the surrounding situation, and he has entered a state of war. He has already ruled out all distractions and even the slightest change in the battlefield can escape his perception!
The first is the summoning animals.
As soon as a big bird flies in the sky, a huge bison … and will the puppy keep splitting when attacked?
He raised a disdainful smile at the corner of his mouth
-how can you break konoha with these things alone?

Han Yang’s first display of "every inch" was imprisoned for more than an hour by the dim light of the whole space, but it happened that Zhu Xian, who was unbelieving, was even more miserable, and Han Yang, who was released from imprisonment, waited with him for six hours in vain.

"Why am I always so unlucky, old pig? Why can Qinglong disappear and appear out of thin air? Why do I deserve to be imprisoned by the power of the underworld! " Zhu Xian’s first sentence after lifting the imprisonment was to scold the whole space until his throat was dry.
Although Han Yang is quite funny about this habit of Zhu Xian, it is also strange in his heart that the moment when Qinglong appeared in front of them and suddenly left was also a kind of spatial displacement spell or vitality. Why didn’t he suffer from the force of this space?
Is this the so-called gap in the realm?
"Brother Zhu, look at these six souls in front of us." Because the degree is too slow and Han Yang doesn’t practice to sleep even when walking like Zhu Xian, he has to look around at the surrounding scenery to play time.
But the scenery of the gate of hell is not much better than the road to the grave. The only difference is that there are a few scattered hills.
Zhu Xian was dozing off, and Han Yang’s voice came from her cold ear, but she stumbled when she stumbled on a mound that suddenly rose.
"What … what? What’s wrong? " Zhu Xian suddenly awake look alert to pay attention to all around.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian funny and said, "Nothing."
"Nothing. Why did you wake me up?" Zhu Xian grumpily turned their eyes.
Han Yang pointed to the six people who were walking in front of them and said to Zhu Xian, "Brother Zhu, look at the penultimate guy in front of me. I always think he is a little weird, but I can’t say what’s wrong."
Zhu Xian doubtfully touched the soul pointed by Han Yang and asked, "Him?"
Han Yang nods: "That’s him! Brother Zhu, you are now in a trance-like mechanized state without walking here, but this guy’s performance doesn’t look real, but it seems to be deliberately put on. "
"Fake it?" Zhu Xian’s eyebrows a wrinkly motioned Han Yang not to talk. He stepped up a little bit and gradually caught up with the team’s soul within the allowable range of this space.
This group of six souls should look at clothes from the same era, and the age of these six people seems to be almost the same, and they should all be in their thirties. They should have been a person in their prime, but for some reason they actually died on earth.
Zhu Xian looked at these six souls carefully from the end to the end. Although he didn’t have the critical eyes of monkeys who could see through all the disguises, he was able to distinguish the disguises with the feeling of double cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism.
"It’s really weird, but I just think something is wrong with the old pig." Zhu Xian observed the six souls and stopped to wait for Han Yang to come. They walked side by side and exchanged views.
"Brother Zhu can’t see it either?" Han Yang is more curious about the soul that has just betrayed himself.
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "I’m not a monkey who was tempered by coincidence in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun. I can see through all the disguises in the world … Besides, these souls came from the reincarnation tunnel and were sealed by the reincarnation tunnel. With my current strength, I naturally can’t see their details."
"But what you just said is really weird." Zhu Xian then said, "I don’t know why I always think this boy shouldn’t be here. Moreover, these six people are obviously around the age of 30. According to normal calculations, it is impossible to re-enter the reincarnation at this age. "
Han Yang added: "The clothes and ornaments of these people obviously belong to the same era and probably know each other."
Zhu Xian patted his head and said, "What you said reminds me of one thing."
"Does anything have anything to do with this?" Han Yang asked.
Zhu Xian nods: "There should be a relationship. Because the reincarnation tunnel is in charge of the reincarnation of all living things between heaven and earth, and there are more than hundreds of millions of living things between heaven and earth, Taoist Hongjun put a seal in front of the reincarnation tunnel in order to facilitate the reincarnation of every soul in the Ten Temples. As long as the time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, they will be arranged together to enter the reincarnation tunnel. "
Han Yang looked thoughtfully at the six people in front of him and said to himself, "The time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, so they will be arranged together … These six people are all in their thirties, and the time interval between deaths in the same city is so short. There must be something strange."
Zhu Xianke didn’t have Han Yang’s patience and said impatiently, "I said, boy, what’s it to you that they died in a strange way?" Remember that we are going to Yaochi Holy Land for business this time, not for sightseeing in the underworld. "
Han Yang said with a smile, "Brother Zhu, don’t worry. I’m here for Xuelin, and there will be no complications. It’s just that I have a hunch that if we can’t solve this problem, it seems to be an obstacle to the road ahead of us. "
"Oh?" Zhu Xian looked doubtfully at the six souls who were walking in front of them, and the strange feeling surged up again, which made him very uncomfortable because he didn’t know why.
"Why do the other five people give us different feelings from this one? What is the problem … "Han Yang gradually lost in thought.
Zhu Xian scratching his head is not his strong suit.
The two men followed the problematic six-person team and continued to walk in the direction of Naiheqiao with turtles.
"It doesn’t make sense. What on earth is this feeling?" Han Yang felt that something was wrong more and more, and he thought more and more that there was something wrong with the combination of the first six people, but he had no idea what the problem was. After all, Han Yang didn’t know these six people.
Zhu Xian watched Han Yang bow his head and ponder for a while and frowned for a while. He couldn’t help but ask, "What did you think of Han Yang?"

Chapter sixty-six Under the bridge (in)
Han Yang looked up with a wry smile and said, "I have no idea at all, but this uneasy feeling is getting stronger and stronger. I have a hunch that if we continue to follow this group of people, something bad will happen to us. "
"bah!" Zhu Xian spat three mouthfuls of saliva on the ground one after another and suddenly put a red light on his eyes. "In this case, simply kill these six souls as a lamb. Anyway, it’s not that you and I haven’t done things that people are physically and mentally destroyed. Then one person will have three … "Zhu Xian made a" click "gesture without extra trouble.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian in distress situation and said helplessly, "Brother Zhu, are you sure you can kill people in a state of soul at the gate of hell? Just now, the two of us just used the body art of shrinking into inches and were imprisoned for several hours … "
When I heard Han Yang say this, I thought that I had just been imprisoned by the power of the underworld for nearly seven hours. Zhu Xian, who was originally murderous, also hesitated: "Then why don’t we just change teams and follow?" With that, he pointed to the team of three at the back.
Han Yang thought for a moment and agreed, "It’s better to walk in the Jianghu safely first. We’ll follow those three people and think about why this feeling of something is wrong."
The two men slowed down and waited for the trio to pass by before they followed.
Originally, the degree of the six-person group suddenly showed signs of accelerating, while the degree of the three-person group gradually slowed down.
Han Yang first showed that something was wrong and quickly patted Zhu Xian: "Brother Zhu, you see that their steps were originally the same. Why did they change as soon as they crossed this hill?"
Zhu Xian waved a hand to Han Yang not to get excited and explained slowly: "Because the reincarnation seal blessed by the reincarnation tunnel on these souls is slowly disappearing, which also means that the Naihe Bridge is coming. Whether these souls will enter the underworld, the ghost world or the Mongolian world depends on the moment they step onto the Naihe Bridge. "
Han Yang’s mind suddenly flashed a flash of light and shouted, "I finally understand where that annoying feeling came from!"
Zhu Xian wonders, "Guess so soon?"
Han Yang took Zhu Xian’s hand and led him along the aisle: "Hurry up and catch up with those six people. I finally know why that third guy gave me that strange feeling. In the same city, the interval between deaths is within six hours, and the age is similar … It seems that our luck is really good and we actually met a guy who took it away. "
Zhu Xian followed and shouted, "What Han Yang boy? You mean someone here used the technique of taking possession of her?"
Han Yang nodded: "Yes, but not here but on earth. Remember when I said that the guy in the third soul state gave us a very uncomfortable feeling? This guy used the technique of taking possession of his house in the dead, but I don’t know why the previous five times failed, causing five innocent people to fall into reincarnation, and his own soul may have been detained back to the underworld because he didn’t find a suitable body within the time stipulated by the hell. "
Zhu Xian thought for a moment, then patted his head and said, "No wonder I just felt so uncomfortable! It turned out to be the art of possession … I haven’t seen such a shameless yogi for years, and I almost forgot this skill. "
"However, this technique of taking possession of the house is too sinister. The performer will fall into reincarnation because he destroys the cycle of heaven and forcibly drives the soul of a stranger out of the body. Therefore, he will be doomed every ten years. If he cannot avoid the fate, he will be devastated." Han Yang added, "So no one wants to use this method."
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "Otherwise, old pig, I probably guessed the identity of that guy … Hey hey, this skill of possession is an old demon of blood river, but it was later learned by outsiders. Those who will use this kind of achievement method will understand their own practitioners unless they are at the end of their tether. "
Han Yang asked, "Self-surrender for soul escape? Who wouldn’t have heard that there was a big battle in the fix-true world? "
"Hey hey you naturally don’t know but I understand the old pig. When we made a scene in the Heavenly Palace that day, the Jade Emperor sent the Eight Immortals down to fix the true world to wipe out the black witch. " Zhu Xian looked at the third person in the group of six and kept sneering.
"A vein of black witches?" After Zhu Xian reminded Han Yang, he remembered that he had to untie the seal of Zhu Xian and not get into trouble at the same time, so the two black witches who were already ready to kill Zhu Xian took the big blame … I didn’t expect the jade emperor to be really malicious!
Fortunately, I found a scapegoat at that time, otherwise … I gave him a sap at that time. The Jade Emperor should not know that he did it himself … Hehe, I should not know …
"Boy, what are you thinking? How come you look so bad! " Zhu Xian gave Han Yang a pat, but the latter got a fright.
"What’s the matter?" Zhu Xian asked doubtfully.
Han Yang gave a quick laugh and laughed: "It’s okay. That jade emperor really loves to hold grudges …"
Zhu Xian pie pie way: "the jade emperor old son? Hum, the face-saving guy doesn’t need to pay attention to him. It’s the old pig who makes trouble in heaven. As long as it’s not Li Er and the Tathagata who come together, I can’t help the old pig. After the old pig and I have achieved Buddhism … Hum, these three guys will know the consequences then. "
Han Yang Khan, the brother Zhu, seems to be more petty than the Jade Emperor.
"Hey, hey, Han Yang, when the soul steps on Naihe Bridge, the seal of reincarnation will be lifted." Zhu Xian looked at the corner of his mouth in front of him with a faint smile. "If that guy really crosses the Naihe Bridge, I’m afraid there will be eighteen layers of hell waiting for him, so he will definitely take risks."
Han Yang wonders, "Is that the 3,000 weak water under Naihe Bridge?"
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "It’s not a bridge over weak water."? Hehe, I can’t say what kind of old pig is under this Naihe Bridge, because it seems that no one has ever gone down and none of the souls who walked on the Naihe Bridge have fallen. "
Han Yang concluded, "Brother Zhu, do you think that man will jump to the death?"
"Jump? Naihe Bridge? " Zhu Xian really didn’t think about this possibility. What he thought was that the witch king of southern Xinjiang escaped the pursuit of the Eight Immortals with a military solution, but unfortunately he couldn’t find a suitable body. Finally, he was detained in the nether world and took to Naihe Bridge. In the past, it was eighteen layers of hell. With his personality, he would definitely take the opportunity to run back, and all he had to do was kick him when he ran back.

The whole Sun Moon Palace was in chaos.

"Leave, master." Andre frowned and said this very reluctant thing.
The imperial guards who settled Wang Bu’s armor appeared in sight, shouting ShaSheng, shaking their heads and finally saying, "Withdraw."
The King of the Four Monsters didn’t immediately leave the resentment accumulated in his heart. Once there was an opportunity, how could they give up this excellent opportunity? So the whole Sun Moon Palace was shrouded in their attacks. Three-eyed Ghost Tiger’s Magma Flame Wolf King’s Blood Shadow’s Terror Iron Claw Kirin Yunya’s Wind System Attacks the Demon Dragon’s Black Claw’s Terror Force and Huge Body. At that time, the fire was everywhere, and the screams and whines of stones and wood filled the sky were endless …
But no one noticed that just as Yang Tian, Andre and the killer of the twelve constellations left the Sun Moon Palace, the bright white light from the bronze mirror suddenly disappeared, and the frozen object suddenly returned to normal.
A white but dusty hand came out of the ruins, touched it at random twice, grabbed a rafter lying across the ruins, pulled the unkempt and ragged moonlight princess and suddenly stood up from the ruins.
"Had a narrow squeak, but it’s still fine." Princess Moonlight looked at the bronze mirror in her hand and heaved a sigh of relief. This is the Light Mirror, a treasure that makes Sanqing di wang crazy.
There was a crash of rubble. Although it was hidden in the shouts of killing, it was captured by Princess Moonlight because the slight noise was less than one meter behind her ass.
"Who? !” Princess Moonlight turned around fiercely, but she didn’t see who the person behind her was. A stick with a thick arm had been heavily knocked on her head …
For ten days in a row, there was no news from Pang Du and no news from Princess Moonlight. Xiao Wu felt that Xiantao City seemed to be closed.
However, the more such a situation, the more careful and diligent the combat readiness of Xiantao City is. First, under the order of Xiao Wu, almost all of the crude oil, Bailong and Feiluo’s monster beast Batman, were put into the transportation of Black Dragon Pool crude oil. Bags of crude oil were shipped back and filled with storage tanks, and then they were buried in a cellar several meters deep to prepare for the war when the transportation route was cut off. Secondly, the grain used to be only a few hundred people in Xiantao City, but since the addition of a Citigroup, the grain has been relatively tight. Fortunately, Lantiande is familiar with some small towns around the monster beast prairie and personally organized a group of people to purchase food, salt and some daily necessities from Xiantao City around the clock.
At the same time, the training of women soldiers and Citigroup has a new model, that is, the actual combat exercises of the two armies. Before Huo Lie finished the other three "Qin Cannons", "Xu Cannons" and "Fox Cannons" and equipped with enough witchcraft shells, the goblin troops of Landor and Morita could not be equipped with witchcraft, but because of this, the female soldiers in women soldiers had more practical experience against goblin soldiers.
It’s still the same phenomenon. A female soldier in women soldiers can’t beat a goblin soldier in Citigroup, but two hundred goblin soldiers in Citigroup can’t beat eighty female soldiers in women soldiers. In addition, with the strengthening of training, special Dan medicine nourishing and actual combat drills, the female soldiers in women soldiers are not the original group of delicate girl soldiers, but a real female soldier with terrorist capabilities, and their strength, physical flexibility and fighting skills have reached a quite pure realm, which is very rare. Randall and Blita are in pain. Now this group of troops, which were originally composed of ordinary girls, will be able to catch up with the goblin soldiers of Citigroup in a few days …
When you are extremely bored, you miss four proprietresses, and when you feel uncomfortable, Xiao Wu’s best way to relieve the pressure is to personally train the fighting skills of female soldiers in women soldiers.
Originally, the Lord of the monster beast prairie, the commander-in-chief of all local troops in the monster beast prairie personally trained fighting skills, which was a great honor and something to celebrate. But for the female soldiers in women soldiers, such fighting skills training was undoubtedly the time when their tofu was eaten.
Bean timidly stand out "general I … or … don’t come …"
Xiao Wu said stiffly, "You can’t eat today unless you throw me to the ground!"
"Fight!" :.:.
Xiao Wu looked disdainfully at the moment when he jumped in front of him:.: and broke his waist. In fact, compared with the previous high-intensity training and the nourishment of the special Dan medicine refined by Golden Shield Twelve, Wu’s eyes are still too weak and weak.
"Hey, ha! Lie down! " ::: Looking at her with arm in hand and Gherardini.
Wearing tight leather armor: … but exposed a large piece of white tender milk and a deep cleavage under Xiao Wu’s nose. And every time she tried, the two boneless tender meat would hit Xiao Wu’s body, and the original round shape would be squeezed and flattened. And a man has a wonderful feeling of warmth, softness and elasticity.
"Didn’t eat? Try harder! "
"Hey, ha!" In a fit of excitement, a pair of tender breasts on her chest were pressed even more flat, but she still couldn’t move Xiao Wu.
"You, you, you … and oranges. You can’t beat me. You can’t eat today!"
"Sisters, go!" The orange leaped into the air with a stride and somersault and landed firmly on Xiao Wu’s shoulder. His hands also hugged Xiao Wu’s neck very quickly.
All the famous female soldiers rushed to Xiao Wu’s arms, thighs, buttocks and arms. The whole scene was very romantic and chaotic.
It’s like grinding soybean milk with beans until the girls are tired of glittering and translucent sweat drops on their foreheads and skin, but Xiao Wu still won’t fall down.
Two more pushes:.: |
Shaw five hurriedly bowed their heads and oranges and several female soldiers immediately seized the opportunity. Four hugging thighs and four pushing bottoms fiercely overturned General Shaw, who was looking at the crotch, on the ground.
The female soldiers in women soldiers suddenly burst into laughter.
Xiao Wu skidded to get up from the ground and was thinking of another idea. When he tried again, the tiger force lieutenant of Citigroup quickly ran into the training ground.
"Your great general came from the northwest corner of Xiantao City, and a caravan of great demon countries was led by Yan Rusong. Please show him how to deal with it." Xiao Wu’s heart is as strict as loose. What are you doing in Xiantao City?

Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The battle for the door
After a person betrayed a person, he would never do business with that person again because he had lost trust, but Yan Rusong did it and did it so openly.
Ever-changing venerable sir took a copy of Xiao Wu’s autographed commercial writing, but Yan Rusong’s caravan appeared in this sensitive time period, and Xiao Wu was still a little unknown so, and there was a sense of foreboding.
Boarding the Golden Shield of Chengtou Twelve, Feiluo and Bailong accompanied Xiao Wu to look out and saw a huge caravan with thousands of people coming from the northwest corner of Xiantao City. The caravan from the Great Demon Kingdom is naturally dominated by goblins, but in addition to this more than 1,000 goblins, this caravan is impressively carrying 3,000 or 4,000 monster beasts responsible for carrying goods.
Xiao five frown up "is this a caravan? I think it’s like an advance force engaged in sneak attack. "
Bailong said: "Those monsters are probably the foolish loyalty of the eight-armed ape and the armored crocodile. I don’t have that kind of violent spirit with Feiluo’s monster soldier."
The caravan stopped in an open area a mile away. Yan Rusong rode slowly on a white horse, and his adopted son Yunbao and adopted daughter Yan Xiaoyu followed him left and right. Yan Xiaoyu is riding a horse with a red date, while the clouded leopard is simply running. He is also fighting against a long wooden box on his shoulder, which is no less than Yan Rusong and Yan Xiaoyu on horseback.
"What will be in that wooden box?" Xiao Wu asked thoughtfully.
Jin Dun’s twelve doubts: "It’s reasonable that Yan Rusong may send expensive gifts for the purpose of showing kindness. Most of the wooden boxes are filled with gifts, right?"
In a moment, Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu came to the wall. Once betrayed on his face as if he had never been born, it was as indifferent and smiling as ever. Yan Xiaoyu is still beautiful and refined, and her black eyes are very vivid. The girl with amnesia did not show a strange expression, and she was indifferent and calm, and there was no sign of restoring her memory.
"Xiao’s adult hasn’t seen you for a long time. Hope you are well." Yan Rusong reined in. Say hello loudly.
Xiao Wu said, "Good luck. Not dead. "
Yan Rusong said with a smile: "Some things are just like the surging river, which always flows away. Our friendship will become stronger after many setbacks, Lord Xiao. Do you think so? "
Xiao Wuxin said, "I’m afraid it’s not that easy?"
"why?" Yan Rusong is ha ha a smile "so let the distant guests stand under the wall to talk? This time, I am sincerely doing business with Lord Xiao. I brought not only friendship and sincerity, but also 10 million pieces of fine iron like mountains. "
"Boss" Fei Luo mused, "You can let them in as long as you don’t let them out as soon as you come in. If it’s wrong … click!"
As far as Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu are concerned, their abilities add up to be no match for the Golden Shield Twelve. There really won’t be any problems. After thinking for a moment, Xiao Wu nodded "Open the city gate."
A string of "quack" noises made of pure iron and engraved with the mantra of the protection circle slowly opened the city gate.

"It’s okay." Cat Ear Niang waved her hand. "The fixed team will be fixed again. Every time there are not so many people who can’t come, you just need to be short."

Mao Erniang didn’t speak again, and Zuo Tangtang also cooperated to keep quiet and figure it out by himself.
With a change of mind, she can also think clearly about the reasons.
With the step by step into the general battlefield, everyone, even this person, once disdained to watch this competition again, but now he can’t help but get nervous. Fighting is now the glory of their district. It can be said that every step must be cautious and cautious. Sometimes a small mistake in the command is likely to stop all their honors from here.
Zuo Tangtang is also common in some scenes in the game. For example, when the major leagues will kill each other, the commanders will argue with each other, or when they are defeated, they will shirk each other. At such a sensitive time as the cross-sect war, the team has to be at odds with each other. It is for this reason that Zuo Tangtang still remembers that at that time, Cat Ear befriended the root gate every day, but later I don’t know why, and the matter of choosing the commander-in-chief has not been implemented. Instead, now the three major forces are fighting together.
But because of this, some rules are even more to be observed.
Don’t give others the lie.
"Cat, don’t worry, I will never give you any trouble!"
I figured out that Zuo Tangtang had a sincere face and swore an oath.
But when I heard this, Cat Ear Niang and Pikachu kept silent and didn’t comment on it.
There are still three hours before the cross-sectarian war. Zuo Tangtang is still wondering whether to go out for dinner with Su Orange. To her surprise, all the teams are ready to merge.
"How so early? Can’t you go to eat? " Zuo Tangtang asked in surprise
As soon as the words fell, I heard Pikachu’s careless keyboard, and as soon as the mouse fell, it was full of easy calls "Go to dinner!"
"Hey, isn’t this a combination?" She quickly asked if the other party had already stopped ringing and was eating. Pikachu’s action was more agile than making money.
Fortunately, Mao Erniang explained to her that it was a meal, so let her rest assured to eat even if she didn’t eat for two hours. Just come back before the sect war, but now she has to join the team first and can’t find anyone then.
Think about the current situation. Zuo Tangtang guessed that if the name would be called again like the boss before the sect war, after all, this moment can’t be an accident.
The appearance of the Flower Palace can be said to have changed in a week. She hasn’t played many games all the time. This time, she accepted the invitation of Cat Ear Niang to form a team and went in to have a look. She didn’t know more than half of the people in the Flower Palace team. It seems that many of them are new and familiar, and some of them intersect well.
It’s been almost two or three months since the Erhua Palace started. Except for the idea of rushing to start with the hope of the April 1st like her, the rest of the judges weakened and many people left every day.
Zuo Tangtang sighed with some regret at the bottom of his heart. That’s how the game is. It’s just a moment to laugh with you and play with people.
"Hoof hooves! There you are! "
Xiong Dada is very affectionate when he just joined the league.
"Yes, I haven’t thought about it for a long time recently, so I came."
Deliberately ignored a group of new people muttering about who she was and how she got into the fixed team. Zuo Tangtang cheered up and smiled and accompanied Xiong Dada for a while, then told him not to hang up for dinner first.
It was before she left that Cat Ear Niang suddenly remembered and spoke, but it made her mind calm. She was a bit uneasy.
There is a name in the sword.
After they discussed it together, Cat Ear Niang seriously suggested that there might be someone in the Black Wind Village who could not be trusted. I have to say that she almost heard this at that time, and a moment of disgust flooded her heart.
She hates betrayal.
She doesn’t want to guess and suspect that one or several of the people who fight with each other laughing and teasing in Heifeng Village every day are hypocritical.
However, as Cat Ear Niang said, Jian Ming can be so sure to go to her when she is in contact with others instead of kelp, which proves that someone has leaked this extremely secret personal matter, and even the soy sauce makers are not very clear about it, but she is well known to Mingjiange and others for looking for kelp to practice.
It is reasonable to know that she and everyone in Heifeng Village have doubts about the law of kelp life.
But just as she slowly accepted this unacceptable fact, now the cat ear mother told her that the people in Heifeng Village had observed it all over, and it was nothing serious, but the real problem might be the flower transfer palace.
It can be said that one breath has not been completely released, and another breath has risen again.
Feeling gratified is yelling at each other together, "Who didn’t return how many pills he received when he played boss one day!" "Who was hacked into a weapon at Suzhou Station one day?" Comrades were not betrayed, but they were sad to hear the statement of MaoErNian. She also clearly knew that she had to practice changing the number on her line regularly. There were also Shifan Palace and Heifeng Village who knew that MaoErNian must have done a very careful screening now, so it was certain that the Shifan Palace people must have confirmed it this time.
While eating, Zuo Tangtang was still willing to delude himself into believing that the news revealed to Jian Ming was not that she got along well in the Flower Palace, but that she was probably some new people.
She never pays attention to these conversations with Hua Gong’s sisters at ordinary times, and she is always too lazy to chat privately. Instead, she said on the power channel that maybe some people with a heart saw it before going out.
She tried her best to comfort herself in her heart, but later the truth was quite face-to-face, telling her that all this was just what she wanted to do.
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[5. Chapter five hundred and nine Sucks …]
Zuo Tangtang arrived at the gate of Suzhou early in the morning.
I didn’t go back to the Flower Transplant Palace after listening to the instructions of Cat Ear Niang, but I came here half an hour ago.
In the days when she has no games, it seems that she has formed a habit on Saturday night-the three major forces will gather here before the war and wait for the compilation.
There is no challenge, no hunting, and no peddler Zuo Tangtang shouting random light. It’s the first time to see this appearance at Suzhou City Gate, but it’s quiet, and it’s hard to say that some seemingly familiar teammates or influential people have already gathered in twos and threes to play and laugh while waiting.
Zuo Tangtang realized that he was going to a remote place and decided to fly the ladder to the city wall to wait. As a result, he didn’t expect the city wall to be full of people.
It’s pineapple slush and them.
Zuo Tangtang recognized it at a glance.
But she didn’t say "hello" but turned and walked into it-pineapple slush, a famous girl around them, was that she knew what tomato Kebick didn’t know, and she was somewhat unwilling and didn’t want to talk to her, so she simply didn’t go.
Where’s Cat Ear Niang? Then she went to the United front channel again, saying that she wanted to wait here for them to move to the Flower Palace first, but she wanted volunteers to participate in the war. Pikachu didn’t know which map she went to to collect herbs, and she wanted to try to sell it again before the battle.
Alas, Zuo Tangtang is depressed and sighing. It seems that you can’t count on these two people to listen to Pikachu’s nagging, saying that she hasn’t seen kelp halfway back yet. There are not many Heifengzhai channels, and then she jumped back to the United Front Channel to command the United Front. Even at this time, she is more tired than taking a gang.
"Little hoof! Little hoof! " Pikachu suddenly got louder.
"Hey, hey!" Be scared by this rush to shout, Zuo Tangtang hurriedly withdrew his mind and asked.
"Hey hey old!" While talking, I saw a figure turn over at the other end of the wall. At first glance, it was Pikachu who aimed at her with something I don’t know. After that, it was full of celebrations and came running.
"… come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here." Zuo Tangtang’s pie mouth is quite dissatisfied with Pikachu’s surprise.
"Hey, hey, little hoof, you don’t know that the group of two people are just like suckers." Pikachu’s rare generosity doesn’t care about Zuo Tangtang’s words, which one is full of pleasure. "I always ask the group of people, and I say that these ten Dan, three, two, one, twelve, three, which one do you come to? The result … "
"How can this be twelve or three?" Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help interrupting "… Wait, they didn’t really buy it, did they?"
"Little hoof, you listen to me! Alas, I always say it carelessly, and as a result, this group of people have been thinking for a long time and finally want to buy 12 ounces. "Speaking of which, Pikachu can’t help grinning when he gets into the eyes of money." Anyway, the old monster kelp makes me make a big promotion in Heifeng Village every day, so I almost lost this eye. If the suckers want to buy it, of course they can make a fortune! Anyway, always making medicine is the first day! “
In the end, Pikachu was shameless and walked over and boasted about the expansion, which caused Zuo Tangtang’s heart to despise.
Zuo Tangtang felt something was wrong when he didn’t come to spit. He looked at the silver Pikaqiu in his package and basked in it triumphantly. He slowly moved his sight behind him, only to find that the people who were talking and laughing in the city wall didn’t know when to speak straight. It seems that even the acquaintances of Peach Blossom Island, such as pineapple, snow and mud, looked at him. This posture could not help blushing across the screen.
"Peat Pikachu, can you grow a little brain!" In crooked show will not be heard Zuo Tangtang but also lowered his voice because of his guilty conscience and growled at Pikachu.
"Why me! Aunt! What happened suddenly? " Pikachu, who had been enjoying himself for half a day, protested discontentedly at this interruption.
"Look at the nearby channels yourself!" Didn’t good the spirit answer.
"How … ouch, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m finished." Pikachu himself found the problem just now. He was talking to Zuo Tangtang, and others couldn’t hear him, so nothing happened. It happened that he died and sent all the money he had earned to a nearby channel. The most tragic thing was that he also wrote the word "suckers" in front of the income and expenditure.
That’s great. Should I see it? Should I see it?
Although it is also a wall distance, who can guarantee that the person who has just been slaughtered by him will not be seen? Who can guarantee that in less than half an hour before the war, they will come to him and settle accounts with him?

He dedicated the goal to the boss and the victory of the game to the boss.

He has never been away from this team since he was brought to Lazio from Dortmund by Changsheng when he was 16 years old. It has been 13 years now.
Apart from Handanovic and Cesc Passareira, he is the longest player in Lazio.
At the age of 29, he is now the second captain of Lazio.
In thirteen years, he has experienced successive victories with Lazio, and he has also suffered two consecutive years, and no champion has reached a low point.
But in any case, he is the top three players in the world. Relying on Lazio, a mature tactical body, mario gotze is at the forefront of contemporary players in Europe, and his technical statistics reflect this.
He has also been tempted a lot in this issue. After all, it would be incredible if a player like him was not interested in him by other teams.
There have been many news of his transfer, but he has never left Lazio.
Or he has never been away from his boss.
At the beginning, he was willing to come to Lazio because of his admiration for winning. Even if there was no professional contract to sign, he said that he would not leave Lazio as long as the boss was in Lazio.
However, last season’s winning streak will leave Lazio, and mario gotze, a player who is in his prime, will also be very eye-catching
Gezer’s celebration expressed his feelings for the boss.
Some media have been speculating about which team wins and loses in the season, and Gotze is likely to be in which team.
Although Lazio may not be willing to let go of their frontcourt core, it will not be difficult for Lazio to leave, not to mention that they can earn a lot of money for it.
After seeing this scene, a commentator sighed with emotion, "Lazio has really survived for so many years by winning a personal charm, otherwise they would have been carved up by other teams when Lazio’s foundation was not solid … But this warm scene will not be seen next season, and Lazio is also facing the fate of being dismembered …"
Many players in Lazio are willing to stay in Lazio because of their personal charm. Once they win, it is normal for Lazio clubs to leave without a high salary that will satisfy them.
At present, Lazio has the lowest average wage among European giants.
This ensures the financial health of Lazio club, but it is also unfair to those players.
These players would have rebelled if they hadn’t had a winning team.
Lazio’s future is really worrying after winning the season …
In the crowd, Changsheng grabbed Gotze’s hair and rubbed it in his ear and said, "Well done, Mario, well done!"
It is more important for Gotze to get the boss’s personal appreciation than anything else.
So he smiled heartily.
Then Changsheng patted him on the head. "Don’t be too happy, Mario. You know I won’t be satisfied!"
Gezema said, "Yes, I know, boss! How many goals can you score! Never be soft! "
Ever-victorious laughed. "Yes, what is soft? We don’t know! "
Juventus is also the most successful team in Italy, and their players are not capable.
After losing a goal, they were hit with a sap.
But after losing the second goal, they returned to normal.
Anyway, they are two goals behind now, but there is nothing to lose.
They don’t need to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Let’s go!
So when the game was played again, Juventus returned to normal. They launched a fierce attack on Lazio at half-time, hoping to equalize the score as soon as possible.
Everyone aims to know exactly what he should do, so it’s natural to behave.
Juventus fans saw their team’s normal performance, so they rekindled their hopes in the stands and tried their best to cheer for their team, hoping to help the team beat Lazio at home.
For a moment, the Alpine Stadium resounded with cheers from Juventus fans.
After lazio scored two goals, the stadium was a little quiet, and now it has become like Juventus’ home again.
Chapter 19 Gap
Juventus fans have found their team’s form again, so Lazio will die this time.
Some people are looking forward to Juventus’ chasing after being two goals behind, and then coming to the end of the game with a goal!
Completed a shocking reversal!
How hard this should be!
But soon they found that the situation was not what they expected again.
Although Juventus’ performance is really good, Lazio’s performance has not been reduced!
Even Lazio performed better than them!
Lazio scored another goal before half-time …
“3! Unbelievable! 3! Lazio leads Juventus in the away game 3! And the half-time is not over yet! "
"It may be disrespectful to say that there is no suspense in this game now, but what I want to say is that Juventus is three goals behind at home. In the process, I can’t see Juventus’ ability to score in Lazio!"
"This game really surprised everyone that Lazio could lead defending champion Juventus by three goals away from home!"
"Some people say that Lazio has declined … indeed, the decline of Lazio is so great that it is no wonder that Lazio could unify Europe in the pre-prosperity period!"

"Bold, Xianji mansion, don’t you know that you can only enter from the main entrance on the ground! !”

The following immediately someone drink scold, momentum is quite enough.
It can be said that the Xianji Mansion in the whole celestial realm was opened by five giants and twenty-seven sects. Will Xiao Wen be afraid, and throw it down at an undiminished speed? At the same time, he said, "I am Xiao Wen, a second-generation disciple of Ming Jianzong. Which clan is in charge of the Xianji Mansion in Linyue City?"
"ah! It turned out to be the immortal leader of Ming Jianzong! Xianji House in this city is under the jurisdiction of Cangyue Sect and Fengshen Gate. I wonder what Xianchang is doing here and there at night? "
The following two guards suddenly changed their faces and asked respectfully.
Jade behind Xiao Wen has been listening to Xiao Wen saying that Ming Jianzong is the clan of Ming Jianzong, but she has never remembered what Ming Jianzong is. At the moment, the tone of the two guards has changed so much that Jade suddenly reacts. Isn’t Ming Jianzong one of the 27 cases? It seems to be ranked fifth!
Twenty-seven cases, what kind of existence is that?
It is said that the sky is high and the emperor is far away. For an ordinary people, 27 cases really exist like emperors …
Now, Xiao Wen, the Ming Jianzong, has been chasing traffickers with her all night, just to save her daughter …
She witnessed Xiao Wen’s battle of wits and wits with the traffickers, fighting head-on. She didn’t regard her as a complete stranger at all, but more like his relatives …
Moreover, he also called a "jade elder sister", so sincere …
Jade’s tears suddenly stopped and flowed silently.
At this moment, although she hasn’t seen her daughter yet, she is very sure that Xiao Wen will help her save her daughter.
Then, an unexpected situation appeared. Once they got close, the two guards saw Xiao Wen’s appearance. How could they be the second-generation disciples of Ming Jianzong, so young?
"Xiao Xianchang, can you show me your identity token?" A guard who looks like an operator walked over and asked.
Xiao Wen directly took out the identity token of Ming Jianzong’s second-generation disciple and threw it at the other party. He hurriedly said, "I don’t have time to talk with you. I chased the trafficker all the way here. Did Xianji House in this city just catch a trafficker?"
"The two of us are only patrolling the government, and we have never heard of catching traffickers."
"Well, who will take me to the inspection office of our government and have a look there?"
At this time, the slick guard had verified that the identity token was correct, and returned it to Xiao Wen with his hands holding the token. He added, "Take the immortal with you, little one."
"Ok, thanks a lot."
PS: Do these two chapters feel that Xiao Wen is upright? I don’t know why, in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer such characters in online novels. Alas, I miss the aboveboard characters like Qiao Feng in "Eight Dragons".

Chapter two hundred and thirty-one The snare
The Xianji Mansion near Yuecheng is not small, but at the urging of Xiao Wen, the guard walked quickly when leading the way, and in a moment he arrived at the inspection institute.
Xiao Wen stared at the five ghosts all the way. Although the direction is not as clear as it is in the wilderness, it can be seen that Qiaoer’s breath here is really strong, so he thinks that the trafficker may have been caught by the government’s procuratorate. In this way, naturally saved his event.
The guard went in to leave, while Xiao Wen waited outside the door with xìng, and at the same time comforted Jade and the little fat man not to be afraid. Qiaoer might have been all right.
Soon several people hurried out of the lobby. First, a thin official in his forties bowed to Xiao Wen and asked, "Is this Xiao Xianchang of Ming Jianzong?"
"I’m sorry, I’m asking Xiao Ming, the sword Sect, to chase a trafficker here, and dare to ask if our government has just caught a prisoner?"
The official, Shen Se, was rather dignified, but he really looked like a case handler. He asked Xiao, "We did catch several prisoners tonight. This is a serious matter. Please ask Xiao Xianchang to come with me to identify them."
"good!" Xiao asked to nod.
Then the official hurried to the hall with Xiao Wen, Jade and Xiao Pang, passed the lobby, went out of the door, turned several corners, and finally came to a place that looked like a prison. At first glance, the building has extremely thick walls and no decoration outside, but it can really shock people.
At this time, the official has introduced himself to Xiao Wen. His surname is Jia Mingfang, but he is a supervisor of the Xianjifu Inspection Institute in our city. Jia Fang took people to the door of the prison, and a few words made people open the door. Then directly with xiao asked and others went in.
"Xiao Xianchang, all the people caught today are locked up here. Let’s go and have a look." Jia Fang pointed to a long corridor.
"Well, just look at what you caught tonight."
"It’s all here."
Jia Fang led the way before, and when he entered the corridor, he could see that there were all identical cells on both sides, and the prison door was sealed with iron bars, so he could clearly see who was locked inside.
Not even a few people. Xiao asked some anxiety, and simply took five ghosts to attract him, only to find that the kid above was dim again.
But it’s all here. We must read the prisoners first. Maybe the trafficker has really been locked up here.
After reading them one by one, I finally finished reading them. No!
Xiao Wen could hold back, but Jade couldn’t help it, and she was so anxious that she cried. "How could it not be, Qiaoer …"
"Sister Jade, don’t worry." Xiao asked to appease Cuiyu, and then turned to Jia Fang. He asked urgently, "Jia Jiansi, are all the prisoners caught today here?"
"Will it be because of other circumstances. Our government has locked the prisoner caught tonight somewhere else? "
Jia Fang was startled, and then said, "It’s also possible that all the prisoners in our house are here. If Xiao Xianchang is not at ease, just look at them all."
"Thanks a lot. This way. I’ll take you, and the two of us will go first, which will be faster. "
Xiao Wen didn’t want to waste more time here, so he grabbed Jia Fang’s arm when talking, and then the fire yuan mounted Guanghua and flew out directly on the ground.
There are not many prisoners in this cell. Xiao asked quickly, convinced that there was no human trafficker.
The problem came out. Before that, he clearly confirmed that Qiaoer was in this fairy house, so he was almost sure that the trafficker was here, but there was no prison. Where else could the trafficker be?
"Jia Jiansi, is it possible that there are prisoners outside the prison who are being interrogated?"
"At this time, there will definitely be no prisoners outside the prison. The trial and training are all in the daytime."
"Ok, thanks a lot." Xiao asked and frowned, thinking about what was going on.
At this time, Jia Fang also said doubtfully: "Xiao Xianchang, you said that the trafficker entered Xianji House. Did you ever see it with your own eyes?"
"Will it fall into his trap?" Jia Fang first looked at the expression of Xiao Wen, and this just got the nerve to say.
"That’s what I thought …" Xiao asked generously to admit it, and then thought about it for a few times. Suddenly he looked up and said, "It’s still important to save people. The matter of traffickers is put aside for the time being. I think that Qiaoer who was abducted is still very likely to be in this house."
"Good, then let’s go out first."
Joined the jade and little fatty, Xiao asked and others immediately out of the cell, Xiao asked and took out five ghosts, obviously can feel the breath of QiaoEr here is much weaker than before.
"I’ll go up and have a look!"
After leaving this sentence, Xiao asked directly to the sky and quickly flew around Xianji House for two laps.
Once again, he confirmed that Qiaoer’s eight achievements have been made in this fairy mansion, but its breath is rapidly fading, which is obviously abnormal!
Don’t, QiaoEr just according to? !
The more urgent the situation, the more calm Xiao asked, and he had to be calm now!
In fact, he has guessed several possibilities, but none of them is beneficial to him. The trafficker may be hiding in Xianji House; May also be passed here before, just left QiaoEr; It may also be that the traffickers didn’t come at all, and Qiaoer was handed over to others outside Xianji House, and Qiaoer was brought here by others …

Everyone’s heart jumped and thought of this possibility at the same time

At this moment, they saw the Great Devil leaping like a big cat and flicker into the back of the half wall to be continued.
Chapter 94 By a mile.
What a treasure chest?
Although they are not sure, they are convinced that there must be something behind the big devil when they see his actions.
Cheyenne waited so long just waiting for the guardian of Fashen to leave the wall. He just took the opportunity to jump into the other side of the wall and reach the side of the treasure chest. His hand touched the treasure chest.
When the treasure chest is opened, Cheyenne is still reading the progress bar. The guardian of the Dharma God suddenly patrolled over there, and the number reached three. The mage raised his hand and it was an icy inflammation. battlemage war spear rushed over as soon as he put it. The war spear collided with Cheyenne’s body, and it would interrupt the treasure chest opening. He knew that if he wanted to open the treasure chest again, he could not come and gave up decisively in the middle of the treasure chest opening.
Cheyenne was forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest and did not jump out of the wall. Instead, he met battlemage and went forward. When he arrived in front of battlemage, he suddenly fell short and rolled, escaped the impact of battlemage war spear and killed the ice and fire mage as quickly as possible.
The most troublesome of the three guardians of the law gods is the ice and fire mage, who can attack Cheyenne from a distance, and some of his attack skills, such as ice hammer skills, can interrupt Cheyenne to open the treasure chest. Of course, battlemage also has interrupt skills, but Cheyenne has gold, silver and Xiong Wan to entangle battlemage at close range.
Shadow mage pays more attention to the ability to live, and the influence on Cheyenne is not so great at this time.
Battlemage’s figure turned and followed Cheyenne to the rear. Their primary purpose was to kill the invaders rather than guard the treasure chest. Cheyenne easily attracted battlemage.
That’s exactly what Cheyenne wants. If he takes these guardians from the treasure chest, he will naturally have more time to open the treasure chest. But when Cheyenne is close to the ice and fire mage, he finds that there are still five guardians patrolling nearby. If those guardians are mobilized again, Cheyenne will run for his life.
The guardians of dharma gods are superior in strength. They are equivalent to the level of first-class players at level 30. They have the skills of mage class at level 30, and even some skills are completed through player dharma.
In the face of this strength, Cheyenne can easily deal with three more, and he will be able to dodge and fight back. However, Cheyenne’s ultimate goal is not to kill these guardians of the gods, but to create a treasure chest, which is relatively much easier.
Cheyenne raised his hand and summoned the gold and silver bear when he approached the ice and fire mage, and then three bones and skeletons appeared. At the same time, he stormed the ice and fire mage and even ignored the shadow mage’s attack on him
At this time, battlemage finally rushed over to join the melee.
The battle lasted for three minutes, and Cheyenne was attacked by three wizards, leaving ten bones and skeletons, but he finally took the ice and fire mage.
Resurrection of corpse
The ice and fire mage got up again, but it has become a chess game of Cheyenne. The main target was the shadow mage, and the gold and silver bear tried its best to stop battlemage.
When Cheyenne finally won the prize, he jumped out of the battle circle and went to the treasure chest as quickly as possible. At this time, Cheyenne also saw the small pretty girl and Yun Xiaotong in the team over there rushing towards the broken wall, and the two of them showed a trademark smile and bent down to lay a frozen trap five steps away from the treasure chest. Cheyenne squatted down to open the treasure chest.
The progress bar is slowly progressing again.
Xiao Man Niu Yun Xiaotong, two people near the broken wall, see the big devil squatting on the ground to open the treasure chest. They are all envious and jealous. The value of this gold treasure chest is self-evident.
I’m afraid this product has already found the treasure chest, right? When they think of the Great Devil coming here, they can’t wait to look. The speculation in their hearts is so hidden. If it is not close to this broken wall, it is hard to find that he can actually see it.
Battlemage over there finally got rid of the gold and silver bear’s desperate entanglement with war spear. Just like stepping on a rocket, he rushed towards Cheyenne to see the situation. There should be an accelerated dazzling pattern, and war spear is extraordinary. It is battlemage’s 30-level skill. war spear’s heart stab will have a floating effect if it is picked. The opening progress of Na Xia’s treasure chest will definitely be interrupted!
If it’s in a formal battle, Yun Xiaotong, the little savage girl, will naturally stop the blow for the big devil, but it’s a personal trip for the big devil to open the treasure chest when it’s a free activity at the moment. It’s enough for them to help them finish.
Yun Xiaotong, a little girl, shows a good look. They are helpful and helpful. At this moment, they will never talk big, and they also want to see what the big devil will do.
Battlemage rampaged near his hand, and the sharp tip of war spear was on the verge of falling on the big devil’s body. Suddenly, a circle of frost spread and battlemage was firmly nailed in place.
At this time, the spear tip is less than a centimeter away from the back of the Great Devil.
This is a real difference.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are so calm in their hearts. Did the Great Devil already expect this situation or was he lucky enough?
Must be good luck! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong discussed at the same time that the difference between the backs of the war spear Devil is absolutely not more than one centimeter. Can people really calculate so accurately?
On the other side of the shadow mage figure suddenly disappeared instantaneous also came to battlemage!
Change shape and shadow!
Shadow mage’s level 30 signboard skill is also the shadow mage’s self-protection key skill. Then the guardian of the dharma god came out at this time not to escape but to get close to the target as soon as possible.
Battlemage is sealed by a frozen trap, so there is no need to worry about it. But after all, if there is a frozen trap, what means will there be to save your life?
Shadow mage’s first attack choice is not direct attack, but through illusion. After it appeared beside battlemage, even though it was a few steps away from Cheyenne, it still summoned an illusion to attack Cheyenne.
Damn it, it’s so close that you still have a hair illusion. Just hit him and you won’t be able to open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are secretly worried, but the Shadow Master can’t hear them. Its goal is to destroy the enemy in front of them. It loyally follows its own attack method and summons the illusion.
Immediately after the illusion appeared, he rushed to Cheyenne’s hand, lifted the weapon high, and then fell to Cheyenne, who still turned his back on the two guardians of the French god. To be continued.
Chapter 95 Extreme Materials
Haha, this product can’t open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong have a happy look at each other at the same time, and when the big devil asks for help, they can naturally open the treasure chest before.
In the game, players have some unwritten rules that teammates must never get their hands on others to find treasures unless they take the initiative to ask for help, except for some celebrities who don’t care.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are also gods. The golden treasure chest is valuable, but compared with their own names, they will never do such bad things as robbing the treasure chest.
Seeing that the phantom attack is about to fall, Cheyenne suddenly appeared in one hand, and raised his hand and picked it back to just stab the phantom weapon.
Did you fail?
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong obviously don’t care if the big devil lives or dies. They want to know if the big devil is forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest, but when they look at the corner treasure chest, they find that there is already one thing there!
The big devil actually opened the box successfully!
Damn it, it’s only a second away! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong feel sorry for each other. If the Shadow Master didn’t create an illusion first and attack the Great Devil directly, he would surely fail!
Cheyenne ha ha a smile arch one’s back after seeing the illusion and shadow mage figure crossed the residual wall and came to Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong.
"How is it? Is it very exciting?" Cheyenne smilingly asked
The big demon king’s expression fell on Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong’s eyes, but it seemed as if he was laughing at their differences.
"How dare we shoot without permission if you don’t open your mouth?" Small pretty girl sarcastically said a turn away YunXiaoTong saw the big devil eyes rested on him and glared at the big devil, also lift my feet to leave.
"Just go? Don’t you want to know what I got? " Cheyenne let two people lag at the same time. They really wanted to ask just now, but now if they take the initiative to speak, wouldn’t it make the big devil proud again?
Xiaoman Niu and Yun Xiaotong kept returning to the team.
Xia Anxin smiled and looked at the package and just got a quivering shadow. I didn’t expect that the gold treasure chest turned out to be a rare material "shadow heart", which is the core material for creating the shadow mage’s skill of changing shapes and changing shadows!
This thing is absolutely valuable for battlemage and the ice and fire mage, because if they want to have the signature skill of the shadow mage, they can create it themselves and this material method replaces it.
Although each profession has three talents to grow, but the skills are accessible, those methods need to be created by the players themselves by acquiring skills, and the shadow mage’s transformation is definitely a skill that all wizards dream of!
It is more flexible than the warrior’s magical surprise attack, but it is a non-mage player with professional restrictions and can’t have this skill in Cheyenne’s plan. Now that he has the core materials, it is only a matter of time before he has it.
Cheyenne got the impression that even if he got the last one, glad you came definitely earned a new look, which can maximize Cheyenne’s mobility and greatly increase his deterrence.
However, Cheyenne hasn’t given up his desire for flashing surprise, which is more valuable than attacking and defending skills, especially in the league, which can change the war situation at a critical moment, but the flashing surprise materials need to be collected slowly

The lines on both sides reached the middle road again, and a set of three-level Aishi WEQ was consumed in Yasuo’s body. When Yasuo released W, it took e seconds. A soldier slipped to the side, but escaped the shadow and Zun. Two QEs just triggered Yasuo’s passivity. At this time, Yasuo was still full of blood medicine and didn’t knock a bottle of Aishi, which was previously consumed by Yasuo’s hurricane. Yasuo e came to AQ once, and Yasuo e left, and Aishi had already taken the lead in knocking a bottle of red.

Chapter 197 Pseudo-Middle Road Kill God
Two people have stumbled all the way to Level 5, and they are still full of blood. Yasuo has knocked two bottles of red Aishi and has knocked four bottles of red.
What do you think? The right line is opposite. Aishi has always been in a passive situation.
Both sides of the line are in the middle of the road, and there are two long-range soldiers left on both sides of the river opposite Yasuo. Unfortunately, Aishi WEQ hit one set, hit two marks of blood, and now the shield is not full and broken, and there is no drug abuse, which probably loses four points and one blood.
And Aishi is still full of blood opposite Yasuo. Now there is a hurricane in his hand, and Aishi’s two remote soldiers also have a residual blood.
Opposite Yasuo, at this time, E residual blood soldier successfully took the residual blood soldier away, and at the same time, Q skill in his hand was released, and a hurricane quickly flew towards Aishi.
Aishi reacted quickly and seized this opportunity when the wind was about to reach himself. In the second, WEW successfully escaped Yasuo’s hurricane. At the same time, the second section of W arrived at Yasuo’s side, and the extra effect of the previous E skill also slowed Yasuo down. At the moment, it was chasing Yasuo’s ass and outputting wildly.
Opposite Yasuo, he didn’t panic at all. AQE directly pulled Aishi, another remote soldier, E. At this time, Yasuo had two-thirds of blood and Aishi had three-quarters of blood.
At this time, a new wave of lines has reached the opposite side and Aishi’s side at the same time. Aishi chased Yasuo opposite. Yasuo immediately turned back and pulled the distance again. As soon as Aishi hit a hurricane, he was passive, and then E Aishi returned to his own line. At this time, Aishi was not good at chasing again. After all, the E deceleration effect had disappeared and there were lines on both sides.
However, it seems that Yasuo refused to miss this opportunity. He e-turned Aishi’s new springboard and returned to Aishi’s side. He ignited Aishi’s point and released Q skills. He successfully hit Aishi in the middle and was hit by Yasuo A twice. After landing, Aishi’s blood volume was less than half.
Aishi panicked. She didn’t have W skills, but Q skills and E skills. At this time, she actually chose to fight Yasuo, hurriedly releasing E skills and Q skills and igniting Yasuo.
Opposite Yasuo immediately released the wind wall at this time to successfully block Aishi Q skills, and then E soldiers pulled away and at the same time lit up the shield passively.
Subtracting the CD rune E skill base is equivalent to Yasuo E coming and going to Aishi in a blink of an eye. Yasuo’s details are well done, and Yasuo’s Q skills and E skills can be reset. Yasuo’s AQA Aishi blood volume has been miserable before Aishi.
Aishnai handed over the flash in the tower, and Yasuo followed the flash for an example. After waiting for a QCDA, Aishi successfully took Aishi away with a Q skill and got a blood.
This Yasuo has no advantage, that is, from the two remote soldiers on both sides, he tricked Aishi into creating a new wave of small soldier lines on both sides, such as W, and then he benefited from his e-skills, high mobility and W-wind wall blocking Q-skills to compete with Aishi. This Yasuo’s idea of fighting and killing is stronger than Aishi’s in this SOLO, and Aishi lost well.
"Wow, I seem to have won the professional player!" Immediately after Hernan won, he turned to Aishi and laughed.
"Two wins in three games!" Aishi is full of anger.
"Hee hee, forget it. I won a professional player once, and I’m content to play for a year. It seems that I can also play professionally!" Ainan gloated and said
Ai Shi hated tooth itch and said angrily, "What’s the big deal about winning a game! Come again if something happens! "
Hernan shook his head and smiled. "Forget it. I’m still an amateur and I don’t want to come again."
Ai Ge couldn’t understand what happened until Aishi lost, and his face didn’t look good with him.
"Shall I fight you?" I smiles to say
Hernan focus on my here xi xi laughs "sister lost in brother-in-law? Yeah, come on! I am willing to SOLO with my brother-in-law. "
Aishi threw her eyes at me, and I gave Aishi a comforting smile.
According to the truth, Aishi should not lose to this small place. Aishi’s ability is very strong. If this level is put into the king’s bureau, there are also those who specialize in the top middle road to win Aishi. She will lose because of her mentality.
I was a little distracted when I hit the middle of the road. How can I win people in this state, like just now, don’t talk about the details of the line. Ai Shi should be sure to reach the sixth level of Yasuo, that is, two lives will die.
Rob to level 6 can be said that the position has risen to a higher level. Kuang Yasuo hasn’t been weak yet. How to kill Ai Shi is just impatient. He was ridiculed by this little level 5 and wanted to fuck others. It’s strange that he was crushed by a wave of IQ.
I asked Hernan, "How about taking the robbery or Yasuo for both of us?"
I have fewer heroes in the middle road. Compared with five positions, I will not be the middle road at all.
But this doesn’t mean that I’m not weak, but whether I play in a middle road in a high-end bureau depends on his grasp of rhythm and the output of playing in the middle road. I’m definitely not as good as those who specialize in middle road. I don’t know the output when I play in the middle road.
But for some special heroes, I am very strong in the details of the middle line. I think that when I played DOA, my ability to play in the middle line was particularly strong. To say that LOL middle line exercise is much weaker than DOA. In LOL, it is no problem for me to play in the middle line.
There are very few remote AP output bases in my hero pool. I can’t know all about AD or AP melee assassin heroes, such as Acali who robbed Yasuo Xiaoyu. These heroes are very slippery for me to play.
"Are we both robbed?" Hernan frivolous laughed
It seems that this little boy is trying to teach me how to play robbery.
Robbery is the strongest hero in my middle road. No one loses when I play robbery theory. Even for some kings, I often explode the opposite situation. The disadvantage of my robbery is that playing soy sauce GANK sleepwalks on the line is first-class and strong.
"OK, then it’s over." I grinned.
Ai Shi looked worried behind me and whispered in my ear, "Wang Tong, you play in the middle … is this … ok?"
I smiled at Aishi. "Don’t worry, if I play 5V5, I won’t be able to play SOLO when I’m walking. I’m good. Just watch."
Aishi still has a worried face.
"Don’t believe me? Do you still want me to take you and force you to fly? " I asked with a slight frown
Aishi finally smiled and said, "Okay, I believe you. Have fun."
"Brother-in-law chose a hero!" Hernan would have chosen a hero and urged me.
"You watch and play first." I quickly put the pointer on the robbery head and chose robbery.
Flash ignition on both sides.
I’m still on the blue side.
I think that if the wind was in the middle of the DOA station, a hero named Ryan let go of it and made the small soldier a black life in the DOA world
But in LOL middle road, he can’t stop killing people in the middle road
Now, a 24K pure middle road killer in DOA tells you how to align LOL middle road.
When I entered the game, I and the robbers across the street both bought cloth, armour and five reds, and then both of them came to the middle of the road to ridicule each other.
In ADSOLO, how can cloth armor and five reds be stronger than long sword and three reds? After several people’s experiments, both sides have no confidence, and the sword and three reds go out.
Send troops from both sides. I ordered e skills
Robbing this hero, I can guarantee that learning E skills at the first level is much more powerful than learning Q skills when fighting against the hero in the middle of the line.
E skill wave has a wide range, so it can be grabbed. Secondly, it is safer to put E on the opposite side when recruiting soldiers than Q skill. Finally, the E skill CD only has three seconds, which is really a perfect first-class skill far better than Carter’s first-class W.
Chapter 19 I don’t Hernan?
I didn’t put my skills first when the soldiers on both sides met. My first e was very important. I had to hit the soldiers and consume the blood on the other side
A Q hit me in the face when I was robbed from the opposite side, and I was dodged by a dexterous move.
Later, our first soldier was robbed across the street to make up for this soldier. I didn’t say anything. AEA chased him and got a chrysanthemum. After attracting the hatred of Batman, I immediately retreated and didn’t give him a chance to fight back.
The blood volume on the other side immediately dropped by a third, and the first little red medicine was taken at once.
I’m reflexively mending my soldiers and walking around at the same time. The second Q of this product is estimated to be ready for CD.
He saved the second Q to make up for the one he couldn’t make up for. At this time, I also rest assured that the former E skill will scrape as many soldiers as possible, so I will wait for the second to suppress a wave.
I successfully reached the second level, and now the opposite side is completely afraid to recruit soldiers. I can always get close to pick up an EQ company while he is recruiting soldiers, but the opposite side can’t consume me.
Press a wave of soldiers to the opposite tower, and then find a position from left to right. From time to time, Q robbed face to face to ensure that he was full of small red medicine, and my body condition was full of small red medicine and none of them were hit.
This has already won my base.
I thought to myself that if I didn’t make a major mistake, I would definitely get there before this robbery, and then I would die if I faced him.

Chen Yi said, "If you say you are brothers, I love to be younger than myself without other hobbies. Oh, no, I think younger girls are more likely to arouse my desire to protect that person. There is always some feeling that those girls who are younger than me will make me particularly fond of them."

I said with shame, "Yes, yes, yes. How do you know your sister-in-law?"
Chen Yi took a deep breath and slowly relaxed, then her eyes wandered and said, "I was still in the former team that year … it happened to be a top-level event in Shanghai. My wife was still a freshman that year …"
I swallowed "senior one? Three years ago? Brother, you are breaking the law. "
Chen Yi said with a wave, "What’s the law? Fourteen years old is illegal."
I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, my sister-in-law was fourteen years old that year."
Chen Yi proudly said, "Yeah, I was a member of the team that year. She was a fan of our team and worshipped me fanatically. At that time, I wasn’t lolicon. I liked the royal elder sister who was older than me, but first she asked me for an autograph and took a photo. Finally, she asked for my QQ mobile phone number. I thought she was beautiful, so I gave it to her. Then we talked more and more. She didn’t have a boyfriend and I lacked a girlfriend. Then we had sex."
I said, "That’s how my sister-in-law came."
It seems that they are from fans to lovers and have never experienced that kind of vigorous thing. After three years, I don’t know if Chen Yi is tired of this girlfriend.
I added, "What do you think of Sister-in-law? Is there a generation gap or something? "
Chen Yi didn’t good the spirit said, "There is no generation gap. We are only four years old, not ten years old. She is fine. I understand everything. I feel that no one in this life can treat me better than her! When I finish my career in college, I will directly argue with her. "
Looking at Chen Yi’s determined expression, I knew that it was hopeless to say that he broke up with Aishi.
Chen Yi seems to be excellent in everything. I think he is unruly and he will be a little slack in his feelings. I didn’t expect to be so single-minded
But …
If he is slack in his feelings, maybe I won’t trust her, and maybe I won’t fix him up with Aish.
This is really a tangled thing …
I talked with Chen Yi for a long time before returning to my room.
Zhong Yi applied a mask and was lying in bed with his eyes closed.
I went to see her, and as soon as I saw her eyes closed, I wanted to lean over to see if she was asleep.
Who knows that Zhong Yi suddenly opened his eyes and "wow" called one.
"Scare the old man, maybe you will bang me …" I inexplicably pulled out a captain’s line.
Zhong Yi giggled at the mask and kept saying, "What are you talking about? I’m so laughing that I’m scared to death!"
I didn’t go to the table and took a glass of milk to calm my nerves.
Zhong Yi said to me, "Were you chatting with Chen Yi just now?"
I shook my head and said, "Aishi didn’t talk to him. He and his girlfriend still have deep feelings and are determined to get married. I feel that a man will not let go easily if he has the idea of marrying a woman."
Zhong Yi laughed. "That’s good. Why do you want him to let go?"
I said, "Don’t you want me to find a way to find someone for Ashley?"
Zhong Yi said, "That can’t destroy other people’s happiness."
I nodded and said, "Well … then think of another way to say that Zhong Yi has something I must ask you."
Zhong Yi don’t overdo your shiny eyes and look at me with a crooked little head and ask, "huh? What is it? "
Chapter 436 Doubt for a long time
"Now that we’re in the playoffs, can you tell me what I’m playing for? Is there any hope that I can be with you when I reach a high ranking like this?" I spoke out my long-buried doubt.
I still don’t know what I am, and I am a professional.
If it weren’t for Zhong Yi, I don’t really care about high ranking myself.
If I can’t be with the person I love the most, then what if I win the championship?
Who can share this glory with me?
Zhong Yi paused and then laughed. "You will naturally know that it is difficult for me to make it clear to you now. It is always right for you to fight, and the result will not let you down."
I am not very satisfied with this answer. I frown and say, "What can’t be explained clearly now?"? To tell you the truth, Zhong Yi, my passion for my career is actually very general. If you don’t tell me what the result of my struggle is, I will have a feeling of being at a loss and not fighting spirit. "
It’s like the college entrance examination. Everyone knows that the college entrance examination is the fairest turning point in youth and the biggest test of competition. We know that if we pass the college entrance examination in to be no.1, then we can enter a good university, and we are very motivated and hardworking.
I feel like I’m going to take the college entrance examination now, but no one tells me what I can do after the college entrance examination. I don’t know if I can get high marks in the college entrance examination or not. I don’t know anything, but I know that I want the college entrance examination.
So I’m really at a loss now
Zhong Yi quickly persuaded, "You must not have this idea."
Then Zhong Yiyi, Shuang Ling’s eyes became very melancholy and sad, which changed the atmosphere.
I felt a little uneasy and said, "What’s wrong with you?"
Zhong Yi shook his head and said, "It’s okay, Wang Tong. I don’t want to keep anything from you, but if I tell you this, it may change your mentality. It’s not good for you and you will be more anxious."
Zhong Yi looked at me almost imploringly for a short time. Her mood has changed so much that I can’t guess. I can compromise and say, "Well, I won’t ask this."
Zhong Yi said gratefully, "Thank you!"
What’s Zhong Yi’s problem? Can’t you let me know?
I changed the subject again and asked, "did that clock remember that you left me silently every time and competed with me this time?" And then what, you left me and came back this time? Don’t your family … care about these things? "
Zhong Yi said, "It’s a second trip or a last resort. I’m watching me closely at home. I can come back this time because my parents are all abroad. They are very busy, so I can come back again. No one can take care of me. I have arranged everything during this period and there will be no accidents."
I still have a lot of doubts in my heart. Zhong Yi held my hand and said, "Wang Tong, you just have to fight hard. This is the only way to decide whether we can be together, but I have confidence in you …"
Zhong Yi’s eyes were dim and stopped talking.
"What is it?" I quickly asked.
Since you have confidence in us, why does this sudden loss and sadness appear?
Zhong Yi shook his head and barely gave a smile and said, "Don’t think about it."
Zhong Yi arranged an emotion and said, "Come on! Be sure to win the championship and get this playoff quota even if you succeed. "
How to get the playoff quota can prove that our team is a national team, and it is the strongest glory in S5 spring. Although the way out has become very wide after a great deal, my ability is still worthless in the eyes of Zhong Yi’s family. I am a "great player" and talk to me according to Zhong Xin. Even if I become a winner with an annual income of over 10 million, the gap between my identity and Zhong Yi is still irreparable. I simply can’t make money like that. He rushed to a competitive era, just like the reform and opening up 40 years ago. It is difficult for us to achieve that level in these professions now.
In my opinion, it is really puzzling that Zhong Yi is hiding something and promised that I would be able to cross these ravines if I wanted to climb forward.